40+ Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners | Boost Your Drawing Skill

Drawing is fun and creative, but deciding what to draw is always challenging. So, here’s a list of 100+ easy drawing ideas for beginners in one place. 

You’ll find most of the simple drawing ideas in this list to help you flow your creative juice. It’ll also help you to improve your drawing skill while learning how to draw. 

From drawing flowers to birds, you’ll find all of them in this list. Whether for practicing or your empty sketchbook these easy drawing ideas for beginners will bring positivity in your days. 

So, make sure to bookmark this list or share it on your social profile! It’ll help you get into the list immediately when you think of drawing something new every day! 

What you are waiting for then? Let’s move forward to the list!

Easy Drawing Ideas

The Easiest Drawing Ideas for Beginners

As I’ve mentioned before, this blog post will show you some drawing ideas that can be great for practicing or sharping your skill. So, here I’m giving you the list you were waiting for. Hope that you will love them as much as I do!

1. Drawing a Sun 

Drawing a Sun

Drawing sun is always fun and it is also one of the easy drawing ideas with pencil. Whether, it’s a burning or setting sun, feel free to experiment!

2. Drawing Moon

Drawing Moon

People love to get amazed by the moon’s beauty from the dawn of humanity. And since it comes about easy drawing, the moon cannot be ignored. If you draw a full moon, it’s all about a circle and some details into it.

3. Drawing Half Moon

drawing half moon

And if you draw a half-moon, it’s all about drawing curved lines and sharp edges. Both of the looks can be done easily and within minutes. There is also no confusion in coloring the moon. White is preferable. Still, you can color it in yellow shades or keep it blank!

4. Finger Heart Drawing

Finger Heart Drawing

Nowadays, this sign is widely seen around the social media. It’s a common sign to Koreans which means “I Love You”. So, you can follow the trend and try this easy finger heart drawing.

5. Draw Water Bottle

Draw Water Bottle

It’s a slightly slanted bottle filled with water and it’s very easy to drawing. Most interesting part of it is the bubbles inside.

So, firstly, raw the bottle using a square shape with a curve neck. Using a closed curve, draw the water inside the bottle. Made those bubbles using small circles. Finally, add the cork on the bottle top.

6. Drawing a Diamond

Drawing a Diamond

Diamond drawing is just a piece of cake for you. It’s all about joining the corners of a pentagon. So, draw a pentagon at first.

Now, join the two corners with a horizontal line. Using diagonal lines, make five triangles inside the upper part of the pentagon. Finally, join two lines with the bottom point and your sparkling diamond is ready

7. Paper Plane

Paper Plane

Both drawing and playing with paper plane is fun. But drawing is easier than originally making it with paper. Only by drawing triangles you can make paper plane shape.

Draw a bigger slanted triangle and a small triangle on the backside of it. Then draw straight lines and dotted lines to finish the paper plane drawing.

8. Cactus Drawing

Cactus Drawing

Cactus is mostly seen in the desert areas. But people also keep it in their house as indoor plants for decorating. However, drawing cactuses is easy enough.

Here I’ve drawn cactus in a different way inside a half-moon. It’s basically a circle drawing. You can follow it or can draw in your own way.

9. Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

Drawing elephants seems to be difficult due to its details. But baby elephants are really very easy to draw. And here I’ve tried to give the idea of drawing a cute baby elephant holding its trunk above.

You can easily draw it with the help of curve lines. For looking it cute and adorable, you can add some small hearts above the trunk.

10. Decorating Plants

Decorating Plants

People use this type of plants for decorating houses mostly. These types of tiny plants come with tiny flower pots also. Here I’ve given you some easy decorating plants drawing ideas that you can practice drawing. They look really cute.

12. Flower is Fascinating

Easy Flower Drawing

Whether it’s the kids or adults, flowers are always fascinating to watch and draw as well. Though you can’t express the fragrance of flowers by drawing, you can definitely express the way it looks through your art.

13. Sunflower

I am a big fan of sunflower. Whenever I see it, I feel a cold breeze inside my heart. So, I tried to share that feeling to you with my easy sunflower drawing.

14. Rose is Great

There is no doubt that roses are the symbol of love. So, why don’t you keep that love symbol inside your sketchbook?

15. Drawing Tulip

Whether you love tulip flower or not, you will definitely love this easy drawing of tulip flower. Don’t forget to try this one!

16. Lily is Fantastic

Drawing lily flower is really very easy and as it’s an easy drawing idea list, I have also tried to keep the drawing easier for you.

17. Daffodil

This cute little flowers are enough to enhance the beauty of your garden. And I am sure that it will also enhance the beauty of your flower drawing sketchbook!

18. Cartoon House

Cartoon House

Drawing a cartoon house really easier and kids will mostly like it. So, start with a triangle for the roof. Then draw the lower side of the house with windows and doors. Don’t forget to draw a chimney with floating smoke on it. Add some grasses on the ground side as part of detailing.

