How Do Erasable Pens Work? All About Erasable Ink

Erasable pens are a new type of pen with the best of both worlds: they write like regular pens but can be erased like pencils. But they are indeed more permanent than pencils. 

However, have you ever wondered how erasable pens work? It might seem tricky, but it’s pretty simple! 

Basically, the pen writes like regular ball-point or gel pens. But the ink is formulated in a different way to erase it like a pencil to fix errors. 

So, today I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of erasable pens and how they differ from other types of writing tools. You’ll also get to know about the benefits of using these pens.

How Do Erasable Pens Work

What is Erasable Ink Made of?

It’s actually a hybrid type of pen that contains erasable ink. But is there any ink named erasable? The answer is no! Then how does it becomes disappeared? Well, let me explain the science behind this.

Actually, erasable pens contain thermosensitive Metamo ink. But the ingredient for which the pigmentation creates is Microcapsules.

It contains an equal mix of three substances – leuco dye, color developer, and color change temperature regulator. But the main difficult task here is to increase the temperature range for which the color will disappear.

Interestingly, the leuco dye can change into both colored and colorless forms. It determines and produces ink colors when it binds with the color developer.

And the color change temperature regulator prevents this bonding above a specific temperature. And then people think that the ink lines have been erased. 

However, some erasable pens also contain rubber cement solutions. You can write with them like regular pens and erase the ink with the rubber that comes along with the pen. 

These types of pens have gained so much popularity among students and writers because it gives them the freedom to make mistakes on their papers, reports etc. Still, they worry not as they can erase those errors quickly before anyone notices them. [Source]

How Do Erasable Pen Works

An erasable pen is also known as a hybrid pen which you can erase just like pencils to fix errors on paper. It writes just how a regular ball-point or gel pens do but has a special formulation in its ink so that you can erase it using pens erasers.

Erasable pens don’t contain the usual oil-based or dye-based ink. It actually has a rubber cement solution that comes in the form of ink. So, when you write, the ink sits on top of the paper and easily erases with the pen’s rubber. It remains semi-dried, allowing it to erase. But after 10 or more hours, the solution becomes hardened and makes the ink permanent. 

But with the invention of thermosensitive ink, the color actually disappears with a specific temperature. But it can be reappeared with a temperature of -10˚C to -20˚C. So, when you write with this pen, it remains on top of the paper rather than soaking into it. And when you use the pen’s eraser over the ink, it becomes disappears rather than erasing. 

So, these pens are really great for fixing any type of error while taking notes or writing on your term paper. Overall, it’s great for having an error-free paper. 

When To Use Erasable Pens?

Erasable pens are a great alternative to pencils. People prefer it more so that they can get a neat and clean note. So, if you are among them and want to erase the writing rather than crossing it out, then it’s best for you.

Take Notes Cleanly

Whether it’s for your school-college or official notes, erasable pens help you write them cleanly without any errors or erasing marks. Sometimes it happens that while erasing, cheap paper torns away. It also saves you from that unwanted accident by smoothly erasing the pen ink. 

Use for Bullet Journaling

Usually, for bullet journaling, people don’t love to make mistakes. So, if you are a bullet journal lover and want such a permanent solution to fix your errors, then grab an erasable pen.

It won’t fade away over time like pencils and get writings that will also last long. It won’t damage your paper and provide you with ghost mark-free scripts. 

Do Some Doodling 

We all know that pens are always good for doodling. So, what if you got a pen that has both benefits of long-lasting ink and erasing facility? Sounds good, right! Whether it’s for doodling or drawing, erasable pens can be your best friends.

Some Benefits of Using Erasable Pens

Suppose you are looking for something more permanent than pencils. In that case, erasable pens are the best choice for you because these pens last long, unlike traditional marking tools such as pencils. That’s why you will get so many benefits, obviously. So, let’s have a look at some. 

  • The first and foremost benefit is that you can make mistakes as much as you can fix them within seconds. 
  • You’ll get an eraser with these pens to help you erase the mistakes smoothly without any erasing marks.
  • Once the ink is dried for 10 or more hours, the ink will become like permanent ink.
  • Due to having thermosensitive ink, it only disappears with enough friction. It can be reappeared if you cool it down under -10˚C to -20˚C. 
  • The writings become more long-lasting with these pens, at least durable for more than pencil writings. 
  • The ink stays on top of the paper, so there is no chance of bleeding or blotting.
  • Not only for writing, but you can also use these pens to have error-free drawings.


Q: How do erasable highlighters work?

Erasable highlighters work like erasable pens. And most of these highlighter pens have dual tips – one end is for highlighting, and the other is for erasing. However, they contain a special type of ink on both ends. People use it mostly to fix errors instantly after making mistakes while highlighting any text.

When you first highlight over any text, you’ll see it’s highlighting like regular highlighter markers. But when you use the other end to remove the mark, it’ll erase smoothly like pencil marks without leaving any visible mark behind. 

Think of a pencil; the mark only gets layered on paper top when you write with it. So, these pens ink gets layered on top of the paper rather than soaking like a regular highlighter. It works in the same way, and the principle is the same for both of them.

The manufacturer uses rubber cement-type things in erasable pens. So, when you erase the highlighter mark, it becomes invisible. But if you don’t erase it, then it gets soaked into the paper. 

Q: Does heat erase an erasable pen?

I’ve mentioned earlier that erasable pen ink has three components. And among them, one component reacts to heat by activating the acid. So, the ink is formulated in a way that when you put heat on it, the ink will be invisible.

But it’s not like that putting flame on the ink! Actually, when you rub the eraser over the ink, friction creates. When enough heat is produced, the ink becomes invisible rather than fully erased. The friction only changes the acidity of the ink and makes it invisible. 

Interestingly, when the ink is cooled down under the temperature of -10˚C, the ink reappears again. That’s why it is named an erasable pen, not a pencil! 

Q: How long does erasable pen last?

Whatever pen you use, the first thing you should remember is that it’s actually difficult to tell an exact time frame of its longevity. The main reason is that how long you can use pens depends mostly on their usage, if I’m not wrong!

People don’t use writing tools for heavy-duty purposes, so there is no chance of physical damage. And that’s why how long an erasable pen will last depend on the usages of the ink. 

Suppose you are a full-time student and using your erasable pen for taking notes, bullet journaling, and other activities in daily life. In that case, you can expect it to use for around one month.

However, if you use more than that, the time frame will be less than one month. But remember that, since these types of pens are not designed for heavy-duty usage, they lose their quality over time when exposed to air!

So, handle it with care if you are planning to use it for longer. 

Q: Does erasable ink become permanent?

Erasable pen inks are never designed to be permanent. But the ink can last up to many years, though it hasn’t got the archival quality. Actually, producing a pen with both permanent and erasable ink features is extremely difficult. 
However, when you use erasable pen ink on uncoated paper and let it dry properly, the paper soaks the ink, making it feel permanent. But if you really need to have a permanent quality, then look for pens with permanent ink.

Final Word

So, coming to this point, you may have got the idea that erasable pens don’t work like magic. It’s actually science! This brings the article going over how do erasable pens work to an end. Hopefully, you have found it helpful.

In my opinion, I can suggest that, for having error-free writing, you can choose erasable pens without any hesitation.

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