Will Magic Eraser Remove Crayon From Walls?

One of the most common stains found in a household with children is crayons. Stains on walls can be a real pain to remove. Crayon is no exception, and it’s even more difficult to remove if the crayon was left for days or weeks.

Kids like to draw on walls, and the only thing you can do is wait for them to grow out of it or try removing crayon stains before your kids get older. But how will you remove that stain?

Well, there are many ways but, using a magic eraser is something worth trying to remove those stains.

But, “does it work effectively on crayon stain?” If yes, then how?

In this article, I’ll try to give all your answers. Besides, I’ll discuss how the magic eraser works and how to remove crayon stains from walls. So, let’s find out!

Guideline to Remove Crayons from Wall Using Magic Eraser

How Magic Eraser Works?

Magic erasers were first introduced in 2003. And the company invented it named Mr. Clean. Hopefully, you have familiar with this name as it has become very popular worldwide. [Source]

But have you ever thought about how the magic eraser actually works? What is the magic behind this powerful cleaning agent?

Magic erasers are mainly made of melamine. But while manufacturing, some other compounds are mixed with it, like Formaldehyde and Sodium -Bisulfite Copolymer.

The BASF of Germany largely used melamine foam in the 20th century, and then they used it as Basotect. Later in the 21st century, it was discovered to be the most powerful cleaning agent.

Magic eraser is a special type of open-cell foam. It works in the same way as fine sandpaper. But it’s a porous material, and when you soak it into the water, the microstructure becomes hard like glasses.

Though the exterior of an eraser feels soft, it becomes hard inside and is uniquely abrasive. It has tiny air pockets inside the structure that helps to lift crayon marks when soaked with water. And not only crayons, but it also helps in vanishing Sharpie marks.

Will Magic Eraser Remove Crayons from Walls?

The short answer is, “YES.”

But the long answer is that magic erasers are mainly used to remove all types of tough household and marker stains as well. But there are differences between markers and crayons.

Most of the crayons are wax-based. So, the stain on your wall will also be of crayon wax. It becomes stubborn if you keep it for a longer period on walls due to its waxy consistency. But you can remove the crayon from walls using a magic eraser, even the old stains.

Magic Erasers can also come handy when you need help removing tough spot marks. For example – stains left by stickers on their item labels, shoe prints off shoes, or even those dried-out bugs stuck at various places around your house because of its strong cleaning power.

Tips: Since erasing crayons from walls can be difficult sometimes, always give your kids washable crayons. It’ll be a great help for you to remove them from wherever your kids draw with them. You just need some soapy water, and the mark will vanish.

Ways to Remove Crayons from Wall Using “Magic Eraser”

For getting rid of crayon stains, you can use a magic eraser easily. So, how to use it to remove crayons from the wall? Well, it is a simple process, and you can follow the steps given below:

First Step

Firstly, you have to collect a magic eraser. Many brands are offering it with different names. From my experience, I can say that Mr. Clean works really great in this regard. It’ll also not cost you much penny.

So, find it out in your local store or order it online. You may buy it single, but getting a buck will save you more.

Second Step

Take a bowl and make some soapy water. Now with the help of a clean cloth or clean sponge, wash the area with crayon marks. It’ll help you to make the cleaning process easier by removing other dirt over the crayon. Then use a cleaning cloth to dry the area.

Make sure that there is no more soapy water on the wall and it’s properly dried. Soapy water may put hindrance between your task.

Third Step

Now, it’s time to grab your magic eraser. First of all, make the sponge wet with water. Make sure the water is normal in temperature. Hot water may damage the sponge.

When you soak it with water, the micro-scrubbers inside it get stimulated. After soaking properly, squeeze out all the excess water. It’ll help you to complete the task without any mess or water on your floor.

Fourth Step

In this step, you have to rub the magic eraser over the stain. But proceed carefully so that your wall paint doesn’t get any harm. So, rub gently and go slowly. Get your sponge soaked with water once more or twice, if needed.

After rubbing over the crayon marks for some time, you’ll see that the stain is fading away. And while doing this rubbing process, the stain will go away forever, even the black crayon stains.

Final Step

The last step will also make sure that there are no traces left behind. In order to get complete results, repeat this process at least two times for better understanding!

Finally, take a microfiber cloth or paper towels to clean the area where you’ve just remove the stains. And your wall will be as bright as before. The best thing about magic erasers is that it’s one of the non-toxic cleaning tools. So, it’s safe to use them all the time.

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You must need to test a small area with magic erasers before applying it over the main stain. The reason is, this type of eraser is not recommended for every kind of surface.

For example – you can’t use it on polished, satin, brushed, and glossy paint. This is because it may remove crayons from these surfaces but damage the paint by removing it or fading it.

It is recommended to start the cleaning process with slight pressure and may need to repeat the process several times.

Tips: If you want to remove crayon marks off walls without using a magic eraser, you can use common household items. A little bit of white vinegar and baking soda really works excellent in this regard.

For your kind information, this mixture also helps to get permanent markers off plastic.

Final Thoughts

Since a magic eraser is one of the best options for erasing tough stains from any non-porous surface, it also works well for crayon stains.

But while removing crayons off walls, remember that it won’t work on all types of paints. So, you can use household cleaning agents too in that case.

However, by reading so far, you may have known how the magic eraser works and how to use it for erasing stains. You can also remove any of your kid’s drawings from your favorite wall by following the process. So, grab a magic eraser and make your wall as new as before!

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