What are the Best Black Paper for Colored Pencils in 2024?

Painting on canvas, sketching on paper, doing wall arts, poster arts, etc., gained me a lot of fame in my area. But my desire never remained confined to a specific field. So I went on to explore more art mediums and finally found the black paper to work on.

By the name, you get to understand the color of the paper, which is black. Instead of white or light-colored paper, I have to do my artwork on dark paper with a black background.

I gathered some knowledge from my favorite professional artist to work on the paper and instantly went on to buy them. Since I am up for sketching and coloring, I had to get a preferable paper for myself.

Thus, I went on a mission to search for a good quality black paper in my local area. And guess what, I found many outstanding black papers. I used all of them, and I was amazed by the quality of the paper.

In this article, I’ll share all the details about those papers briefly with a section of buying guide for buying your desired black paper. Hope, you will find it worthy!

Our Top Pick | Quick Comparison Table

Canson XL9″ x 12″40 Sheets4.8
Neenah’s Black Paper8.5” x 11”100 Sheets4.8
US Art Supply9″ x 12″30 Sheets4.8
Arteza Sketchbook9″ x 12″30 Sheets4.7
Art-n-Fly Black Sketch Pad9″ x 12″32 Sheets4.8
Ohuhu Sketch Pad9.7″x12″38|76 Sheets4.8

Top 8 Black Paper for Pencil Reviews

I used many kinds black papers and found eight types of paper to be outstanding for my works. Their user feedbacks are also satisfying with a very satisfying rating. So let’s share my experience with them with you.

1. Canson XL Series Black Drawing Paper

Canson Black Drawing Paper

When you are looking for fine dyed paper, you can never ignore the Canson black drawing paper. This black paper is undoubtedly one of the most feasible media for pencils and watercolor pencils with delicate outlines and textures.

This black colored paper is a color line beater dyed paper. I got to feel the difference between the Canson and other papers as soon as I touched them.

The Canson paper is made for multiple tasks. It is not only confined to pencil works but also for different kinds of projects and crafts. These papers are so strong that they will never take any type of damage when you fold or use them severely.

Be it pencil or other color pencils; the black paper copes well with everything. Even acrylic markers will do fine on the paper. Besides them, you can use opaque pens, inks, pastel colors, colorful markers, etc., on paper.

Considering the sustainability of your art, you can get the paper without any doubt. Your art will remain on it for a long time without getting defected or damaged.

Because of the formation of the high-grade pigments and fade resistive dyes, the paper gets to resist itself from any external damages. So even if you lose the paper in your house or get it in an adverse condition, it will remain rigid.

This fantastic paper comes in 9 x 12 side wire dimensions. By buying the stack, you’ll be getting 40 sheets of 92 pounds. All the papers are acid-free, enabling people of all ages to use them without any hassle.

2. Neenah’s Premium Quality Black Paper

Arguably, the best black paper for the colored pencil I have used and felt comfortable with is the ‘Neenah’ black paper. These papers come in stock of 65 lb. with an eye-catching vibrance.

The fantastic paper is fully dyed with seamless cutting. There is no white core, and you can even fold it on purpose. So be it for your specific work or usual task, the paper has no boundaries. Using it every day certainly will make your job easier.

Not only for the professionals but also the students, the paper comes to great virtue. For school projects, crafts, color coding, and more exciting stuff, you get to make the perfect use of the mixed media paper.

One of the versatilities of colored pencil paper is its printing quality. Even the cheapest ink in the market will settle quickly on the paper. In addition, the smooth surface of the paper enhances the blending and shading on it. Moreover, it takes less time to print on paper.

If you are pretty much conscious about the certification, keep in mind that the paper is FSC certified. It is manufactured, keeping all the rules and regulations of the forestry under control.

The paper is so delightful that it can match with any other paper. Be it of the same color or different color, quality, and shape; the paper will always provide you a consistent look. In addition, the characteristics of the paper make it an awesome one for multiple servings.

3. SunWorks Black Construction Paper

SunWorks Black Construction Paper

Suppose you are a student and looking for a specialized black paper for academics. In that case, I recommend you to get the sun works black paper because they are one of many renowned brands that make the paper for the students at a separate segment alongside the colored pencil artists.

For its stiff texture, the paper becomes a suitable one for all. It is constructed of groundwood that sustains for a long time. The surface texture will provide you with the highest assistance for acrylic painting as well.

Its construction makes it a durable one. The paper will never have any cracks or breaking. Therefore, cutting or folding it is more feasible than the others.

As the paper is for your academics, you get to use it for different academic works. Be it for your artwork or crafting; the paper will serve equally in all circumstances. From the teachers, they have recommended it at a high level for all grades of students.

For all the enthusiastic students, the nature of the paper is made to be suitable for all colors. Therefore, sketching, colored pencil drawing, or writing with a pencil is convenient and favorable to the user.

