The Best Graffiti Markers : Reviews in 2024

A good set of graffiti markers are capable of bringing your most creative ideas to life. Often used for urban street projects, these art supplies are capable of far more than that. Their versatility, provided by a specific type of ink or paint, makes these pens suitable for a variety of applications.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the best graffiti markers. From their most useful features to the many tasks you’d be able to do with them. Then, we’ve gathered several sets that offer outstanding performance for their price.

Best Graffiti Markers

Before getting into the reviews, let’s talk briefly about what these products are.

What Is A Graffiti Marker?

Graffiti markers are art supplies used to improve hand-styles and tags. In many cases, a graffiti artist uses these tools to prolifically enhance their letters, art style, and overall personal signature. Of course, other than the street appeal of these products, they’re capable of doing more than that.

In fact, the so-called graffiti markers come in handy for artists, writers, and anyone that enjoys creating their own designs. By using a variety of ink types, most people will be able to find a set of pens to improve the quality of the task at hand.

Plus, the versatility of these markers is once again visible due to their ability to mark on almost any surface. Whether you’re drawing over metal, paper, glass, or even rocks, the graffiti markers deliver great results.

That’s the beauty of these markers. There’s still more to go! How do they work? What else do you need to know? We’ll be answering those questions next!

Different Types of Graffiti Markers

The difference between graffiti art markers lies essentially in their ink. As you search for your ideal pick, you’ll find many markers under three categories: acrylic-based ink, alcohol-based ink, and paint solid marker.

Alright, that’s cool, but what does that mean? Let’s take a look at the properties of each one.


Acrylic ink comes from liquid plastic, allowing the pigments to lay out flat as soon as the water and solvents evaporate. One of the biggest benefits of acrylic ink is that its lightfastness rating is among the highest due to the molecular bond between the color and plastic.


Alcohol ink is fast-drying, as well as highly pigmented. Normally, alcohol-based inks are a great fit for tough non-porous surfaces like glass or metal. This type of ink is also waterproof, making it capable of lasting much longer. Also, alcohol-based colors are often the most vibrant out of all.

Paint Solid Marker

If we want to put it simply, these markers feature solidified paint in a marker stick. Since these are arguably stronger than the others, a solid paint marker is capable of marking almost on any surface. Plus, environmental conditions won’t matter either, as the markers resist different temperatures.

Some of the Best Graffiti Marker Reviews

1. Montana Acrylic Paint Pen 15MM

Best Graffiti Marker

This range of acrylic paint markers come in sets or individually, available in many colors like blue, black, yellow, orange, red, and many more.

Each item included is waterproof, featuring a standard 15mm tip. Due to the thin tube design, using the markers is comfortable.

The ink featured has a high concentration of lightfast pigments, allowing better coverage over the surface. Since the markers are abrasive-proof, using them on almost any surface is a possibility, opening up plenty of new opportunities for your projects.

After several tests, results showed over canvas, wood, metal, and even glass have far surpassed the initial expectations.

Users can also keep track of the ink available at all times, which is possible because of the clear barrel design. As you work on your projects, you’ll be able to see how much ink remains to know when to stop exactly.

Then, use the refills offered to resupply and continue with your tasks. While some customers pointed out that refilling the ink is hard, it shouldn’t really take much time. With that said, you may notice some dripping after several uses. Be cautious to keep them properly stored after use.

If you’re careful enough, which most people are already, then these markers will meet your standards.


  • Comfortable to grab, makes it easier to paint
  • Water-proof and abrasive-proof for longer results
  • Clear barrel design to keep track of remaining ink
  • Non-toxic and safe for everyone to use
  • 15mm tip
  • Many colors available

2. The Krink K-60 Paint Marker

Graffiti Paint Marker

When we think of markers, this product is probably the last thing that comes to mind. Its bottle-like shape isn’t eye-catching, and it looks unorthodox. Nonetheless, once you try it, you’ll quickly find out why it’s one of the most effective graffiti markers out there.

The container boasts a 20oz/60ml capacity, which is already a plus as it’ll allow you to finish a variety of projects without refilling. Inside, the alcohol-based paint that’s included is permanent. Plus, the opaque look gives it a distinct characteristic.

Since the marker features a 15mm round tip, its best application would be on smooth surfaces. For instance, it’s excellent for glass, metal, coated paper, and many more.

Additionally, the design of the marker offers another benefit, which is a squeezable body. As you work on your tasks, you’ll be able to control the paint flow at all times, which will provide better results.

Unfortunately, many people have experienced issues while squeezing the marker. Under pressure, the paint would come out excessively. Of course, if you’re careful enough, that issue shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

With around 15 colors available, this product is more than capable of satisfying hobbyists and professionals alike.


