Markers VS Crayons: Which one is Better for Toddlers?

What appears to be the best Crayons for toddler to you, might not be accepted the same way by your toddler. Then again, your child might not feel interested in coloring with the set of marker you own. That’s right. Your kids have grown up enough to make their own choices about their coloring tools.

As you search for the art supplies for toddlers through internet, you’ll find out that both Crayons and markers can be equally amazing. As for physical stores, their presentation and color collection can be way too attractive that your kid wouldn’t want to leave the store without having a set of each.

I admit that children can be impulsive when they visit stores and that is why, as a parent, you should know the better option for your kid. In course of growing up, coloring tools are more than just their playmate. So, you definitely should know a little more about both Markers and Crayons in order to decide which one is a match for your toddler.


Differences Between Markers and Crayons

Although both Crayons and markers are coloring tools, they do differ from one another. Interestingly, they both are unique in their own way.


The first difference between these two is in their ingredients. If you touch a Crayon, you’ll notice that they feel waxy. And ink of marker is watery. As you continue reading the article, you’ll find out the detailed information about their ingredients.


Both of them come in boxes surely. If I talk about the packaging, I must mention that Crayons’ packaging is way too colorful. I don’t know if you’ve felt the same way or not but just looking at the packaging I feel like they’re made for kids. The colors inside are comparatively smaller in size. They are wrapped with papers that matches the color of the pencil itself.

Most of the markers come in storable boxes. That means, they can be organized properly as well. And of course, the markers inside have professional outlook (I like that).


Markers and crayons will serve you in different ways. Of course, both of them are great coloring tools for your kids. What I meant is that Crayons are great for coloring the inside of any artwork. And when your toddler will try to give a shape to something, markers will come handy.


Kids accept Crayons as their pal. They draw with it, keep on coloring the walls with it and sometimes chew on it. So, no matter how much you take care of a Crayon set, they might not serve you longer. You might see one set of Crayons for a long time only if your toddler decides to take care of it.

Markers generally can serve for a longer period. Your can let your toddler draw or color with these as much as they want without worrying about the storage of ink.


A set of Crayons can be one of the cheapest (yet best) gifts for your toddler. It doesn’t matter whether it is the beginning of a month or the end, you can surely afford a Crayon set anytime.

The cost of a marker set depends on the quality of it. Considering the fact that nobody wants to get their kids anything of bad quality, I’m pretty much sure that you’ll have to spend a little more for a good marker set.

What are Crayons Made of?

Before handling a set of Crayons to your toddler, you better acknowledge the ingredients first. Crayons are made of ‘Paraffin wax’ and ‘Color pigments’. The ingredients used are non-toxic and that is why your toddler is safe around these non-toxic Crayons.

I’m sure that your toddler already is aware of the fact that he cannot throw anything in mouth but even if they chew on these crayons, don’t freak out. Apart from mild stomach ache, no discomfort will be experienced if your kid chew on too many of them.

What are Markers Made of?

This is a tricky question because there are a number of markers out there and their ink types are different. I sincerely hope that you won’t let your toddler play with a permanent marker. The alcohol based ink of permanent markers is not good for your kid’s health. Besides, you cannot wash out the ink easily in case your kids get some on them.

I know you’re wondering if washable markers for toddlers can come to the rescue or not. The answer is affirmative. Washable markers or, in other words, water-based markers can be a good option. The ink of these markers are made of powdered color pigments, oils and water. These non-toxic washable markers are easy to wash off from skin, clothes and walls.

Frequently Asked Some Questions

If you’ve read the whole article, you’ve already known which one is better for your toddler. Although I already have informed everything you need to know, I won’t mind answering some other questions that people also ask.

Q: At what age kids start using Crayons?

Here’s a thing you should know, Crayons are not only your kid’s coloring tools. Just like I’ve said before, Crayons are their playmates. Kids start using Crayons within twelve to fifteen months. At that early age, they don’t develop any sense of art.

Even though they don’t realize what they’re playing with, Crayons eventually become their favorite toy. It is proven that playing with distinctive colors (in order words, Crayons) help kids develop several skills during childhood.

Q: Why do kids like markers more than Crayons?

Seems like you have trouble understanding your kid’s psychology (like me!). If your kid refuses to color with Crayons, several factors might work behind that. Your kid might find the grip of a marker more comfortable than that of a Crayon.

The colors of markers appear to be very attractive for young eyes. In no ways I’m telling that Crayon colors aren’t attractive. Of course, they are attractive too but maybe in some other ways.

Kids can’t decide what’s appropriate for them and what’s not. However, they are very much likely to follow the footprints of parents. If you work with marker sets all the time, your kid might want to do the same.

Q: Are Crayons and color pencils same?

If you’re asking about their functions, then yes! both of them are coloring tools. Crayons are basically mixture of wax and color pigments. Color pencils, on the other hand, are oil or wax based. Doesn’t it sound like they are same? They might appear to be similar but they don’t work the same way.

Your toddler might find it hard to color with color pencils. Because of being waxier, Crayons settle on surfaces quite easily. Your toddler might not like the fact that color pencils are needed to be sharpened after few strikes.

Besides, Crayons appear to have brighter colors than color pencils. Most of the color pencils leave kind of faded colors in art papers (of course, you might have different experience).

Q: Are Crayola Crayons safe for toddlers?

A thousand times yes. Crayola is one of the most popular brands for Crayon colors. I won’t be surprised if you’ve known Crayola as the only brand for Crayons because they are that popular. Just like other Crayons, Crayola is made of safe ingredients for toddlers.

They are aware of the possibility that you might not be around your kid all the time and they might eat some coloring tools. Kids will face no major health issue even if they end up eating a whole set (although be careful about this situation). So, yes, these non-toxic Crayola Crayons are absolutely safe for your kid.

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Q: At what age kids should start coloring?

Kids need time to develop their sense of art and coloring. They might start playing with Crayons from a very early age but it doesn’t happen when it comes to coloring. It is estimated that toddlers need to be of at least twenty nine to thirty months in order to develop a sense of true art.

What they do with colors before this age, is purely scribbling and playing. Surely this scribbling stage teaches them a lot too. As soon as the toddlers get the perfect grip of Crayons or markers, they move to the next step, which is coloring.

Q: Why do children like eating Crayons?

As kids grow up, they face different phases of life. One phase contributes to move forward to the next one. Up to first two years, children are likely to taste everything they find. When a three years old chew on a Crayon that might be just a habit.

Pica is a disorder where children select a non-food item and love eating them. For most of the kids, it’s something they are always around with. Since Crayons are safe for them, parents allow them to be with Crayons all the time.

That is how they may like eating Crayons till a certain age. If they continue eating them even after three or four years, it’s possible that they’re experiencing Pica. Don’t freak out if your toddler likes eating Crayon though. But if this becomes obsession, consult a doctor.

Finally Before You Go!

As the decision maker of your kid, you should be aware of your kid’s choice and necessity. Both Crayons and markers are safe for your toddler and they perform really well. If you’re looking for just one set and ask me if you should take Crayon or marker, I will be confused myself. Taking decision will be a lot easier if you consider the age of your kid first.

I suggest you to make sure that your toddler isn’t missing out any experiences in childhood. You may think that this is just a game to them but in reality, these coloring tools are something that help them grow psychologically. Coloring with Crayons actually prepare them to color with markers.

If you’ve made up your mind about the set of colors you’re going to pick for your toddler, don’t forget to share your kids’ colorful stories with us by leaving comments.

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