19. Little Tulip

Little Tulip

Tulip flowers are one of my favorite. It’s also easy to draw. Here I’ve tried to show the most easiest way to draw a tulip flower. Draw three closed curve together for making the flower petal. Then draw a stem with two triangle shape like leaves on both side. Voila! A cute little tulip flower is ready.

20. Draw Shining Stars

Draw Shining Stars

If you are looking for the easy drawing ideas for kids, drawing a shining star can be a great idea. With a five-edged corner, anyone can draw it easily. 

21. Draw Mountain

Draw Mountain

Looking at the mountains, it may seem too hard and difficult to draw. But in reality, drawing mountains is easier than your imagination. It’s all about drawing triangles.

Easy Mountain Drawing

Mountains are drawn with the help of some small triangles and large triangles. If you go through our mountain drawing tutorial, you can easily get an idea of its step-by-step guideline.

22. Drawing Orange is Fun

Draw an Orange Slice

The way people love to eat orange, the same way beginners will love it to draw. The reason is, drawing orange is all about a circle. But don’t forget to add pedicel on the top with some leaves and wrinkles.

23. Avocado

Avocado is my all time favorite. From there, I love to draw avocados in different shapes. And this one is specially for beginner artists!

24. Apple

Apple Drawing

There is a saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” So, whether you eat it or not, you will definitely love to draw it.

25. Kiwi

Kiwi Drawing

Kiwi has a wide range of fanbase. This fruit is also favorite of mine. It’s sweet and sour taste really make me feel good. So, how can I forget this fruit in this easy drawing idea list?

26. Strawberry

Strawberry Drawing

Drawing a strawberry is a bit more challenging than the other fruits, but it’s still doable. And adding details like the stem and seeds on the fruit will make it more realistic.

27. Banana

Step 4

Bananas are one of the easiest fruits to draw. Here I have shown a half peeled banana, but you can also draw a banana with the peel still on.

28. Papaya

Papaya Drawing

This yellow fruit has a separate fanbase. Though I am out of that, still love to draw papaya. For beginners, it’s a good choice to start with as it’s really easy to draw.

29. Watermelon

In your summer drawing ideas, watermelon will be on top of the list. This juicy fruit is both tasty to eat and easy to draw!

30. Pineapple

Pineapples are pretty easy to draw once you get the hang of it. With a crown on its head, pineapple looks like the king of fruits!

31. Leaf Drawing 

Leaf Drawing

For symbolizing nature and season, the leaf is one of the best mediums. Each season leaves adore with a different look and never fails to mesmerize us. As there are too many types of trees on the earth, there are too many types of leaves also. The colors and shapes vary.

So, you can practice leaf drawing, starting with the easiest shapes like beech, walnut, maple, etc. Use colors on the leaf according to your imagination or practice sketching.

32. Beech Leaf Drawing

Beech Leaf Drawing

33. Walnut Leaf Drawing

Walnut Leaf Drawing

34. Four Leaf Clover

Four Leaf Clover

35. Drawing Ginkgo Leaf

Ginkgo leaf drawing

36. Drawing A Car

Easy Car Drawing

Car drawing can be a great idea indeed. Kids love to play with them in their childhood and want to own them in adulthood.

So, whether you are an amateur or by born artist, drawing cars can be a perfect option for you if you are looking for something easy and exceptional. And if you follow our step-by-step tutorial, you can do it in minutes!

37. Wall Clock

Drawing a clock is easier as you just need to draw circles. Then just put the time in it and your clock is ready to read!

38. Baby Turtle

Baby turtles are really very easy to draw. And the main thing that has made it the cutest is its bigger eyes than its body.

39. Little Shark

Though Sharks are scary, little Sharks are cute. Try to keep the face of the Shark smiley and cute enough that it doesn’t look scary. It’s also a beginner-friendly drawing.

40. Dice Drawing

Dice Drawing

Playing dice was very popular at a time. However, Drawing dice is easier than playing it. The main thing is to draw squares. Here I’ve shown two dices side by side. You can draw one dice using three squares. Then draw the numbers on it using circles.

41. Dancing Feet

Dancing Feet

Ballet dance is a popular form of dancing. Drawing ballet dancer feet is also popular among artists. The pointee shoe is the main attraction of it. Only by using straight and curve lines, you can draw the feet of a ballet dancer. So, try this drawing and test your skill!

42. Drawing Whale

Drawing Whale

It seems like a whale playing with a planet. Drawing this whale with planet is really very easy. Whale drawing is somewhat similar to dolphin.

So, draw curve lines for the body and tail. Make a short fin in the middle of the body. Finally, on top its mouth, draw a planet using a circle and ellipse.

43. Small Galaxy

Drawing Small Galaxy

Drawing small galaxy is pretty easy. You just need to draw a circle and an ellipse with some sparkling stars around it. For enhancing your tiny galaxy’s beauty, you can add some more details into it.

