All About Bianyo Markers: Reviews and Guideline

Markers are an essential piece of stationery when it comes to arts and crafts. So, you should be able to pick one up and start showing your artistic expertise, right?

You need the right kind of marker for the kind of art that you’re trying to pull off. That includes the right brands too because one is better than the other

This is where ‘Bianyo‘ comes in. They happen to have one of the best ones out there. And to let you know more, we have prepped this Bianyo markers review.

With all these features, you can make your art top-notch and worth watching with awe. So, let’s jump in.

What Types of Marks Bianyo Have?

For starters, we’ll go through all the kinds of markers that ‘Bianyo’ has to offer. They mainly come in three different kinds, and all of these kinds have their own specific features and distinct uses.

That’s why we have prepared the whole thing to be as detailed as you would need to make a decision in purchasing one.

So. here goes:

Bianyo Classic Markers

The first thing that we want to address is the Bianyo classic series marker. They are a fan favorite and already have quite a name in the market. They are one of the best alcohol-based markers available in the market at this point.

So, we do hold them with regard. Now, let’s go through all the features that they have to offer.

As mentioned before, the classic series markers have an alcohol-based ink that easily mixes within your canvas and provides a top-notch drawing experience. On top of that, the ink also happens to have a low odor and is non-toxic. Now that’s one hell of a plus point here.

Moreover, this series of markers also have a broad chisel of approximately 1.7 mm. Along with that, you’ll also find comfort holding them thanks to the square pen holder.

And for the cherry on top, they also have fine points of 0.7 mm, which will help you make better outlines and color larger areas. Moreover, you can also use them for writing tasks.

The vibrant colors make this marker more than enough for drawing up caricatures, whipping up anime pictures, and working on adult coloring books. The quality ink on this makes it better than the likes of any marker than we have come across.

Thanks to its ink, even kids can use it without any hesitation since there is no danger of toxicity.

With all the features covered, now we’d like to talk about its quality and its affordability. The whole alcohol-based marker is made with premium materials that make it all the better. The super nibs make them a complete steal for anyone who’s willing to buy it.

And with all those features nailed down, these markers for coloring are an amazing idea for a gift as there are 35 colors and one blender in the whole set, which also happens to come with a carrying case.

So, we can say that there’s no going back once you start using this series as they are an absolute banger in the form of markers.

Now, let’s move on to the next series that ‘Bianyo’ provides to its customers. And trust us on this; they are amazing too.

Bianyo Brush Markers

Now, when it comes to art and even writing, brushes are very important to make the right kind of strokes. And that is true for all kinds of crafts. So, what if you are using markers and need the functionality of a brush? Well, this is where brush markers come into play.

The ones by Bianyo are quite amazing if you ask us. And they also happen to come in a complete set. So, that should set the tone right.

Now, the first thing that caught our eyes about these brush markers is their super brush nibs. These are real rubber nibs that are imported straight from the land of the rising sun, Japan.

Thanks to that, it’s pretty evident that this is a quality marker. These tips let artists work with smoother blends in such a way that every stroke will feel like that from a paintbrush.

The brush point is somewhere around 1.5 mm to give you that feeling of using a brush to create some amazing work.

Moreover, the colors of this marker are vivid to the highest point where no job will feel dull or boring. You’ll feel like every touch of it is representing your inner imagination and creating a masterpiece of its own.

The brushes are highly pigmented and are designed to survive fading and provide amazing blends.

And to add to all that, ‘Bianyo’ Brush markers also come in a set of 72 at a lower price which makes it an obvious entry in our list of affordable markers.

These permanent ones come with non-toxic and environment-friendly ink that is of top quality and makes some amazing work come to life.

The ink also happens to have a quick-drying feature that prevents bleeding and problems like these, which artists face while painting with markers. Moreover, they also come with a carrying case like the classic series.

Bianyo Watercolor Markers

The last kind of  markers that Bianyo offers are their watercolor ones. Now, as we mentioned before, you’ll need to make different kinds of stokes to make different kinds of artwork.

But what if you wanted to make a painting that resembles watercolor? Well, ‘Bianyo’ has you covered on this as well.

This is where their watercolor marker series comes into play. They are a set that resembles watercolor brushes while keeping the ink as bright and vibrant as possible.

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Now, let’s come down to ink quality. This ink is non-toxic and free of acid, which makes it kid-friendly. So, if you have any children around, they can safely draw with this and explore their imagination, which is extremely important for their growth. Along with that, the ink doesn’t bleed into paper and makes a mess of art.