  • Approximately 15 colors available
  • Squeezable body to control paint flow regularly
  • Opaque, permanent, and alcohol-based paint
  • Suitable for glass, metal, and more
  • 15mm round tip works perfectly over smooth surfaces

3. Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen (PC-5M16C)

Uni-Posca Graffiti Marker Set

While one would ignore other products due to their off-putting presentation, this set is quite the opposite. These markers come in a beautiful package, with more than 16 pieces included. You can get between one and five packs available, depending on your needs.

The water-based pigment ink featured offers many benefits for artists of all ages. It is non-toxic, lightfast, as well as waterproof. In each set, you get a variety of ink colors, including light blue, light orange, yellow, blue, red, and black, among many more.

Unlike other types of ink that are nothing but trouble, this one doesn’t bleed at all. Whether you use it over paper or surfaces, the water-based ink is capable of making your creative ideas a reality.

For many reasons, these markers feature one of the most reliable inks when compared to others.

One regular issue many customers reported while using these markers is the leaking of paint globs. It most commonly happens during the first uses, and it could be frustrating if you’re not aware of the problem. Luckily, there’s one way to fix it.

Hold the marker upwards, and use your finger to push the nib. After that, you’ll hear a small amount of air escape. Turn the marker, and press it onto a piece of paper. If you do that, you won’t have to deal with leaks anymore.


  • Good-looking package
  • Many colors included in each set
  • Safe water-based pigment ink
  • Long-lasting and doesn’t bleed

4. Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Marker Set

Molotow Graffiti Marker

By featuring 2mm tips, these products are easily among the most precise out there. Such a design guarantees two things: better accuracy on your projects, and also the option to draw fine details if needed.

Naturally, you could go for the other options available, which are 4mm and 15mm.

Although the set includes six basic colors, they’re bright and vibrant. Plus, the darker colors, which include black and deep blue, allow artists to add shades for better-detailed artworks.

Overall, the marker is easy to handle. It features acrylic-based pigment paint resistant to UV and weather conditions, providing high levels of opacity. When necessary, the ink is solvent-free and dilutable, allowing you to use water or acetone for that purpose.

Other benefits include exchangeable tips and refillable ink. Besides saving you some money, refilling the markers is much more convenient than throwing them away once they run out of ink.

While using them, you’ll notice these markers dry almost instantly. That could be either an advantage or a disadvantage if you make a mistake.

For the most part, these pens offer outstanding performance. The white marker, however, had some bleeding issues. Be ready to act quickly, as it’s an issue that could happen to you while using it over some surfaces.


  • Variety of sizes available for the tip
  • Highly effective acrylic-based ink that dries quickly
  • Refillable and exchangeable tips
  • Vibrant colors offered
  • Solvent-free and dilutable with water or acetone

5. Markal B Paintstik Hobo Marker Set

Markal B Graffiti Marker

The following marker set features a familiar design, combining the long-lasting results of paint with the convenience of a crayon. Due to the real paint formula included, the marker manages to put up an outstanding performance on different surfaces, be it wet, dry, or cold.

What you’d like the most about these markers is their color efficiency. The red one is probably the better one in terms of boldness. Plus, it also sticks to everything! In about 24 hours, the ink cures, leaving a permanent result after.

Other valuable colors are black and white, which are good and work perfectly over smoother surfaces. The blue, much like the rest, is good-looking as well.

Overall, the colors of these markers don’t disappoint. They’re reliable, effective for multiple tasks, and permanent for long-lasting art projects.

Many people prefer this set due to its high resistance. Since the markers can withstand weather and winter conditions, they’d look good for urban street art pieces.

Unfortunately, the durability is far from the best. Truthfully, the markers break easily. On more than one occasion, customers complained about broken pens that arrived in that condition after shipping. We recommend caution with many pens, but you’d have to be extra cautious with these.


  • Ideal for urban street art projects
  • Multiple vibrant colors offered
  • Resistant to weather and winter
  • Rounded, good-sized tip
  • Suitable for smooth surfaces

6. Krink K-42 Paint Marker Set

Krink Graffity Marker

For a more stylish graffiti artists, Krink offers its K-42 marker. This product is available in 18 colors and holds 10ml of alcohol-based paint, which is permanent and opaque.

Over glass, metal, and painted surfaces, this tool is sure to give old and boring art a newly revived look.

Most of the success of this product is because of its beautiful tube design. While grabbing it, the marker feels comfortable at all times. It makes it possible for you to focus on your tasks without distractions.