Apart from that, you get to different kinds of colorful markers and pencils over the paper without any hassle. You can execute a variety of tones on the paper with irregular patches of color.  The fantastic bunch consists of 100 sheets of black paper.

And of course, buying a single set will last long for your academic purposes. But, even if you use it for your leisure time, you can make up with a single bunch of sets.

4. US Art Supply Black Paper

Black Paper by US Art Supplies

The US Art Supply Black Paper is a fine art black paper for your usual and regular artworks. They come bound in a spiral manner, feasible to use under different circumstances.

You won’t have to worry about its nature. It is fully acid-free with neutral pH. So kids or amateurs can easily use the paper without any worry.

The nature and texture of the paper are very rigid and durable. They will neither break nor tear with light pressure. As a result, the paper weighs pretty much the highest of most other black papers.

One of the most exciting features of the paper is its gel pen adjustability. Apart from excelling with the pencil works, you can nail your gel pen works on it. Be it for painting or writing; there is no discrimination in using this black paper for colored pencil.

If you are up for using the papers for making different kinds of models and colored pencil techniques, you can proceed without any doubt. Their durability allows them to fold and shape up to your desire.

One US art pad contains 30 sheets. The overall weight is about 65 lb. They come in two sizes; 9 x12 inches and 11 x 14 inches. Usually, the pack contains two pads, which you can use for a lot of artwork.

5. Hamilton Black Paper for Colored Pencil

Hamilton Black Paper for Colored Pencil

You won’t be getting better artist-grade papers on a considerable budget with exciting features than the hamilton black color cardstock papers. They are acid and lignin-free. Its fine texture is suitable for people of all ages for different purposes.

I was amazed at the packaging of the paper. They are packed so nicely that there remain no chances of being damaged under extreme conditions. In addition, the papers are stored inside a box, which can be further used to keep the papers safe.

The paper is a specialized one for markers, wax-based pencils, and colorful pens beside pencils. Every touch glows nicely over the paper. Also, you can make shades with the mediums.

Printing over the hamilton paper will look so realistic that the viewer will think of it as professional work. This paper can sustain laser printing along with inkjet and copier printing. But for that, you’ll be needing a specified printer or copier to complete the task.

There are extensive uses of paper. Because of its fine texture and formation, you can utilize the paper for crafts, calligraphy, and other hand works.

First, however, you need to contact the manufacturer for different templates over the paper and get them accordingly. You get the fantastic paper in 8 ½ x 11 inches. However, the paper weighs much higher because of its toughness and durability (80 lb.) than most other papers.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can avail of the company’s 30-days unconditional return policy.

6. Arteza Black Sketchbook

Arteza Black Sketchbook

Spiral sketchbooks are feasible in a different scenario. You get to make good adjustability with them. That’s why I felt so much comfortable with the arteza black sketchbook.

Its micro-perforation and spiral bound make it unique and favorable. The spiral binding adds the cherry on the top. You can get the pages out of the pad with ease.

Using your graphite or soft pencils will work outstandingly on the paper. Not only that, colorful oil pastels, markers, pens, and other things can be well implemented on the paper.

From light to dark, all tones and methods can be applied to the paper. The texture makes it suitable for all kinds of people. You can use the paper without worrying about its pH and hazardous impact.

For detailing and shading, the paper is a beneficial one. You get to make your desired sketches and colored pencil sketches with the perfect shading. Apart from that, you get to have a handsome portion of versatile works with it. Thus, crafting, project making, even printing can be executed on paper.

Buying the package will serve you with two pads of 30 sheets each. The sheet ranges from 9″ x 12″. If you are not satisfied with the paper, you can avail of the company’s refund or replacement policy.

7. Black Sketch Pad of Black Paper

Black Sketch Pad

A specific black paper for coloring is rare. And among the rarest ones, the Black Sketch Pad is said to be the best. I was amazed by the texture of the paper. It swallows and settles the watercolor pencils and bright whites so good that it looks mesmerizing.

While reviewing the nature of the paper, I was amazed! The papers are cold-pressed with saturated black dye. Also, it is fully acid-free, keeping the pH level completely neutral. So, be it children or amateurs, or professionals, everyone can get the best access to the papers.

With a sturdy nature comes the excellent durability of the paper. Thus, the weight of the paper raises pretty much higher, which is 88 lbs. Therefore, there are no chances of getting a tear or breaking with small or light impacts.

The black paper of the pad is quite silky. With a soft texture, you get to apply most of the colored pencils and markers alongside pastel color, gouache paint, white paints, chalks, etc., on it.

Because of the microperforated nature, you get the paper in a spiral segment. It helps you to tear them off right after completing your artwork. The texture of the paper also allows you to keep it stuck with the wall or even share it with your friends or family.

