What Are the Best Dual Tip Markers Available in 2024?

As an artist and teacher, I dealt with different markers over the past 15 years. Saw many brands come and go; some have held their quality while some lasted like guest birds.

Dual tip markers are among the most recognized and popular markers among artists. Two different tips on the pen make it favorable to use in complicated projects. But I have seen people going for the wrong brands over the years.

Later, they regret not having their desired finish to their work. That’s why I review my personally chosen best dual-tip markers, considering the trends and choice of the present artists.

Best Dual Tip Markers

Types of Dual Tip Markers (Depending on Tip)

 Before I take you deep inside the top dual-tip markers of the present time, let me give you a brief idea about what dual-tip markers are. It is essential to know about them.

Otherwise, you’ll be the gypsy man on the lost island. I have categorized the dual-tip markers into five sections. You get them about:

Markers Tip

1. Chisel and Fine

Chisel tips are widely used in calligraphic works. From ancient times, people have been using this shaped tip. They are usually slanted at the end, allowing you to make thick and thin lines. Just change the direction of the point, and you get your work done.

And a fine tip is made for extra precisions. They are pen-like in structure, mainly used for writings. A chisel and fine tip combo assure you to do extensive writings and border them precisely. You also get to blot large spaces with the chisel tip and later border it with the fine tip.

2. Chisel and Brush

Brush tips are widely used for sketching. Even for coloring, the tip is quite favorable to the artists.

A dual-tip marker with chisel and brush tip gets to satisfy your desire for big projects. The double-ended marker with the tips will increase your productivity, lessen your time and make your work perfect.

But be careful while working with this combo. Because you have to be careful with the precisive works as you don’t have a fine tip in this regard.

3. Brush and Bullet

You already know about brush tips. The new thing in this combo is the bullet tip.

When you see the bullet tip, the first thing that’ll come to your mind is the ball pen. They look the same. But being a marker, the ink flow and durability of the bullet tip is better and more versatile.

Having a brush and bullet tip on your marker gives you all the freedom to decorate, sketch, color, and many things. Mostly, you get to write with it on boards, paper, etc. Academics and office works are mostly done with this marker.

4. Chisel and Bullet

Nothing new in this regard. You already know that chisel tip is used to make thick bold lines and sharp thin ones. And bullet tip markers are widely common for writing and coloring. Both the tip at once can be a good combo for writing purposes.

So, if you are up for any kind of graffiti or poster making, you know which dual-tip marker you need to have.

5. Brush and Fine

The brush and fine tip combination is an amazing one. You’ll get to see the combination in most dual-tip markers. Reason?

It’s simple. The brush tip has all the qualities to cover large areas on the surface. And the fine tip allows you to give extra precision and linings to your work.

When you have both the precisive medium and large blotting medium in your hand, they work deadly for you.

You are coloring your art at one end, and then you get to apply borders and writings on and around it. The brush and fine tip combo are widely used, and in my opinion, they will serve you the most in your casual works.

Some of the Best Dual Tip Markers that You will Love

Amid so many brands and pens in the market, enlisting a specific number of top-notch markers was never easy. But then again, my passion and love for art never hold me back from doing so.

Here I go with ten dual-tip markers, which served me the best for versatile works, as well as my professional career.

1. Winsor & Newton Promarker

When it comes to precise art and labeling, I always go for Winsor & Newton Promarkers.  Till now, this never dissatisfied me. My linings have always been perfect, and my will to continue the work always remained constant.

The marker pen has two nibs; one is a good bullet, and the other is a broad chisel.

The nib got all the characteristics you need as a beginner to draw with colorful markers. Sharp, clear lines and bordering becomes easy as water with the excellent bullet. Even for the newbie ones, I find this nib extremely beneficial.

And when you have big broad calligraphy in hand, you know which side to use, i.e., the broad nib. It covers a good range of areas to make your work faster and smoother. Thus, it takes less time for you complete coloring or writing with the tip.

Enough with the tips, now it’s time to praise the color, which is magnificent. The ink’s vibrance, tone, deepness, and sharpness are inevitable and outstanding. Once you use the pen, there is no turning back from it.

Surpassing mediums like paper, steel, glass, plastic, floor, etc., the marker pen never fails to provide you with your desired mixture. And praising the color by default brings its blending quality into the discussion. And as usual, you’ll find Winsor & Newton Promarker winning the debate with its flawless blending capacity.

I still remember finishing my poster and handing it in within 10 minutes of completing it at wall street. It still looks good after weeks of staying there amid heavy snowfalls.

