How to Draw a Car Easy Step by Step for Beginners

Drawing a car is one of the most common things you’ll see among all the mechanical stuff. This blog post will show you how to draw a car easily and step-by-step for beginners. Whether it’s the cartoon car or the luxury car, I’ll show you all of them for beginners and professional artists.

By going through this article, you’ll be able to learn that drawing cars are easier than your imagination. So, let’s get into it!

How to Draw a Car Easy

Gather Your Supplies Together

Sketchbook: It’s the most important part, as selecting the right paper will make your drawing more attractive and realistic. I’ve used watercolor paper here. You can use any brand according to your preference. 

Pencil: Since you first need to draw the outline of the cars using a pencil, choose the brand wisely so that the marks erase easily. You’ll find a great variety in the market at an affordable price. I’ve used 4B pencils here. 

Eraser: Getting a perfect eraser is crucial, I know. But you must pick a good one so that there is no pencil mark residue after erasing. I’ve used kneaded erasers here as I feel comfortable using them. 

Pen/Marker: You’ll need pens or markers to make a final drawing outline. Here, I’ve used fine-liner pens. If you want, you can use markers also. 

Colors: Giving your drawing a final look, colors are a must-have item. You can choose any art supplies for coloring, whether markers or crayons. The choice is yours! I’ve used artist-grade markers and watercolor paints to have a smooth finish.

How to Draw Cars Step-by-Step

As you know, there is no end to car drawing! There are so many brands and models that will not be going to end if I start drawing them. That’s why I’ve created a basic look of some popular car categories like cartoons, luxury, and vintage cars. So, now I’ll explore what it takes to draw and paint cars successfully.

How to Draw a Cartoon Car

Drawing cartoon cars should not be that difficult as these are the basic versions of car and best for beginners. And it’ll be easier for you to draw for an exciting reason: you see this type of car mostly in cartoons.

So, follow the step-by-step guide I’ve given below and make the car drawing easy for you.

How to Draw a Cartoon Car

Step-1: In the very first step, create a small rectangle that will be roughly the body of the cartoon car. You should use pencils here so that you can rectify the errors quickly. I’ve used a 4B pencil. 

However, let’s sketch two small circles at the two ends of the rectangle. It’ll be the rough outline of car wheels. 

Step-2: On the top of the rectangle, draw a trapezoid that will be the car’s upper part. Then draw two windows using small rectangles. The front one should be a bit bigger than the rear one. 

Draw two curved lines over the wheel circles and join them with a horizontal line. Finish this stage by rounding the edge of the body part rectangle.

How to Draw a Cartoon Car
Theres’s a mistake: number 4 should be 3 and number 3 should be 4 which I’ve explained in correct order below.

Step-3: This stage is the easiest. Make another two smaller circles inside the wheel circles. Now, use a pen or a marker and make the car’s outline bold. Finalize the design and erase all the unnecessary pencil lines. 

Step-4: Start by drawing the rim of the car using pencils. It’ll be another two smaller circles inside the wheel’s circles. Now, draw the front and rear bumper of the car following with two headlights – one is in the front, and another one is the backlight. 

It’s time to draw a car door. Sketch a square box just under the front window. Make it look like the original car by drawing a handle on the car door. Don’t forget to draw a car steering using curves.

Again, outline the remaining parts using pens or markers and erase the unnecessary marks.

It’s Time to Color: From my perspective, a drawing looks lifeless until you put color on it. So, make the car look more attractive by coloring it. I’ve used watercolor markers for this. But you can use any of your choices. Crayons can be the best for kids.

How to Draw a Cartoon Car

How to Draw a Vintage Car

Vintage cars are old-fashioned models. In the drawing purpose, it’s also known as Classic Cars. Still, people have specific feelings for this kind of car. So, today I’m going to show you how you can draw vintage cars easily and step-by-step. 

How to Draw a Vintage Car

Step-1: In the very first step, you have to make a rough outline of the car’s body. For this, first, sketch a rectangle using a pencil. Draw the size in a way you want to look at your car after completing the drawing.  

For drawing the top of the car, put another smaller rectangle on the bigger one. Now, sketch two circles. It’ll be the wheels of the car. One is on the front side and another one in the backside. You can compass for better circles. You have to also draw another two circles inside the previous ones to indicate the rims. 

Step-2: Use curve lines and reshape the hood and top of the car. Then, draw bumpers and design the rims. 

Step-3: For drawing the rims, you have to go through three stages. Firstly, draw a circle-like oval shape and draw another small circle inside it.

Now, use diagonal lines and separate the inner circle into eight parts. Finally, finish this stage by designing the rims using small curves.

How to Draw a Vintage Car

Step-4: Give the bumpers an old-fashioned look. Make a proper outline of the car hood and upper side. 

Step-5: Make three windows inside the top part. I’ve used several styles of windows, and you can also experiment with your own styles. Using two square boxes, draw two doors on the side portion of the body. You can ask to draw another square box on the front side car hood. 

Step-6: Finally, draw two door handles, a front headlight, rear light, and some design on the hood. Using pens or markers, outline the car and erase the unnecessary pencil marks.

And yes, your vintage car drawing has been completed. I have skipped color for this drawing. But if you want, you can use any colors.

How to Draw a Luxury Car

Having a luxury car is everyone’s dream. That’s why drawing a luxury car is always fascinating. Though it seems complicated at first glance, it’s very easy to draw. So, move forward to the detailed steps.

How to Draw a Luxury Car

Step-1: Firstly, draw a rectangle with a slanted left end on the upper part. It’ll be the size of your car. I’ve used 4B pencils for this. Using a pencil will help you to fix any errors immediately. Draw a triangle above the rectangle to make the roof of the car. 

Now, draw two oval-type circles on the lower part of the rectangle to make the front and rear wheels. Draw another two small circles inside the bigger circles to form the tires.

Step-2: In this stage, draw curve lines and form a proper car body shape. Follow the arrows on the second element and draw the lines accordingly. Make sure you bold the car outline using a pen or marker. I’ve used a fine point pen here.

How to Draw a Luxury Car with Coloring

Step-3: Draw a windshield using a triangle shape under the car roof. On the left side of the windshield, draw a curve to make a side-looking mirror glass.

Use any black color to fill up the tires. I’ve used a light reddish color on the car body, but you can skip this stage. 

Do Some Color!

I’ve completed the car coloring using watercolor paints. But you can use colors whatever you want. Here, I’ve used dark red color inside the windshield and light red color on the car body.

Using black markers, I’ve added some details on the car body. You can see some highlighted effects that I’ve created with blenders.

Other Things (Car) You Can Draw

Rather than the cars mentioned above, there are also some other car drawing ideas like – 

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If you have spare time you can give our site around.

Wrap Up

After coming through this point, you may have an idea that drawing a car is really very easy and fun. There is no such difficulty in it, and anyone can draw it.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, this tutorial will definitely give you a hand. So, grab your tools and start drawing cars. Wish you Goodluck!

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