All about Ohuhu Markers: Review and Guidelines

A professional artist or not, you must have come across a number of Ohuhu marker reviews. Why won’t you? The updated features and great service assure absolute customer satisfaction.

If you’re someone who always needs a complete guideline to go for anything, you have the right to know all about the markers first. If so, go nowhere because this article has everything you need.

You’ll be missing nothing (literally nothing) about Ohuhu markers if you read the whole of the article. All the brilliant features will catch your attention. In case there’re some flaws (surely, nothing can be just perfect), you’ll get to know about them too.

Ohuhu Markers Review

A Little Talk about ‘Ohuhu’

If you’ve been suggested to use Ohuhu regularly yet don’t have any idea about this, you can always learn. Ohuhu is one of the most popular brands of professional markers, pens, paint sets and other accessories needed for artists. The ink formula and service of their markers are so impressive that they’re considered as one of the best professional art markers available.

Their markers are available in all kinds of tips. The ink varies according to their formula. Regardless of the type, they provide high-quality ink. They’re widely trusted for being non-toxic.

Apart from the markers, Ohuhu is appreciated for their paint sets and markers kit. They also provide painting brushes, tubes, painting pads, canvas board, sketch book and waterproof marker bag.

For maximum blending, their acid-free art papers are quite popular. In a nutshell, Ohuhu provides every single tool you need for professional artwork.

The color options you’ll get with Ohuhu are more than enough if you work as a professional. As a coloring tool, you can surely trust Ohuhu as many others have.

Sensitive drawings like Calligraphy or Manga, Ohuhu brush markers and pens are very popular. Sketch markers of them are admired as well.

Right here you’re about to get more detailed information about this brand. But for now, you can know Ohuhu as one of the most reliable and popular marker brands out there. That’s why I personally use it for a long time. And I also recommend it to all the aspiring artists out there.

Design and Features of ‘Ohuhu’ Markers

Most certainly the first thing you’re eager to know is the features of these wonderful markers. Some of the amazing feature here we talk about, lets have a look.

Organizing Your Markers

Organizing Ohuhu MarkersIt’s a bonus that these sets come in fantastic packaging. They come in a black carrying case. You can organize them inside the bag and move around with them perfectly and safely organized inside. The handle will help while carrying.

Each one of them has colored cap so that you can find your desired color within no time. And the marker itself is white in color. The little ridges in the caps don’t let the markers rollover.

It’s a relief that they have perfect grip and a perfect barrel to hold sufficient ink at the same time.

Color Range (Set Sizes)

Color RangeOhuhu maker set can contain maximum of 200 colors in one single packaging, Can you believe!

This coloring marker is solely a marker for artists and that’s how they know about your necessities in different occasions. You can get boxes with lesser number of markers too. 24, 36, 40, 60, 72, 80, 100 and 120 colors sets are available for your benefit.

Although the caps have the color indication, you better test them yourself on a separate paper first and make a color chart yourself. With some sets you’ll get all the colors including bright and light ones. Some packaging might lack neutral colors but you can get them separately in another box.

If you’re not satisfied with the collection, you surely know the trick to create more. Blend them together to get new ones if you need them.

The Blending capacity

As a professional, you know how you need to blend colors most of the time. If you can see the line that added two colors, the blending is trashy. With Ohuhu, you’ll get smooth blending. You’ll invent new colors. How fun is that?

If you don’t feel confident enough to do this job, you can take a neutral color. Colorless blenders come free with some sets.

The Ink supply

The right amount of ink supply means no bleeding on the paper while getting vibrant colors. Markers from any set of Ohuhu will supply even amount of ink with each stroke and there’ll be no bleeding.

The barrel can hold enough of them to supply sufficient throughout a fair amount of time. They’ll attend to your professional needs successfully without needing any refill for quite a long time.

Quick tip- if you store the markers upside down, the supply of ink will be quite impressive.

Durability of The Markers

The fact is, durability of these markers will mostly depend on you. If you store them right, keep the caps on always and hold them right (for nib’s durability), your set will be your coloring and painting companion for quite a long time.

Refilling Option

Although the refilling procedure isn’t directly instructed but you can refill Ohuhu ink and nib. By using Copic ink you can refill your marker easily. To replace the old nib, get a new one.

Types of Ohuhu Markers

They can differ according to their ink and tip type. A bit detailed information will help you.

Based on Ink: Ohuhu follows a number of ink formulas to choose from.

Alcohol Based

The ink of these markers is based on alcohol. These alcohol based markers are widely popular for their permanency and overall quality. They’re odorless and dries out faster than any other inks.

Ohuhu is one of the best alcohol marker set as we reviewed before. It has a number of collection that have alcohol based ink and a huge color collection. With these, you’ll get smudge-free lines that won’t fade away easily.

Water Based

Do you remember using watercolors back at school-days? Water based markers are mostly the upgraded version of that. They use water solvent instead of alcohol. Because of using water, the ink becomes less permanent.

It takes time for these ink to dry out. With these colors, blending is easier. A set of water based Ohuhu markers can be a great gift for the kids.

Oil Based

The colors of this oil based markers are pigmented with oil. They surely dry faster than water based ones but cannot beat alcohol based ink though. And of course, Ohuhu provides oil-based markers that have a high demand on the market.  It’s better to choose your surface carefully while using them.