Also you won’t even have to wait for a long time to dry the inks up. Considering the quality, this could be a game-changing marker in the field. No streaks, no hassle, just use and enjoy.

2. Copic Ciao Set Alcohol Marker

Just when it’s about high quality alcohol markers, Copic got a separate branding around the globe. Having so many people’s trust in the brand, I never found any flaws. And that’s why I used this ciao set markers and ranked it 2nd in the article.

To begin with the tip, the most feasible thing I found is its replaceability. Yes, you can replace the tips of the marker whenever you want. You do it after using it wholly, but you can always avail yourself of the scope for a function change.

All this becomes smoother with the brush nib. Yes, the marker’s nib is made up brush to give you the cleanest and hassle-free touch on paper, steel, glass, wood, etc. This brush nib has prevailed to be the most amazing and frequent one in its customers.

Usually, the tip being replaceable allows many students to access the marker. That’s why the ink of the marker is made entirely toxin-free.

And to enhance its uses in academic purposes, the marker got its function to dry fast. And when I say fast, it means damn too fast. With the access of changing the nibs, you can use the marker for a long time in your manner.

Don’t forget to refill the ink once you are done using it. This gives you a good product worth its price for long-time sustainability.

3. ZSCM Art Markers

I loved the ZSCM Art Markers for a good, fine tip-brush tip combo. At one end, I excelled in my art finishes with the fine tip; on the other, II was coloring and blotting the whole area with the brush tip. This pen allowed me to concentrate on my work without any worrying.

Having a 0.44 mm fine tip allows you to make the most precise and delicate work of art. Even as a beginner, you get to have all kinds of compatibility with this tip. And coloring the body inside becomes more accessible with the 1-6mm brush tip on the other side.

The whole box is a huge one. Like the one, you need to carry with both of your hands. It is so because it got 60 different shades of colors in it. Their vibrance and tone set different merit on your work. You can be using it all day long without any ink flow issue or drying up stuff.

 One thing that attracted me well in this product. It is versatile. Every pen assures you to use it for drawing, coloring, sketching, labeling, doodling, etc.

Being specialized for artists, the pens are entirely non-toxic and suitable for artists of all walks of life. They dry up fast and spread no odor or leaks. And when you are in a rush with your work, the art markers serve you pretty well. B

eing too excited about the product, I used it heavily at times. Won’t say there aren’t any flaws because the pen’s nib seemed too shaky for me. But their helpline got my back. Got it fixed instantly. And if you can’t get yours fixed with similar issues, you can avail of the 100% refund from them.

4. Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set

One simply cannot stop praising the Copic markers, neither can I. Just as I have ranked one of its markers above, I came here with another one consecutively. But this time, it’s a 6-piece marker set, limited in number but vast in usage.

The first noticeable thing after buying this marker is its transparent cover. The markers are kept on a transparent cover. You get to see the pens right from outside of the package.

Like the previously discussed marker, this pen also got a refilling feature. Once you finish working with the marker, you can re-use it further by refilling the ink in it. Most users have been using their marker through refilling, and their views on it have been amazing.

Yes, you can attach your favorite nibs on the marker and use them in your manner. But the limitation goes on with the Copic airbrush system only. And the replaceable nib adds the cherry on the top.

The ink is completely safe for anyone to use. It is an alcohol-based marker pen with alcohol ink in it. This helps to dry up easily quickly after applying it on paper, wood, steel, glass, etc.

Apart from its limited number (6 pcs) in the pack, the marker is fantastic for quick use. Be it on the whiteboard or paper for office or academics, you can nail its full potential.

5. Bianyo Classic Series

 A big bunch of marker pens will serve you yearlong without lacking in your work. With perfect variation and keeping your priorities on paper, the Bianyo Classic Series comes with 72 amazing and unique markers in the bag.

The appearance of the marker’s bag surprised me at first. It looked similar to a DSLR cloth bag but small in size. But the space is enough to hold those 72 pens at once and carry them competently.

Now come to the tip. There are two tips: a broad chisel and a fine point tip. Hearing about their lasting, I doubted it at first. But examining them live, I was utterly amazed. The fine one lasts about 1738 ft. of the ink usage, and the broad one goes with 328 ft.

Ergonomic design is what makes the pens useable and favorable to people. Holding the pen does half of the work to continue with it ahead. Once you use the marker, there is no turning back.

The main thing about the marker pen set is its 72 different variants of colors. The range is enormous compared to other brands and sets.

And the quality of the ink? You hardly won’t be able to find any flaws in it. Despite having a great range of 72 colors in the set, the brand didn’t even hesitate about its quality a bit.