The thin design of the marker also works perfectly with the 3mm bullet tip. It’s ideal for those art projects that require the addition of fine lines as you include more details. In that regard, not many other markers are as good as this one.

What can you do with this product? Without any inconvenience, you’d be able to use it on glass, metal, painted surfaces, and coated paper.

All of the features highlighted here don’t make this marker a perfect choice. It’s an outstanding product for sure, but the nib has proven to be delicate. You’ll have to be gentle while drawing. Otherwise, the tip won’t last long.


  • Luxurious marker with 18 colors available
  • Alcohol-based ink is permanent and opaque
  • 3mm bullet tip works over smooth surfaces
  • Ideal choice to add details and fine lines
  • Comfortable to use for a long time

7. Molotow One4All 227HS 020 – Lago Blue Pastel

Molotow One4All Lago Blue Pastel

This pen features a 4mm rounded bullet nib, offering the precision required for those specific tasks that need it. On the other hand, the acrylic-based ink featured is also solvent-free, making it capable of delivering a good performance while also being safe to use.

With this product, you’ll be able to accomplish many feats. The ink is ideal for wood, fabric, and glass, among other surfaces.

Once used, the ink dries quickly, leaving a beautiful finish afterward. Also, the 4mm tip allows you to cover plenty of areas rather fast, while still being precise on thinner lines.

As for the colors, well, this brand provides many colors for you to choose what you need. Most of them are good-looking and effective at giving your projects a better look after adding these markers to your collection.

When they run out, you can both replace the nibs and refill the markers once again. The brand guarantees you won’t have to spend extra money buying brand new pens every couple of months.

Be aware, though, the advertisement for these products could be a little misleading. For example, sometimes, it may look like a red pen, but it could end up being a darkish orange. It isn’t necessarily the manufacturer’s fault, just that the colors seen on the labels may be confusing at first.


  • Robust 4mm round-tip, with other sizes available
  • About 50 colors available if needed
  • Exchangeable tips for more convenience
  • Refillable and Long-lasting results

8. Krink K-55 Acrylic Paint Marker

Krink Acrylic Paint Marker

As a brand, Krink consistently provides high-quality supplies for artists. This marker is another example of the company’s efficiency, as it manages to put up a good performance through multiple convenient features.

The marker comes with water-based paint, and eight different colors available. These colors include black, red, blue, pink, orange, and more. Out of all the products reviewed so far, these are probably among the brightest out of the bunch.

It’s because of the fluorescent colors that these markers are the go-to choice for many. On the surface of your choosing, the colors look wonderful. As a side benefit, the paint will glow under black lights.

However, not everything is good. The marker has some dripping issues, which will require your constant attention to avoid making a mess.

The 15mm tip comes in handy as well, as it opens new opportunities to finish our projects by covering more areas quicker.

Now that we mentioned the tip, we couldn’t leave aside its design. Thanks to its square, double-edged shape, the tip is useful for many tasks. Its versatility is useful for professionals and hobbyists.

Yes, there are some dripping issues while using this product, but it’s a mild inconvenience. Now that you’re aware, you’ll be able to handle it properly.


  • Available in eight colors
  • Water-based paint marker
  • 15mm tip with square, double-edged shape
  • Holds 30 ml, with safe and non-toxic solvent

9. Sakura Solidified Paint Solid Marker

Sakura Solidified Paint Marker

Are you planning on doing a tough art project soon? Then this marker is the one for you. That’s how the brand advertises this product. While you don’t have to take the seller’s own word, in this case, the marker does deliver on its promises.

First off, the presentation is pretty good. The marker comes in a small package that keeps it protected and secure during shipping. After using it, you’ll notice this solid marker works on almost any surface regardless of the condition, be it hot or cold.

Another advantage of this product is the ink. Other than being fast-drying, the ink is permanent, bright, and long-lasting. Also, the marker is highly resistant, avoiding dry-out issues. Of course, recapping and properly storing it is a task you must do.

While using this product, there is no mess, drips, or leaks of any kind. You could also use it at any angle, and the ink will still come out onto the surface.

The only downside is that you don’t really have the option to get a finer tip. For some tasks, the rather broad tip featured could be a problem. Undoubtedly, this product could have been a better choice with more tip sizes available.


  • Good packaging
  • Works on almost any surface and any condition
  • Dry-out resistant
  • Ink is permanent and fast-drying
  • No shaking or pumping required before use

10. Krink K-66 Steel Tip Paint Marker

Krink Steel Tip Paint Marker

Here, we’re talking about yet another Krink paint marker. In this case, the K-66 model, which comes with a squeezable body. As discussed earlier, this particular marker design enhances the coloring experience by providing total control over the ink flow.