Moreover, their dual tips are extremely smooth and have a ‘self-cleaning‘ build which lets it clean itself as you draw through. And thanks to this kind of tip, the ink seamlessly blends in and provides amazing colors, and lets your wild imagination loose. Now, that is something all artists appreciate, right?

Well, this marker is made for artists and was produced with their needs in mind. That’s why they are fun to stroke through the canvas and extremely easy to use. They let you create visuals that can leave people awestruck and be fun to kids at the same time.

This series happens to come in a set of 24 bright colors that everyone can use and definitely falls among the list of most affordable markers in the market. So, we would gladly recommend them to you.

Drawing Quality

Now that you know about the kind of series ‘Bianyo’ has to offer, we’d like to tell you about the quality of drawing that you can pull off with these alcohol based dual tip markers. So, here goes:

drawing quality

Bleed or Non-Bleed

The first thing to look at here is if the ink quality and if it bleeds into the paper. Well, the ones from Bianyo are completely bleed-proof, meaning the ink will not seep into the fibers of the paper and spread across while making a mess. So, it’s important to get good ink.

And Bianyo promises you exactly that. Their markers are made with the artist in mind. So, you can rest assured as you stroke awake at your canvas and turn your imagination into visual reality without worrying about the ink bleeding through the paper and ruining your art. That’s why we recommend ‘Bianyo’ products.

Now, let’s check out the next characteristic to look out for.

Blend Ability

The next thing to look out for in markers is their ability to blend in and create vibrant colors as you try strokes to make your paintings look surreal.

A proper blendable marker creates a good combination among the colors that you put against each other, provided that they are of a similar hue.

‘Bianyo Markers’ blend together and create a more natural shade when putting your art together, making it look smooth and polished. Otherwise, they’ll just be clunky, while looking like amateur work.

Their tips are made with the utmost care, and in some, they are even imported from Japan to provide the best kind of quality possible. These markers have dual tips options, which is good for adult coloring books. They can choose the right tip for the purpose and put them to good use.

Price Range

Now, let’s come down to the price range of these markers and how they are better than the other ones out in today’s market. You can get them for a lot cheaper than their other marker brands with the same functionality.

Cheap Alcohol

The first thing to address here is that alcohol based markers do not come cheap. But, Bianyo has somehow managed to offer that at a very lucrative price, which already gives them an advantage. They are both amazing and affordable. So, we don’t mind at all.

Copic Alternative

Another thing to add here is that in their price range, Bianyo markers are way cheaper than a Copic marker and act as a great alternative to copics. A set of 12 Copic markers come at roughly $100.

On the other hand, Bianyo has options for different ranges with their set of 168 markers comes at $90. Real cheap, right?

Well, that is why we think they are an amazing alternative.

People Also Ask Some Questions


Now, let’s answer some common questions that people have when it comes to using ‘Bianyo’ Markers. Here are some of them:

Q: Can you refill Bianyo Markers?

Now, this is not a difficult question to answer. Bianyo markers are not refillable. But at that price point compared to ‘Copic markers’, you shouldn’t really expect refills. That is where ‘Bianyo’ draws the line. But they are amazing when it comes to their quality and last longer due to no bleeding on paper.

So, rest assured, because at the size of each set, you won’t need a refill. You can just switch to another one as a set of 168 comes at only $90, compared to the set of 12 of Copic at $100.

Q: Are Bianyo Markers good for Professional Artists?

Well, this is an amazing question and is one that most professional artists would have since they are the ones who would use it as a Copic alternative. Now, we would like to say that Bianyo markers are indeed good for pro artist work.

They have a selection of different tips that replicate the effect of different brushes.

Moreover, they also in a variety of tips such as fine tips and dual tips. These tips make them perfect for completing a whole artwork that might require different kinds of strokes. Along with all that, the ink doesn’t bleed and blends in pretty well.

So, it definitely is good for professional artists, without a doubt.

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Q: What types of papers are good for ‘Bianyo’?

The recommended paper for Bianyo makers is 70 gsm A4-sized paper. But, due to its bleed-proof ink, you can use it on most papers without wasting much ink.

Now, always remember that the thinner the paper, the less ink it absorbs, so you can save quite an amount of ink using this principle.

You can read the reviews further to catch a better concept on markers like these.

Now, Color With ‘Bianyo’

That was all we had on our Bianyo markers review. We hope that this information comes to good use for you. Moreover, we hope that you can now use Bianyo markers and create some amazing pieces of work.

Feel free to send some of them in to use. We would love to see them. 🙂

Now, if you feel like there’s something that we missed or there’s some other topic that you’d like us to cover and finish, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate feedback from our readers.

Other than that, stay safe and have fun mastering your craft.

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