Blending as well as color accompanying is fantastic with the brand’s pen. Be it a sketch, drawing, poster making, coloring, etc., everything can be done quickly with the marker pens.

In short, a single set of bianyo colored marker pens got everything you need for your multiple projects.

And the company’s backup policy got your back to the fullest. All the pens got a 1-year warranty in case anything gets damaged within the time. Each pen is available in a single piece in the store.

So, when you are finished with one color, you don’t have to buy a whole set to replace that one.

6. Prismacolor Premier Marker Pens

If you have surrounded yourself with marker pens, you must’ve heard about Prismacolor. It is one of the renowned marker pen brands in the world. I recently used their dual-tip marker, and it summed me up pretty well.

Focusing on arts and crafts only, the brand introduced 3620 double-ended premier marker pens. The most challenging and rigid materials are their common source of usage. As such, the color of the pen is made deep and perfectly vibrant, looking to its versatility.

The 12-pack premier marker pen comes with two tips, i.e., fine tip and chisel tip. Like the other pens, the fine tip works for precise and definitive works, while the chisel tip colors and owns large areas.

From my personal experience, these should be the go-to marker pens for beginners. Its feasible pointing and ink flow allows you to learn its usage perfectly. You also get to change the tips frequently as a per requirement.

The pens’ ink is unique, as it is fully dye-based. The saturation of the ink becomes lively one gets the perfect blending among the colors.

There is a balanced way of distributing the link among the two tips of the marker. So, you won’t have to worry about the ink going out on using a single tip excessively.

That’s why artists have been using the set for illustration, poster making, crafts designing, etc. Rich and heritage golden era arts and crafts can be nailed superbly with the bunch.

As there is a limitation of the colors in the box, each comes with a fantastic characteristic of blending.

7. Caliart 100 Colors Sketch Markers

Among all the marker pen sets, this is the only one with a blender in it. Thus, there are 99 marker pens with 1 blender (colorless) to sum up your works.

Thinking of how unique the blending could be, I purchased the marker set and went on to review it. I used the color for highlighting, poster making, and comix design, and it turned out pretty nice for me.  

Alcohol-based inks have always been a popular one among the others. That’s why the caliart color pens also come with non-toxic alcohol-based inks. These are fully smudge-proof and waterproof. I still have my poster hanging in the garage amid heavy hailstorms.

Their range of usage is never confined to a specific area. I tried them out on surfaces on paper, plastics, wood, steel, glass, etc. Even its application on tin and metal turned out to be satisfying.

Keep in mind that these markers are permanent. After a definite time, they cannot be removed with several washing; yes, the ink is much stronger. So, you have to be careful while using them.

While praising the quality of the ink, I almost forgot to say about its tips.

So yes, there are two tips consisting of a fine and broad chisel one. The fine tip is approximately 0.7mm, and the broad one is 1-7mm.

Their application, ergonomic design, and tip enhancement are so precise that people from all walks of life can get the perfect uses. You get to use the pens for around 300 m of drawing without hassle.

One thing that raised fear in my mind about them is bleeding. Their application on hard and solid surfaces seemed holistic unless I applied them on thin paper. The ink is dark and deep tends to spread on light surfaces.

As a result, you need to have a hard surface and good knowledge about markers to use it. The whole set of color pens comes in a black bag, just like the previously reviewed marker. You can carry the whole set with you in your hand or bag.

8. Ohuhu Alcohol Markers

Ohuhu is a renowned brand of markers in the store. It served me way better than I expected as a replacement or substitute for Copic markers. Once I had to buy them when I couldn’t find the Copic one.

I was way more comfortable than most other marker pens.

The fine and chisel tips were superb. I had to make rotations between them frequently, which didn’t bother me a bit.

Each pen got its characteristics that serve you well in your order. They come in a small black bag with 100 in numbers. In addition to that, there is a colorless blender that helps to make your desirable shading and sketches.

When it comes to drying, the ohuhu markers work the fastest. They have alcohol-based inks in them. Even their mixture doesn’t take much longer to saturate and show the outcome.

The sustainability of the pens is content. You can make around 1200 ft. worth of coloring with them. The color identification caps help you keep them organized and identify them by their actual colors.

9. Tombow 56187 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

From the name, you can already understand that it is a specialized brush tip marker. Without any further discussion, let me tell you that the brush tip marker is suitable for coloring rather than precise work done by the fine tip.

In one set, you’ll be getting 10 sets of colorful marker pens. A transparent case comes with them for better identification of the pens.

Amid all the alcohol-based marker pens, this is a bunch with water-based ink. I gifted my nephew a set on his birthday, and he seemed to be using it relentlessly since then. Thus, this is the perfect marker pen for children.

