How To Draw Leaves Easy Step by Step Tutorial

If you think deeply, you may remember that we unconsciously draw the shapes of leaves or fires when we are not listening to a lecture or just having a pen or pencil on hand. It’s a prevalent case for most of us. 

However, when you need to draw beautiful leaves for your fall projects or just add them to the background, learning to draw them correctly is a matter of concern. Even you may need to draw leaves while doodling. 

Whatever the reason is, hopefully, after going through this page filled with so many tutorials, it’ll just take you minutes to draw the leaves very easily that you wanted! 

Here, you’ll find 6 different types of leaves that are leveled from beginners to professionals. Trust me, these are incredibly easy to draw, and you are definitely going to love them!

How To Draw Leaves Easy

Tools You’ll Need for Leaf Drawing

  • Pencil
  • Eraser  
  • Marker
  • Colors

How to Draw Leaves in Easy Steps

As I’ve told you before, drawing leaves are pretty straightforward, and it won’t take you that much to draw.

Now, I’m going to show you the step-by-step tutorial of drawing 6 different most popular leaves. Once you learn them, you can make your friends jaw down! So, let’s dive into the tutorial on leaf drawing.

1. Simple Leaf Drawing for Beginners

Simple Leaf Drawing
Simple Leaf Drawing for Beginners with 3 Easy Steps

I’m going to start the leaf drawing tutorial with the “Dogwood Leaves.” It’s just a piece of cake for anybody with a general knowledge of art and drawing. That’s why I’ve kept it in the first place, and beginners can learn it easily.

Well, without any further delay, directly move to the step-by-step tutorial of leaf drawing. It’s really very easy as there is only one leaf in it rather than many petals strung together. So, only by making a big shape, you can draw it. 

Step 1: First of all, draw a slanted line. Some also start to learn with the straight lines. But if you notice in the picture, here I’ve drawn a slanted line as it increases the beauty of the leaf.

Then draw another line that will match with the top of the previous line, making it look like a stem. 

Step 2: Now, follow the number 2 marking on the picture and draw a curve on the left side starting from the bottom of the stem until it reaches the tip of the stem.

Then draw another continuous curve on the right side coming down from the top and shape it at the bottom so that both sides look somewhat similar. 

Step 3: Finally, draw the veins inside the leaf using single lines and color it as per your imagination.

2. Drawing Black Walnut Leaf

How to Draw Black Walnut Leaf

So, by looking at the picture, you can see that I’ve started with a straight line which is the first step, and it’ll be the stem of the leaf. Some people also start with a slanted line. But as a beginner-level leaf, I think starting with the straight one will be easier to learn. 

Now, move towards the second step, which is the drawing of petals. So, follow the numbering and start from downwards. First, draw an oval shape on the right side of the stem. And just like the picture, draw three more oval shapes on top of each one. 

After finishing one side, move to the left side and draw the symmetrical oval shapes like the right-side ones. These left-side ovals will be the mirror image of the right ones. So, here you have to draw the same four leaves as before. After completing both sides, it’s time to draw the top one. 

Now, you have to bring out the actual leaf shapes by drawing veins inside each of the ovals, and it’s the third step if you follow the picture. In step four, you have to draw another straight line just beside the stem to make it thick, and both of them will match together going to the top. 

Finally, you have to bring out the life in the leaves by coloring them. Here, I’ve used light orange color on the leaves and deep orange on the veins to give it an autumn look. But you can use whatever color you want.

3. Drawing Oak Leaf Easy

Drawing Oak Leaf Easy

At first, drawing “Oak Leaves” may seem somewhat difficult than others. But it can also be done by beginners within minutes as this leaf is really fun to draw. 

Step-1: First of all, start drawing the stem as usual, like other leaves with a straight line. It’s actually the first step if you follow the picture.

Then draw the leaf’s veins by drawing a V shape that goes on both sides of the stem. Draw this shape so that it becomes smaller as it goes on the top of the stem. 

Now, it’s time to give the outside shape of the leaf. Start drawing curved lines from the bottom of the stem (left side), draw deep curves around all the veins, and stop the line on top of the stem. Then continue the curve on the right side from the bottom and follow the same technique as before to reach the top.

After finishing the curves, you’ll see a reverse V shape on top of the stem. Then you can put some more small branches from the veins inside the leaf to give it a more realistic look. 

Step-2: Now, make the outline of the leaf using marker to make it look bold and erase all the pencil marks. 

Step-3: Finally, finish your leaf drawing by putting color on it. Personally, I love its autumn look the most, and that’s why I give it an orange color. Make the branches more visible using a deep orange or red color. And yes! You are done with your easy leaf drawing.

4. Draw Monstera Leaf/Tropical Leaf

Draw Tropical Leaf

It’s one of my favorites, “Tropical Leaf.” Monstera leaves are mainly famous for their natural leaf holes and fan-like big leaves. At first sight, it seems very difficult to draw these leaves for their different patterns. But if you can follow the step-by-step tutorial as the image shows, you can easily draw it. 

Step-1: First of all, draw a heart-like shape and draw a slightly curved line in the middle of the heart to divide it into two equal parts.

Then draw slanted slots inside the leaf from the outer part (follow the number 2 marking on the image). It’s actually the leafy divisions. 

Step-2: Now erase the extra marks and bring out the actual Monstera leaf outlook. After that, make some holes on both sides inside the leaf and add veins. 

Step-3: After completing the sketch, add some color to make it look like the real one.

5. How to Draw Maple Leaf

How to Draw Maple Leaf

Drawing a Maple leaf is somewhat looks like drawing fingers of hands. Among all of these leaves, “Maple Leaf” is my most favorite. So, let’s learn how to draw it. I know it’s somewhat difficult for beginners, but it will be easier for professionals.

Step-1: Firstly, draw the stem using two straight lines. Now take a ruler and draw a short horizontal line just above the bottom side of the stem.

After that, draw a broader V shape (crossing the stem) just like the crossed swords, a little lower from the middle point of the stem. 

Now, It’s time to make the outer shape of the leaf. So, firstly draw a cap on the tip of the stem having three sharp points. Then draw a symmetrical V shape on both of the sides.

Again, draw two caps on both sides, just like the upper one. Then joint the lower part with the horizontal line. 

Step-2: In this step, use the fine liner pen or marker and make outline of the leaf to make it look bold enough. Erase all the unnecessary parts and make it clean.

Step-3: Finally, color it to have the real essence of a fall time Maple leaf. Firstly, put color on the stem, veins and outer side. And then, fill up the inside part of the leaf. And yes! You are done.

Final Words

Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial as these are so much fun to do! My main goal was to make it as detail as possible for you so that you don’t face any difficulty, whether you are a beginner or professional.

So, grab your art tools and start practicing these leaves. Remember that “Practice makes a man perfect!”

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