How to Get Crayon Off Walls Without Removing Paint

Children are born creative, and crayons are their favorite tool to express their creativity. But sometimes, it’s hard to keep them from using your walls as a canvas. That’s where the problem begins!

It can be frustrating when you find out that your favorite wall color has been destroyed with the crayon markings. But hold on your breath and don’t overthink because there are ways of removing those stubborn crayon marks. 

So, read this article before using a scrubbing brush or any other harsh crayon removers on stains. As in this article, we’ll provide some easy solutions for removing crayon from walls forever!


Before starting your cleaning method, it’s essential to know what type of paint is used on the wall. For example, if there is latex paint on the wall, you can remove crayon using a regular pencil eraser. However, if oil-based or water-soluble paint is used, use a different method to clean the stain without damaging the wall color.

Then, you must know from which type of surface you will remove the crayon marks. Is it a flat painted wall or a textured wall? Is it painted matte or glossy? Is it a big or small area you are going to clean?

You must remember these important details before removing crayon off walls, as there is no universal recipe that will remove crayon from every surface. A solution may work on one type of paint but not the other. Even if your walls are painted glossy and have been covered with crayons- don’t try to use the same remover for textured walls – this can lead to irreversible consequences!

However, be prepared beforehand to avoid making any mistakes in removing crayon stains from your favorite wall color.

Ways to Remove Crayon from Walls (Easy Methods)

Household Items

There are many ways of removing crayon marks. But among them, below we offer you some convenient solutions which you can use according to your needs.

Method1: Use Soap and Water

This age-old mark removing method can work well as crayon remover than most of the latest techniques. The crayon stain will break up and be easier to wash away with soapy water. All you need is a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel, dishwashing soap, and a bowl of warm water. But the main key is to have patience and go slow. 

The first thing you have to do is to soak a piece of microfiber cloth or paper towel in warm water. Then add an ideal amount of dishwashing soap over it.

Make sure not to use hot water. Then start to rub the crayon stain gently with that damp cloth. Remember that don’t rub too hard or make the wall too wet as it can fade or remove the paint from your wall.

So, take your time and rub slowly to remove the mark. And rinse the cloth frequently so that the stain doesn’t transfer from one area to another.

Tips: If you are dealing with more than one crayon mark on the same area of your wall, it is better to use a microfiber cloth rather than a paper towel. Because they have longer fibers which help get rid of all stains quickly without leaving any marks behind.

Method2: Toothpaste with Lemon Juice

You may have heard that toothpaste helps to remove permanent marker stains from different surfaces. And lemon juice is an excellent cleaner that tackles even hard stains like ink or wax easily.

Toothpaste method to remove crayon stain

But do you know how effective both of these ingredients are for removing crayon art from wall?

All you need is to combine toothpaste and lemon juice with a paste. Then apply the mixture on the crayon art and leave it for 15 minutes. After that, you need to rub it with an old towel or clean cloth. You can also use soft bristles brush to scrub properly until the stain vanishes. Then clean the wall with normal water.

This method works because of its abrasive power – when those two ingredients are combined together, they remove stubborn stains like crayon marks quickly. Not only that, but this remedy leaves behind no soap residue, which would attract more dirt onto your walls! It also means there’s less risk of damage to any paint and not leaving any mark behind. 

The best part about using toothpaste is that, unlike other products found in grocery stores, it won’t leave any residue on the surface of your walls. Unlike other solutions such as bleach which can cause damage if overused, these ingredients are not harmful at all!

Tips: To achieve the desired result, you must use non-gel white toothpaste. The reason is that gel toothpaste is not strong enough to remove crayon art from wall altogether. It can leave a stain mark behind.

Methos3: Baking Soda with Vinegar

Vinegar is a common household item available in most of your kitchens. And cleaning up stains from walls with vinegar may be well known to some people. For your kind information, it not only removes other stains but removes crayon stains as well.

It also helps to get rid of crayon marks out of clothes. And baking soda is such an ingredient that can do almost all home cleaning jobs easily. So, think that when these two ingredients will meet, what happens?

For crayon removal from wall, you have to mix one part of baking soda with two parts of white vinegar properly. Just take an old cloth or sponge that you will use and then soak the fabric in this mixture thoroughly. Then, apply the mixture on the crayon stains and let it dry for a while before scrubbing away. 

Afterward, gently rub on the wall surface until all crayon’s smears disappear off the surface. You have to do it gently so that the paint remains untouched. Finally, you can use a paper towel or sponge to clean up the leftovers from your wall too. Then rinse out thoroughly with clean water! 

It’s a diluted solution of baking soda and vinegar. And, also this is one of the best ways to remove crayon stains from walls without damaging your paint. 