The tip is a little bit different from what we’ve seen so far. It’s a steel tip that, other than creating unique lines, will improve the detailing through its 4mm roller tip. Also, the tip works well, whether you use it over smooth or rough surfaces.

Inside the body, the marker sports 2oz/60ml of capacity. The paint is permanent, with alcohol-based properties for better results. Similar to other markers from the brand, this one is also opaque, providing a unique look to those art projects you want to do.

The colors available for this product are five: red, black, silver, white, and yellow. Suffice to say, all of them look beautiful over the surface. You’ll be able to enjoy this marker over metal, painted surfaces, and coated paper.

At times, getting the ink to come out could be a bit frustrating, as it often requires a bit more pressure than expected. Other than that, the marker would be a good addition to every artist’s collection.


  • Steel round tip for precise lines
  • Works over all kind of surfaces
  • Squeezable body to control ink flow
  • Alcohol-based and permanent ink

11. POSCA Broad Chisel Tip Paint Marker

POSCA Broad Chisel Tip Paint Marker

This time, we’re taking a closer look at a slightly different marker in terms of design. Unlike many others that feature round tips, these actually have an 8mm broad chisel tip. It comes in very handy when your craft involves coloring large areas.

The colors available are many, estimated at 33 different choices. While the red, green, and blue provide that vibrant look for each project, other colors like the black and grey markers offer more depth. It’s a complete package that proves its worth once you try them.

In this particular case, the markers offered are four, including black, white, gold, and silver. Of course, more variety is available in case you need it.

The water-based paint is non-toxic and permanent, with no bleeding issues whatsoever. This ink perfectly captures the lines accurately, while making each design look vivid through high-quality paint.

Despite being incredible art supplies for every artist, these markers aren’t the most durable out there. After weeks of use, the nib starts to deteriorate.

Although whether or not that happens sooner depends on how much you use them, many customers complained their lifespan could be better.

Worry not, though. As we’ve advised many times during this article, careful use leads to long-lasting tools. It’s no different when it comes to this set.


  • Beautiful set of markers with dozens of colors available
  • Water-based, permanent, and non-toxic ink
  • Suitable over the paper, cardboard, rocks, fabrics, glass, and more
  • 8mm broad chisel tip for coloring large areas

12. Penguin Art Supplies 28 Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens

Pengui Paint Pens

It’s only fair we end the reviews with a set of markers that could easily be everyone’s top pick. This package includes a total of 28 beautiful pens and a good-looking zipper pouch to keep them organized. Much like the markers, the pouch is as convenient as it is long-lasting.

An interesting feature offered by these markers is the reversible tip. The exclusive dual-tipped design makes the pens versatile, as they offer bold strokes with the 5mm tip and fine lines using the 3mm chiseled tip.

If you enjoy adding thoughtful details to your work, these markers will help you out.

Other than being permanent, the paint is resistant to water and UV. The markers are ideal for art projects over different surfaces, including wood, ceramic, rocks, metal, and canvas, to name only a few. If you get some ink on your clothes by accident, using warm water and mild soap will suffice.

The biggest disadvantage of these art supplies is that there’s no proper method to control the ink flow. While other markers keep it in check, these are prone to pour more ink than needed, which can end up creating a mess.

Luckily, considering there are no toxic elements involved, a bit of leaked ink won’t do any harm. Still, acting quick is always the better course of action.


  • 28 markers with vibrant colors
  • The reversible tip provides more versatility
  • Resistant paint
  • Includes a zipper pouc
  • Easy to clean using warm water

How Does Graffiti Marker Work?

Graffiti markers are pretty much regular pens with slightly different tips. Inside, the tube holds permanent paint. All of that means this marker functions like a regular pen, with ink flowing inside, waiting for you to press the tip over a specific surface to come out.

But what happens when that’s not the case?

Say, you got yourself a beautiful set of markers, and when you try to use them, surprise! They don’t work! What happened? Well, most of these markers work like a can of paint, meaning you’ll have to shake them before using them first. Remember that patience is key.

Once you do, press the tip over a piece of paper a single time. Now, the paint may still not come out, but it’ll start working its way down the tip. Avoid over pumping the marker, or you’ll risk creating a mess due to the overflowing ink. Repeat until the ink finally comes out.

Not every graffiti marker works like we just described. Still, while some may not even require shaking, that is the recommended procedure if the markers don’t work as expected.

Why Do You Need Graffiti Markers?

Why Do You Need Grifiti Markers

Graffiti markers have an important part in the quality of your drawings and writing, which ultimately leads to better results. These tools will significantly help you by putting your creative ideas on the paper.