Based on Tip: In the world of drawing, you’ll be needing thin, very thin, medium, thick and very thick lines from time to time. Choosing the tip that you need is important.

Markers Tip

Fine Tip Markers

Fine tip markers can create the finest thinnest lines. Doing straight thin lines or sharp edges is quite easy with them. They’re good at creating outline of any artwork. If you’re up for perfect lines, fine tip Ohuhu markers are for you.

Chisel Tip Markers

For broad, bold lines, chisel tip markers are perfect. With a chisel tipped marker, filling the large areas of any artwork will be an easy job. Ohuhu chisel tip markers are great for coloring and highlighting.

Brush Tip Markers

These markers have very flexible brush on nib. They feel very smooth and flexible against the art paper. The fun part of using brush tips is that you can make thin to thick lines within one single stroke and do otherwise too. Try manga drawing, calligraphy, sketching and other sensitive drawings with Ohuhu brush tip markers.

Ohuhu also presents dual-ended art markers. They have either a fine tip or a brush tip at one end and chisel tip on another. The advantage of using them is that you can draw the outline and color them with just one marker.

Uses of Ohuhu Markers

Of course you can use these for anything regarding drawing. However, it’s always better to know what they are best at.


If pencil has always been your sketching tool, you should try it with Ohuhu colored pens or brush pens. Don’t you agree that sketching requires a good grip? And with these, you’ll find comfort in every position you hold it.


Doodling requires even more comfortable grip as it’s the most relaxed form of art. Ohuhu colored pens can be used for doodling. Some prefer brush pens since they are even more comfortable to work with.

Manga Art

This Japanese form of art has conquered the anime world. The anime characters are well developed through manga drawing. Generally, pencils are widely used for this drawing but, these days, brush pens have taken the place. You’ll be able to create thin to thick lines and otherwise with Ohuhu brush markers.


Calligraphy refers to writing letters creatively in the form of art. The most important thing in calligraphy is the easy grip and easy movement of the nib. Holding the pens right and putting the pressure on the right position is necessary in this art. Ohuhu brush pens or markers are very popular for doing calligraphy.

Fabric Paint

That’s right, you can make DIY printed T-shirts, bags or design other clothes with the help of Ohuhu fabric paint. In a box of fabric markers, you’ll get 36 different colors. They are long-lasting and vibrant enough to make you fall in love with them.

So, is that all you can use Ohuhu markers for? There’re more in the to-do list. You can use them on hard to harder surfaces. Painting on walls or on plastic surfaces isn’t any issue with these quality markers.

But before using them for your purposes, don’t you need to know more about their types first?

Best of Ohuhu Markers (Our Consideration)

Right here, you’ll read about some Ohuhu markers we’ve found better than others. Surely your experience might differ.

1. Ohuhu 40-color Alcohol Markers- Dual Tips

Ohuhu Marker

check it on

The reason of calling this one of the best is that it has alcohol based ink and dual tip at the same time. Judge them either by ink or tip type, they’ll remain unbeatable.

The 40 colors set has collection of light to bright colors. A colorless blender comes free with this.

The question is, what can you do with these? Well, you can start doing some precise work with the fine point you’ll get at one end. And the chisel tip at another will be helpful during highlighting or coloring.

The carrying case will help organizing the markers. Even if you don’t get time for that, you’ll get the colored caps to help you finding out the right color.

Have you ever tried a maroon color and it turned out pinkish? That happened because your color wasn’t pigmented enough. It’s safe to state that with this set, you’ll get what you’ve paid for.

You already have learned about the fast drying process of alcohol based ink. Same goes for this set. The smudge-free precise lines will bring you the result you’re looking for.

As soon as you realize that money doesn’t buy quality, you’ll reach out to get something that’ll cost you the least and provide you the most. Right now you’re reading about such a set.

Wait, there’re more.

2. Ohuhu Dual Tips Watercolor Art Markers

Ohuhu watercolor brush pen

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If you’re in need of watercolors, this set is for you. Even if you prefer alcohol based ones, you cannot deny that blending becomes easier with watercolors. For calligraphy, manga drawing and illustration, watercolor with brush tips are amazing.

You’ll get 60 vibrant colors with this set. Few of them might belong to the same color family but all of them are quite distinctive and lively.

All the markers of this set has dual tips. Having fine tip at one end and brush tip at another has made them very useful. You’ll be able to do precise drawing with both tips. Try coloring with the brush tip because that brings about the best result.

The colors are well pigmented considering the fact that they are watercolors.

Have you never seen a water based color set that delivers smudge-free ink? If so, try this set.

The travel case will help you organizing the markers and the colored caps will help finding the expected colors out.

Final Thoughts

Even though all about Ohuhu markers are written right here, you’ll not be able to realize either of them unless you use them one of the sets. If you’re a beginner, starting your artistic journey with the finest brand will be very pleasing. And if you’re professional already, you probably have used a number of sets from Ohuhu.

It’s not the name or brand of markers you should trust. It’s the quality and performance that you should consider first.

No matter which factor you consider to judge the quality, Ohuhu will not fail you hopefully. Rather than believing in words, use them to test the reality in these.

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