How to Draw Bamboo Tree Easy and Step by Step Tutorial

Bamboo tree is a very popular plant in tropical and subtropical regions where the temperature is mild. Due to its shape and color, bamboo tree drawing has a popularity among artists. 

So, in this article, you’ll be able to find out the step-by-step tutorial of drawing bamboo tree. It’s really very easy to draw that beginners and kids can also follow this tutorial and complete the illustration. 

What are you waiting for then? Let’s dive into the tutorial.

What I’m Using Here:

Drawing Single Stem in Just 3 Steps

Drawing Single Stem

Step-1: First of all, use a pencil and a ruler and draw two parallel lines vertically. It’ll be a similar shape like cylinder. 

Next, draw four ellipses inside the two straight lines that’ll divide the cylinder into three parts. Draw one ellipse on the top, another on the bottom and other twos in the middle. 

Step-2: Make a proper shape of the bamboo knot and the stem. Now, draw two leaf stems – one is on the right bamboo knot and other one on the left side bamboo knot. Left side leaf stem should be smaller than the right-side stem. 

Step-3: Using curve lines draw four leaves on the right-side stem and three leaves on the left side stem. Draw the bamboo knots clearly and add some details on the bamboo stem body. 

Outline the single stem properly using a pen or a marker. Then erase the pencil marks using an eraser.

Drawing a Bunch of Bamboo Tree

Drawing a Bunch of Bamboo Tree

Step-1: First of all, draw three cylinders using six vertically parallel straight lines. The length of the three bamboo stems shouldn’t be the same. 

Now, draw three ellipses inside each of the stem. These ellipses will divide each stem into four parts. 

Step-2: Draw the bamboo knot shapes properly and erase the pencil marks inside the stems using a good quality eraser. 

Then using straight lines draw leaf stems on each of the cylinder. I’ve used patterns according to my own preference. You can change the pattern and draw your own way. Then using curved lines draw leaves on the stems. Outline the whole bamboo bunch using a pen or a marker. 

Step-3: Last stage is all about coloring. I’ve used green color here as bamboo is a year-round green tree. But you can color according to your own way.

Wrap Up

Drawing a bamboo tree is easier than most of the people think. By following this tutorial, you will be able to draw whatever bamboo tree you like, whether it’s a single stem or a bunch. So, follow this tutorial from beginning to end and draw them without any issue.

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