Tips: If you can’t find vinegar near your hand, use dish soap instead. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda, dish soap, and water in a bowl. Then use it as before.

Method4: Using Pencil Eraser Technique

If you want to remove the crayon marks from your walls, you should start with a pencil eraser as it’s commonly available. Pencil erasers are softer than other types of erasers, and they will do less damage to the surface if used correctly. A regular pencil eraser will be enough for this job.

You should first remove the stains with a damp rag or cloth as much as possible. After that, gently rub the pencil eraser over the surface and erase as much of it without applying too much pressure.

To use a pencil eraser on the wall, rub it back and forth over the stain for about five minutes until all traces of color are gone. For stubborn stains that don’t respond well to this method, try using the soapy water method mentioned above as an alternative cleaning solution.

Keep in mind not to use this method if your walls are made from plaster, cement, or wallpaper, which can be easily damaged by excessive rubbing. You also shouldn’t use any abrasive stuff on these surfaces either because you risk damaging them permanently!

Tips: While using this method, you must need to rub gently. Otherwise, your paint will be damaged by hard rubbing. And if your eraser is too soft, it won’t work effectively.

Alternative Wall Cleaning Tools (Quick Methods)

Natural and available ingredients have been used in the process we’ve mentioned so far. But if you want a quick result without any damage of your wall, then check out the cleaning kits mentioned below.

WD-40 Multi-Use Product

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WD-40 spray is a trendy cleaning kit. Though it’s a multi-purpose spray, it’s mostly used to free up the sticky metal parts. It removes all types of grease, super glue, gum, sticker, and many other sticky things from different surfaces. It also lubricates the moving parts like – wheels, gears, chains, rollers, etc.

Fortunately, you can remove crayons with the help of this WD-40 cleaning spray. It has a unique ability to break down grease and dirt, which is what’s in most crayon stains.

So, it should be able to remove any kind of marks without any problem. You just need to spray on the stained area and let it sit for about an hour. Then, take a paper towel, spray a little bit on the towel, and wipe off the stain carefully. In some cases, the spray also works instantly. It actually depends on the stain that how old it is. 

Go Gone

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Go Gone is another professional-level stain remover kit. It is specially designed to remove stubborn marks but safe to use. It removes glue stain, grease, oil, wax, marker, etc. You can find it on Amazon or other home improvements stores nearby.

However, for removing crayon stain art from wall, you have to take a clean microfiber cloth and pour a handsome amount of it on the cloth. Then softly rub the stained area so the paint remains untouched. 

The reason is, rubbing through roughly and putting too much pressure can lead to paint damage.

keep in mind that, don’t even try to spray it directly on the stained wall as it can damage the paint. Then clean the oily residue from the wall with soapy water. And use another microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe it properly. Always be gentle with all the procedures.

Pro Tips:

When you use any of these removal methods, try first to use it on a small area to find out that the technique will work on the stain or not. It’ll help you not to make the stain worse. And be gentle with all the procedures.

Another thing is, while using those ingredients, avoid all types of contact with eyes and skin for a longer time. And keep your children safe from these ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Will ‘Magic Eraser’ get crayon off the wall?

Magic eraser is a very popular tool renowned for its ability to remove dirt, dust, and grime from many surfaces. It is a non-abrasive scrubber that extracts all types of marks with minimal effort without damaging the surface in any way. Even you can use a magic eraser for removing permanent marker stain. But remember that markers and crayons stain are not the same. 

With so many people relying on this product for their cleaning needs, it’s not surprising how someone would use such a tool to remove crayon stains as well. 

However, be aware that a magic eraser may discolor your painted walls or remove a layer if not used correctly or over scrubbing. Sometimes, the paint faded away due to the quality of the color also. 

So should you use Magic Eraser on Crayon Stains? Unless you are willing to risk stripping away some of your favorite color schemes, then we recommend against it.

Q: Can you paint over crayon marks on the wall?

The short answer to this question is “NO.”

And the long answer is that painting over the crayon stain will not be effective. Since crayons are made of wax, paint alone will not be able to cover it. Even after you put paint layer after layer, the stain will be visible beneath it when the paint dries. 

So, if you want to try your luck with this option of removing crayon from walls, make sure that – 

You have an extra gallon of paint on hand as well as a few hours for letting the paint dry before touching it again because painting over crayons is not easy!

The wall should be in good condition without any damage, leading to peeling off paints after years. 

In fact, painting over old crayon stains may end up damaging the surface rather than cleaning them mostly.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with the help of the simple steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to remove crayon stains from walls without damaging the paint. If anything else, please leave a comment here.

However, our recommendation is that try to give your little ones Washable Crayons. It will let you stay in a relaxed mood as you can clean it easily from anything.


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