Bring Your Ideas to Life!

Without a doubt, these products are the ideal choice for graffiti painting. The high-quality ink/paint featured, as well as the precise tips, makes it possible to draw and write with accuracy. Then, the many vibrant colors available allow you to customize your art to its fullest potential.


Ultimately, it’s all about making your experience more comfortable. Remember old times, when artists had to carry large, awkward buckets of paint? That’s not a problem anymore. The markers get rid of those issues due to their compact design.

No longer will you have to worry about not being able to take your paint with you wherever you go.

While we could go on and on about their benefits, markers for graffiti art are supplies you have to experience for yourself. Once you do, you’d hardly need any other set of pens for the foreseeable future.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

Choosing The Best Graffiti Markers

Since a classic marker won’t be enough for graffiti art, you’ll have to take several factors into consideration. Worry not!

We’ll make it easier for you by detailing everything you need to know before purchasing. Here are the main features you should keep in mind to complete the perfect picture.

Type of Marker

As it couldn’t be any other way, the first thing to consider is the type of marker you want to buy. If you’re not sure what this means, we talked about them briefly in a previous section.

There are three types of markers, which feature acrylic-based, alcohol-based, and solid paint. While they have their advantages and disadvantages, each one could easily be the professional art marker you need.

In our reviews, we covered several products from each type to give you a better perspective.

Tip Size and Shape

Next, you should know the tip size that would be most beneficial to your projects. During our reviews, we talked about markers with fine and broad tips, two of which are convenient, depending on the situation.

When your artwork involves detailed drawing, a fine tip would be the better choice. Instead, if you’re looking to color over larger areas quickly, your best pick would be a broader tip.

However, in some cases, the design is dual, featuring broad and fine tips simultaneously. While that’s not always the case, these particular markers offer more versatility than those with just a single tip.

Color Variants

Alright, so we covered ink type and tip size. What’s next? Yeah, that’d be the colors offered in each set.

For graffiti art, vibrant colors are a must. They will add life to your ideas, as they’re capable of turning dull drawings into eye-catching pieces of art. The ideal set of markers should also include darker colors capable of providing more depth.

Luckily, the color variety is something you won’t miss. The brands discussed in this article are well aware of the color’s importance, which is why their sets include a variety of markers in different colors.

Pack or Single Marker?

Now that we mentioned purchasing sets of markers, that’s another thing you must figure out. The markers come available either individually or in packs, which naturally affects other elements like the price and the colors offered.

Choosing whether to buy a single or many markers is ultimately up to you. While it’s true that many artists prefer to buy several, sometimes you don’t need more than a specific color. Either way, make sure to check availability for your preferred choice.

Capacity / Is it Refillable?

More often than not, the marker doesn’t allow you to refill the ink, inevitably requiring you to purchase a replacement instead.

That’s not the ideal outcome you want because it’d involve spending more money in the long run. Before purchasing, check the product thoroughly to guarantee it meets your standards.

A refillable marker is convenient for more than one reason. Then again, if money isn’t an issue, buying a new set of markers shouldn’t be a problem either. It’s a choice that depends on your personal preference and budget.

Frequently Asked Some Questions

FAQ on Drawing, Sketching, Doodling Pens

Q: What are the most trusted graffiti marker brands?

Though it really depends on who you ask, some brands have already established as reliable graffiti marker manufacturers. For instance, we have Krink, Molotow, Sakura, Montana, and Penguin Art supplies as some of the few companies that consistently provide high-quality supplies.

Q: Are Sharpies good for graffiti art?

The quality of Sharpie markers is undeniable, as there is a wide array of colors for each pen and marker from this brand. However, they do have a limited performance when it comes to graffiti artworks. Sharpie markers work better over smooth surfaces.

Q: Are Posca markers good for graffiti?

The short answer would be yes, Posca markers are good for graffiti. These markers don’t bleed, and they’re capable of coloring up flawlessly over hard surfaces. Also, the tip is perfect, allowing you to fulfill your graffiti ideas.

Q: Are graffiti art markers refillable?

While many brands offer refillable products, not all of them provide you with that option. If you want to save some money, make sure to thoroughly check out all the offers available to find a refillable pick. Otherwise, you’d have to buy replacements regularly.

Final Thoughts

Have you found your best graffiti markers yet? Don’t worry, take as much time as needed. When the quality of our artwork is at stake, we want to have the most effective supplies to follow through with our creativity.

Fortunately, in this article, you have everything you’ll need to know about graffiti markers. When you’re ready, make your choice, and start putting your ideas onto the paper. Once you try the markers, you won’t find any reason to stop using them.

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