How to Draw Mountains Easy: Step by Step Tutorial

In nature, there are many beautiful creations created by the creator. And one of those mesmerizing creations of the creator is the mountains. The range is so out of the world splendid. People who love to draw scenery always adore drawing ranges.

But as a beginner, you might feel overwhelmed while removing the ridges. But nothing to worry about now, because, in this tutorial, I will be showing you the three best methods for drawing mountains, exactly step by step and very quickly, which ends up making them look like real heights.

Mountain Drawing Easy

What You Need for This Tutorial (Required):

  1. Drawing Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Drawing Pens
  4. Art Marker
  5. Eraser
  6. Watercolor (optional)

3 Easy Ways to Draw Mountain 🖌️

Drawing mountains as a beginner might be more challenging for you. But I will make it easy. This means the first method will help beginners to draw it smoothly.

The second method is for whom, who is not a beginner and will turn into an intermediate. Lastly, the third method will turn you into a professional, advanced mountain drawer.

At the end of the tutorial, you will become an experienced artist at mountain drawing.

Method 1: Drawing Mountain – Very Easy Way

Method 1 Drawing Mountain

As you can see the picture, now I will be drawing this mountain very easily in just three steps. First pick the position in the paper, where you will be drawing it.

Step 1- Draw a simple horizontal straight line at first. Then, proportionally draw two simple small vertical straight lines by using pencil.

After that, draw a vertical straight line proportionally in the middle. And this line in the middle will be a bit longer than the other two lines as you can see.

Step 2- Draw triangle type shapes for the outline of the peaks. Start drawing lines from the top of the point of the straight vertical parallel lines. Then slope down the lines. Draw these lines lightly, as they will be erased later.

Step3- Now turn the straight sloped lines into curved lines. And erase the straight sloped lines. Once you are done with drawing the sloped lines and erasing the straight lines, now time to draw the snowflakes.

At the peak of those draw medium different sizes of small curves.

Step 4- Time to color it. Here I have used water color. Use a blender for making it lighter from the darker shade. Here I’ve used water brush pen to blend the color from darker to lighter.

Here you are done with the snowy mountains. This was the method number one of drawing it very easily. With just four easy steps. Now let us move on to method number two.

Method 2: Drawing Mountain – With Pens

Method 2 Drawing Mountain

Here we are in method number two. In this method I will be sketching the elevation scenery with pens, and it’s just six easy steps.

Step 1- Draw a circle using a compass in the desired position where you will be drawing in the paper.

Step 2- Now draw three small range and one tall range zigzag lines for the ridges. First in the middle of the circle. Secondly, in the lower part of the circle as you can see in the picture.

Step 3- In this step, draw the wavy ridges. Imagine as if the peaks are pyramids, and start drawing the wavy ridges. Then draw the ragged lines over the harsh straight lines of it.

That means turn the straight lines into curved lines. This will make it look like a real mountain.

Step 4- At first erase the harsh straight lines drawn for the perfect shape of the sierra. Here I am using a ‘Mono Zero Eraser’ for erasing the very small line. After that, draw a circle for the sun behind the middle peak.

Step 5- Now create a gradient of shadow in the front part of the mount. To make it look like real mountains, use the pen with a little pressure to shadow it. Use a grey colored pen for the shadows (Just sketch some straight line at 45 degree angle).

Step 6- Then after drawing the gradient of shadows in those, now it’s time to sketch the background with a blue pen. For doing it, take a drawing pen, and draw simple vertical straight lines. Do not shade the sun.

Method 2

After following the exact six steps, here you are done drawing your heights very easily with just pens. Now let us move to method number three.

Method 3: Drawing Mountain –With Color

Method 3 Drawing Mountain

In this method number three, I will be showing you how easily you can draw mountains with colors. The six steps in this method are super easy.

Step 1- In step number one, draw a perfect circle at first for the frame. Use a compass if you can not draw free hand.

Step 2- Draw a straight horizontal line in the lower part of the picture. Then, draw a pyramid type triangle. After that, draw the slant lines, in the left corner of the circle and in the right corner of the circle, just like given in the picture.

Step 3- Now according to the sharp straight lines of the heights, drawing curved lines means wavy lines. And erase the rest of the lines.

Step 4- Now draw a small circle for the sun. As I am  showing the sun set here. Draw the sun in the right top corner of the circle.

Step 5- Now color the background with whatever you want. Here I’ve used orange shades of color.

Step 6- In the final step, now color the heights black (using watercolor brush pen), where there is no sunlight. And color the other part of massif kind of whitish and grayish type where there are the rays of sun set light falling. Color the grassy part green. And then a little blue color as water.

Method 3

As you can see I have drawn a few trees on the left side. You can draw the trees by using an art marker.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

After learning all these steps, now it’s your turn to do it. If you have followed all the methods and exact steps of this tutorial of mountain drawing easily then congratulations to you.

Because this tutorial helped you draw mountain from beginner to advanced level. Now you can add fantastic peak  sceneries to your beautiful artwork.

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