How to Draw a Lime Easy Step by Step

Lime is a juicy fruit that can add a zesty flavor to any dish. Don’t you think it can also be a great addition to your sketchbook? If yes, then let’s begin the tutorial on how to draw a lime step by step!

Drawing lime is easy and fun, especially following the simple steps below. It is quite similar to the orange drawing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this tutorial will provide a great starting point.

So, if you are looking for some easy drawing ideas, lime drawing should be your first choice. It is perfect for those looking to start drawing, as each step is explained clearly. Get ready to start your journey toward drawing a realistic lime!


What You Will Need to Draw

How to Draw a Lime (Different Ways) Step-by-Step

Whoever goes through this easy step-by-step tutorial, beginner or professional, will be drawing a lime in no time.

Here I will explain three different tutorials, perfect for those looking for easy lime drawing lessons. So, follow the steps, use the key points to ensure you get it right, and you’ll be a lime artist in no time!

Drawing a Thin Slice of Lime (Front View)

Drawing a Thin Slice of Lime

Step 1: At first, you just need to draw nothing but a circle. You can use a compass to make the circle look perfect if needed.

Step 2: Draw another circle inside the bigger one and make sure that both circles are close to each other.

Step 3: Now, eight triangles are inside the circle,, and each of them must have its peak directed towards the center. These will form a lime-shaped figure.

Color It

Finally, I colored the lime slice using a yellowish-green color. I have colored the triangles and the in-between part of the two circles. You can color the drawing according to your own preference.

Drawing the Wedge Slice of Lime

Drawing the Wedge Slice of Lime

Step 1: Draw a horizontal line long enough as you want to make the wedge size of your lime slice. Now draw a half circle connecting both ends of the horizontal line. It will look like a half-moon.

Step 2: Draw another half circle inside the previous one. Ensure that it stays close enough to the outer circle so they almost touch each other. Make the upper horizontal line slightly curved by drawing over the straight line.

Step 3: At this stage, draw six triangles inside the half-moon to make the perfect wedge shape of the lime. And not necessary make it sharp.

Color It

Finally, add some color to the drawing. As usual, I have put a yellowish-green color for the lime, but you can fill in any color you choose.

Add some texture to your drawing by adding small lines between the wedge triangles. You can also use a different shade to give it some special effect.

Drawing a Half Lime Easy

Drawing a Half Lime Easy

Step 1: Start by drawing a slightly slanted oval shape on one side.

Step 2: Join the upper and lower side of the oval using a half circle. It will create the bottom of the lime.

Step 3: Draw another oval shape inside the first oval shape of the lime. Now, you will get a visible lime shape.

Color It

I have used yellowish-green color inside the oval to look like lime. I have added some details inside using a black fine-line pen and shadow at the bottom to make it more realistic.

Some Easy Lime Drawing Ideas

Whole Lime Drawing

Most of the time, people draw lime slices or half limes. But how about drawing a whole lime? It’s definitely trickier, but it’s a great challenge for more experienced artists. Add some extra details like interesting wrinkles and dimples.

Half Lime Drawing

Take your lime drawing to the next level by adding an open half with one large indentation to represent the slice. Make sure to include any juice droplets with a few small circles.

Don’t forget to add some details, like seeds and bumps, around the edges of the indentation.

Double Thin Slices Drawing

Drawing lime slices can be fun, but how about drawing the round thin slices instead? It all starts with making a circle. You just need to create an even number of segments inside each thin circle and add some details.

Wedged Slice Drawing

If you want to look at your lime differently, you can try drawing a thick slice of lime! Start by creating two parallel curved lines joined with a horizontal line, which will give the appearance of a wedged lemon.

After that, add some texture to your drawing by sketching lots of small lines around the edges to create ripples. You can draw small droplets of water rolling off your lime slice for a fun, creative touch.

Simple Lime Drawing

If you want to draw both a whole lime and a half one, this drawing lesson is for you! Follow along closely to create a lively picture of the tart, green fruit. It’s easy to draw and best for beginners.

Lime Juice Glass Drawing

People who have bored themselves by drawing circles, squares, and triangles can find a more interesting challenge in learning to draw a lime juice glass.

From the base to the rim, this is so much easier that even beginners can follow. The addition of straw and ice has made the drawing more attractive.

So, there you have it! Now you know how to draw your very own delicious lime. Enjoy experimenting with different shading techniques, adding a background, and creating unique details that make this drawing your own. The only limit is your imagination—so go ahead and let it run wild!

Let yourself be creative as you draw—you’re sure to produce something delicious and delightful.

Happy drawing!

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