8. Ohuhu Black Sketch Pad

Ohuhu Black Sketch Pad

You’ll get your desired compatibility in all the black papers. But what makes the ohuhu black sketch pad a unique one is its blending of dark and light colors. When you imply dark colors on the paper, it shows subtleties, and with the soft colors, they pop out of the pages.

Shading and blending can be done outstandingly on these pencil art papers. Especially the mixture of the light and dark colors are eye-soothing.

The texture of the page is what makes it so much convenient to use. Each page of the pad is micro-perforated. It increases the color mixing and blending tendency on the paper.

Be it pencil or pen, you get to access the best usage of them on paper. Not only that, pastel pencils, colorful markers, etc., can be well implemented on it. Moreover, the light and dark color mixture can be well detailed and constructed on paper.

You won’t have to makes any compromise with the durability of the paper. The pages are hard enough to sustain for a long time with severe external impacts. But, on the other hand, they weigh 120 lb. which is the heaviest among the papers.

For on-the-go arts, the pad can be unique. You get to carry it easily with your daily handles. Just take the pad, keep it in a safe place, finish the art, and keep the page to yourself. It is that simple.

The set consists of two pads of 38 pages each. They are 9.7” x 12” in size. For being spiral, you get the highest feasibility in using them. Just finish your work and tear the page comfortably from the pad.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Black Paper

I have detailed you about some outstanding black papers. Now before you go on to buy them, you must know the basis of your selection. All the papers might not be able to be suitable for you or your purpose.

That’s why I bring you a buying guide on choosing the best black paper for your requirements.

Paper Quality

The paper quality stands out to be a crucial factor. When you make art on paper, the art will be as good as the texture of the paper. Otherwise, it won’t live up to your expectation.

For further modifications with colored pencil pigment, the quality of the paper stands at the top. For example, for blending or shading, the work largely depends on the medium. Only the best medium with a suitable base will provide you your desired finishing and outcome.

Number of Sheets

When you buy a pad or stack of paper, make sure to have enough sheets or pages to sustain a good time. This prevents the hassle of buying the sheets again and again within a short time.

Having more than 30 sheets per pad or set is ideal for a regular artist. Comparing with the price and demand, you’ll be winning with the deal. Buying a set of two pads or a stack can easily sustain you for more than two months.

Paper Size

The bigger the paper, the better the art, is it? At times, no. Because artfully depends on your creative ideas. And it is up to you where you portray it and in what manner. Ideally, the regular black papers come in an ideal size.

All of them will favor and assist you greatly based on their manufacturing. But for exceptions, you can ask for a bigger size of the paper, which only a few brands introduce.

Paper Weight

The durability of the paper is essential. And with the increase of strength, your paper generates more weight on it.

When the texture of the paper is made sturdy and rigid, it requires binding and materials on it. Thus, the weight increases by default. Typically, the weight of the paper 70-110 lbs. can be comfortable to work with.

The heavyweight paper might be difficult for you to work with. Also, carrying and holding the paper might be an additional job to you amid the artworks.

Again, too much light in weight will blow the papers at the time. Holding or grabbing them firmly might be an issue for many.

Thus, try to remain within the weight limit to avail the best service of the paper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you blend colored pencils with black paper?

Blending the colored and watercolor pencils on the black paper is more challenging than usual. Most of the time, the dark base removes the natural vibe of the color. Thus, the blending needs to be done perfectly.

When you use the blender, you have to apply it at the base and then the usual or white pencil. It keeps the color with its natural characteristics above.  If you use rubbing alcohol, you have to apply it above the colors too to mix them.

Q: What is the best paper to use for Prismacolor pencils?

The Strathmore 400 series is the best paper for Prismacolor pencils. Also, the Strathmore 300 series produces good art supply products. You can use the Fabriano artistico, Mi-teintes, Arches watercolor paper for Prismacolor pencils.

Q: Can I use a gel pen for regular black paper?

You can use a gel pen over specific black papers. The papers discussed above are well constructed to adjust with the gel pens. So, you won’t have to worry while using it over them.

Q: Can I use a regular pencil on black paper?

You can use regular pencils or graphite pencils without any hassle on black paper. They are made to be suitable with the mixture and blending. Not only that, you can make your desirable art with it and color them with colored pencils as well.

Final Words

There are no limitations to using black paper for pencils in your daily life. Using them will bring more innovation to your work. In addition, you’ll be able to explore more about art on it.

My work went from good to best when I have used black papers for my artworks. Not only that, using them for different crafts worked well for me.

With the users’ feedback and characteristics, I feel like I won using each of the products. So, what are you waiting for? Get the desired black paper for yourself and start working on them. Till then, I’ll bring your more exciting product regarding arts and crafts for you.

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