For example – I’ve used some small straight lines inside the bigger circle. And yes, your galaxy is ready!

44. Cute Cloud

Cute Cloud

Since clouds have no specific shape, whatever shape you draw, that will be the shape of clouds. But it has a common shape which is really easy to draw.

45. Book with Galaxy

Book with Galaxy

It’s actually a book with so many pages and a tiny galaxy on it’s cover. Draw a square box with a slight curve with some straight lines on a corner to make the pages visible. Then on it’s cover side, draw a planet, sun, half-moon and some sparkling stars. It’s really very easy to draw.

46. Quick Clock Drawing

Drawing a clock is easier as you just need to draw circles. And then just put the time in it.

Firstly, draw a plus sign using a ruler and pencil. Then use a compass and pencil and draw a circle keeping the compass on the middle point of the plus sign. You’ll see that the circle has been divided into four parts.

And write 3, 6, 9, 12 on the four divided points inside the circle. Now, draw the clock hands using straight lines – one is the bigger one, and another one is the smaller one. You’ll see that a beautiful clock has been made quickly and without facing any difficulty.

47. Drawing a Bird

Birds can fly liberally in the sky, and that’s why I love birds. You’ll find so many different species of birds out there. Compared to shapes, sizes, and colors, none are similar. There are the mighty eagles and also the cute hummingbirds. Check out the list below and test your drawing skill.

48. Draw Baby Turtle

It’s another cute species from the ocean. Baby turtles are really very easy to draw. And the main thing that has made it the cutest is its bigger eyes than its body.

However, this appearance of a baby turtle will only be seen in cartoons. Yet, I like this look. So, you can also try to draw a cute baby turtle like this. It’s none but unleashing your creativity.

You can choose the green color for its shield if you want to stick to its standard color. But you can change the colors definitely, or you can just sketch it.

49. Dolphin is Cute

Easy Dolphin Drawing

Actually, drawing Dolphins can be a good idea if you are thinking of starting out for ocean animals. It has a familiar shape of drawing, which is its playing mode by keeping its fan-like tail curved with a smiley face.

50. Drawing Little Shark

Though Sharks are scary, little Sharks are cute. But it’s not true in real life. Try to keep the face of the Shark smiley and cute enough that it doesn’t look scary. However, you can draw little Sharks easily. It’s also a beginner-friendly drawing.

51. Drawing a Boat

It’s another popular circle drawing idea. For drawing such an eye-soothing scenery, draw a perfect circle and divide it into half. Then draw a sailed boat on the upper side with a shining sun in the sky. Finally, add some sparkling stars on the lower side of the boat.

52. Present Box

Drawing Present Box

It’s an easy present box made with a rectangle shape. First, draw a bigger size rectangle and then draw a smaller rectangle on top of it to make the gift box lid.

Finally, using curves draw some oval shapes joining together on top of the lid to make the ribbon. See? How easy it is to draw a gift box!

53. Galaxy Inside Bottle

Galaxy Inside Bottle

It seems like the galaxy has been captured inside the bottle. Firstly, draw the bottle with diagonal and curved lines. Then add the cork on the top and some waves under the bottle so that it looks like the bottle is floating in water. Finally, draw the planet, moon, and stars to make the tiny galaxy.

54. Drawing Tree 

Drawing a tree is all about a long stem with some branches and leaves. You can also add some grasses under the tree to look it more beautiful.

55. Easy Crawn Drawing

Easy Crawn Drawing

Supplies to Gather Before Drawing

Before starting drawings, you must need some art tools. Here, I’m giving out a list of some must-have items that you should always keep with you. 

Paper – Paper is the most important part of drawings. Cheap papers sometimes get torn off while erasing due to their low quality. So, choose your sketchbook or drawing pad wisely. 

Pencil – Always remember to start your drawing with a pencil. If you start with a pencil, you can fix errors immediately while drawing. It’ll be a suggestion for beginners. 

Pen – Pen plays a great role while you draw. After sketching with pencils, you can use fine point or fine liner pens for creating the final outline. Then you can erase the pencil marks

Eraser – To fix any errors while drawing, using an eraser is a must. Picking a good brand eraser is also necessary to get a clean area. There are traditional erasers and kneaded erasers, you can pick whatever you like.

Ruler – There is no alternative to rulers creating a straight line. You never know when you need to draw a straight line! It would be best if you always kept a ruler with you whether you need it or not. 

Compass – Compasses are the best friends for making perfect circles. For drawings, where you need to draw circles, a compass will help you. Keep a compass with you that works really well. 

Marker – Markers are one of the best art tools, whether it’s for kids or adults. So, you should always keep a set of markers with you to help you outline and color the drawings. 

Wrap Up

According to my perspective as a professional artist, these were just some of the easiest drawing ideas. Any amateur or professionals can do all of the ideas I’ve given above. 

Thanks a lot for stumbling upon this post. Hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to visit us often to get more drawing ideas and tutorials.

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