How to Draw with Markers (Beginner Tips)

Everyone knows how to draw with markers, right? It’s one of our strongest and fondest memories of kindergarten, after all.

Surely drawing with markers is as easy as putting marker to paper, but surprisingly, it’s not that simple! If you’re a beginner at drawing, then here are some tips so your pieces of artwork are as beautiful as they can be.

Different Kinds of Markers

You may only be familiar with the thick Crayola markers you used as a kid, but there are many markers on the market. Some of them are:

Popular brands include Crayola, Copic, Prismacolor, Tombow, Chartpak, and Sharpies.

Different Kinds of Paper

When you draw with markers, the ​paper you choose is important too. Types of paper you can draw on include usually fall into one of two categories: glossy or uncoated.

Generally, it’ll be harder to draw on glossy paper since it’s slick and won’t absorb as much ink. This means your mistakes will stand out more and the colors won’t be as vibrant.

Tips to Draw with Markers

Obviously, the type of marker and paper you choose to draw with will have its own properties, which can make drawing feel different with each type. But here are some general tips ​for drawing better.

Go from Lightest to Darkest

If you’re using a lot of shades, a good rule of thumb is to start with your lighter colors first and end with your darker ones. Darker colors can always go over your lighter ones, but if you start out with the heavier ones, it’ll obliterate anything lighter you try to put on top.

Use Heavier Paper or Cards

As a beginner at drawing with markers, you may be heavy-handed at first, which can cause the ink to bleed through to places you don’t want it in. By purchasing heavier paper and cards, you’ll have more margin for error since it’ll absorb the ink better. Plus, the pages beneath won’t have ink marks from previous drawings.

Test Before You Commit

This is especially important if you’re using pens from different brands. They’ll handle different to one another and if you don’t get yourself used to how they feel first, it’ll be obvious in your drawings where you’ve used different branded markers.

Use Different Techniques

​​You don’t always have to sweep across your drawings in broad strokes. Try different techniques, such as dotting and dabbing. By employing different methods in your art, it’ll add texture and depth.

Make Beautiful Art

Now that you have these tips to draw with markers, you’re sure to create amazing pieces of art that will last a lifetime. So put your skills to good use and get to drawing. There’s tons of paper out there waiting for your masterpieces!

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