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Best Whiteboard Erasers in 2019

Using markers is a very effective method to keep track of your projects. However, one little mistake can ruin it, which is why you must have the necessary tools to avoid having to organize your plans all over again.

We're talking, of course, about the marker eraser.

A good eraser must provide different benefits, like efficiency to get rid of most markings, versatility for children and adults to use it, and comfort.

During our next reviews, we'll go through what we consider are the best whiteboard erasers currently available. These erasers provide our previous demands and even more benefits.

Let's scroll further and take a closer look at them.

​​5 of The Best Whiteboard Erasers-2019





Magnetic Whiteboard Erasers

​YOSOGO  Magnetic Erasers

  • ​Far easier to use than traditional chalk
  • ​Extremely easy to use and make look good
EXPO Dry Erase Set

​EXPO ​Dry Erase Set

  • ​Far easier to use than traditional chalk
  • ​Extremely easy to use and make look good
U Brands Dry Eraser

​U Brands Magnetic Dry Eraser

  • ​Far easier to use than traditional chalk
  • ​Extremely easy to use and make look good
3M Whiteboard Eraser

​3M Whiteboard Eraser

  • ​Far easier to use than traditional chalk
  • ​Extremely easy to use and make look good

The following are the top contenders you can find on the market. They provide efficiency, versatility, and comfort for everyone to use them.

1. YOSOGO  Magnetic Whiteboard Erasers

Magnetic Whiteboard Erasers

YOSOGO's erasers come in a pack of 6, each one with a unique design for you to choose which one you like the most. This variety of colors allows the erasers to blend well at different locations, like at the office, school, or even at home.

The intense under-pad magnet is capable of adhering over most magnetic whiteboards, allowing you to place it at a comfortable and reachable place for your convenience. These erasers work over surfaces like the whiteboard, glass, and many more.

Although its market strategy mentions that it gets rid of chalk marks, the eraser does have some issues with it. It is a small disadvantage that puts it below other erasers, but it doesn't take away all of the benefits that come from using it.

One of those benefits is the price. It is an affordable set considering it includes six erasers.

2. EXPO 1785294 Dry Erase Set

EXPO Dry Erase Set

Expo erasers easily take care of those stubborn marks that won’t go off the board. After testing it out, there are plenty of surfaces where this eraser has proven its value; like glass and a variety of non-porous surfaces.

As an example, we have the precision-point and the extra-large eraser. The first one is the most suitable choice for delicate tasks. On the other hand, the extra-large model is a capable supply we’re going to need for larger projects.

Furthermore, the variety of Expo erasers provides more benefits for people of all ages and professions. They’re available in a wide range of styles and sizes to meet your demands.

When it comes to the design, there isn't much to say about. It is made with recycled materials almost entirely, which gives it the appearance of a classic eraser.

It is worth noting that the Expo eraser is quite efficient, but there's barely anything innovative in this item.

3. U Brands Magnetic Dry Eraser

U Brands Dry Eraser

These erasers are probably the best-looking ones you're going to find during this list. Sure, a fancier look doesn't necessarily mean better performance or a more effective tool, but it is the right call if you want to use it at a more professional environment.

It works great under an educational area like the classroom, but the beautiful design and construction make this eraser perfect for the office.

The felt bottom removes all the dry-erase ink over the erase board without much effort. Its efficiency makes it suitable to work over melamine, porcelain, glass, as well as other dry-erase boards.

It also features the magnetic construction materials, allowing you to stick it over metal areas of the board and keeping it at palm's reach, ready to work whenever you need it.

With this tool, U Brands manages to provide an eraser capable of getting off markings without leaving any mess behind.

4. 3M Whiteboard Eraser 2-Pack

3M Whiteboard Eraser

Here's another example of what a good eraser is. It has a rather simplistic design, but is enough to get the job done.

3M offers an eraser capable of removing most permanent markers, ghosting and other residues over the whiteboard. It is a quick process that only requires adding a small amount of water, and the eraser will do the rest. No sprays, no chemical cleaners are needed.

The performance of this eraser is highly recommendable for dry-erase boards. Its outstanding performance manages to do what other erasers or cleaning products cannot do.

Permanent markers are often a struggle to take off, requiring chemicals and other substances that damage the board's surface. Here, this eraser comes in very handy, taking care of those stubborn marks that won't get off using other methods. The best benefit of the 3M eraser?

It does a quick cleaning that doesn't ruin the boards.

​5. Ashley Productions ​Magnetic Eraser Maroon

Ashley Productions Eraser

A common issue for teachers is to have the right tools to get the children's attention. And, if you do manage to receive their interest, keeping it is even harder.

It requires a special kind of classroom supply to encourage them to be active, and the ASH10012 Magnetic Eraser is a good way to start in this case.

Ashley Productions offer an attractive and well-designed eraser ideal for blending with the rest of the classroom decoration, especially if there are young children involved.

This eraser cleans plenty of dry-erase surfaces and whiteboards, only requiring soap and water for the maintenance.

There are many erasers designed for classrooms, but after trying out a few like the standard black felt eraser, the boards often suffered damage. Those erasers left the board smeared, and with residue over it.

In this regard, the ASH10012 outperforms many erasers leaving a clean surface after removing the markings.

Is It Possible to Remove Permanent Marker Using Erasers?

Having the best eraser makes cleaning the board such an easy task, that you won't need to fear to make a couple of mistakes. If you're a teacher, one of the erasers listed above will help you clean the mess your students often leave on the whiteboard without too much trouble.

But, what happens when you have to deal with permanent markers?

The permanent ink is way tougher to erase, but not impossible. While searching for possible solutions to remove permanent markers, you're going to find many methods like using water, vinegar, chemicals, and many more.

Those methods sometimes work, and sometimes they don't. However, what if you could erase permanent ink by using another marker?

That's right. You don't need to put your whiteboard in jeopardy using strong chemicals that may ruin it. No! You only need to use another marker.

Of course, there are other items you're going to need, like a whiteboard eraser, a spray bottle with water, and paper towels or soft cloth, either would work. And, naturally, you will need the marker.

Combining these items with plenty of patience, a little effort, and the proper guide, will be enough to get that annoying permanent marker off the whiteboard successfully, and without damaging its surface.

​Final Words

Are you ready to start organizing those new projects?

With the best whiteboard eraser, you'll have all the tools necessary to write and draw everything you need without worrying about stains over the board.

Mistakes might happen, but with a quick reaction and a good eraser, you’ll be able to work your way around them.

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