Be it poster designing or working on your usual papers, the sets of markers are unique and comfortable to deal with. Academic projects and hand lettering are some of the works I saw my students doing with it. This pen can be a good choice for professional arts and crafts projects within limitations.

As it is compatible with academic purposes, the markers’ ink is wholly odorless and non-bleeding. They are also waterproof.

10. Arteza Real Brush Pens

Lastly, I introduce you to a big bunch of marker pens coming in a sizeable office-type carrying bag. The arteza marker pens are 96, with 1 self-moistening water brush included in the package.

The nontoxic marker pens give you all the feasibility to use for multiple purposes. Be it for your academics or office work or decorations and poster makings; these pens will serve you to the fullest.

And you won’t even have to worry about carrying it to places, thanks to its bag’s adjustable strap. Kids and professionals can remove the hassle of carrying them with the help of the straps.

Every color has its perfect tones in the package. The vibrant colors are set well on your drawing paper and blend to produce your desired shape. The same goes for when you are making art.

This bunch of markers might not be entirely made for professional purposes, but for beginners, I find it to be one of the best dual-tip markers in 2024. The overall style and trendy vibrance make it suitable for all youngsters.

Things to Consider Before Choosing

Done with describing the 10 excellent double-ended markers of the present time. But before you go on to buy them, you must know what you need from them. It is essential to know that, otherwise you won’t get the most out of your marker, and your work won’t meet your desire.

So here is a buying guide for you to follow before you buy the best dual-tip markers for yourself.

Ink Quality

In this present market, two ink-based marker pens are widely used. They are alcohol-based and water-based.

Alcohol-based inks are aimed to produce vibrance and intensive colors. The alcohol-based inks do the most vibrant colorings you see. They are permanent and prepared to serve for a long time.

On the other hand, water-based ink markers are not permanent. They can be removed easily with a few drops of water and a good streak.

But they are primarily non-toxic and suitable for your daily work. Their prices are comparatively low and can be used to remove permanent markers.

So, you get to decide which one is suitable for you. For long-term usage and vibrant color, alcohol-based inks are best. Otherwise, you don’t have to bother to spend money on temporary or short-term arts. Instead, get a water-based ink marker for it.

Tip Shapes

Tip shapes are essential. Each of them got a variation on them. It might not be ideal for you for all kinds of work because of its shape. So, select a tip among the most popular ones.

  1. Fine tip: Used for precision and lining works.
  2. Chisel Tip: Commonly used for calligraphy, graffiti, and poster making.
  3. Brush Tip: Perfect for blotting and coloring large areas.
  4. Bullet Tip: Mostly used for writing and sketches.

You decide which one you want. Also, combining two of them on a dual-tip marker will make your hassle go less.

Color Range

Being an art freak, it has always been my passion to go for a vast range of colors. I never compromised with the shading and vibrance of a specific one.

I always prefer to go for sets of 40+ colors for a color freak like me. And also, the more I get, the better I use it. And when I have to do any drawing or teaching works, a few colors or the VIBGYOR set of colors sums my intention up.


Getting your desired markers but not blending them is a loss. That’s why most markers are recommended to be blended with external mediums. Some of the sets come with a colorless blender itself.

So, when we are talking about blending, the alcohol-based ink markers come by default. They got the best blending ability and, at times, blended with other branded markers.

Also, the ones providing you with a colorless blender with the whole package remove half of your blending hassle. You can avail the blending with the provided blender and get your work done in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are dual-tip markers used for?

There are wide ranges of using dual-tip markers. Illustrations, designing, sketching, coloring, etc., kinds of work on artworks are prominent uses of dual-tip markers.

You can also use them for making posters, calligraphy, writings, etc. In short, you can make a whole new level of using the dual tip marker all by yourself.

Q: How long do dual-tip markers last?

On average, you can use a dual-tip marker for 1.5 years with moderate uses. It will last for a handful of months only for heavy or daily uses. But with the refilling facility in hand, you won’t have to worry much.

Just refill the ink when it gets finished and continue your work. Be careful with the tip, as you might not get the tip replacing feature in all markers.

Q: How many types of markers are there?

There are three types of markers out there. They are: –

  1. Alcohol-based Markers: They are permanent markers. Usually comes with deep vibrance and tends to produce the best blending.
  2. Water-based Markers: They are easily removable. They are nontoxic and feasible for beginners to start with. Usual day writings on whiteboards are done with water-based markers.
  3. Pigment based Markers: Specifically used for heavy projects, like to draw on steel, metal, ceramics, etc. Different kinds of designs and art works on those surfaces are made with this marker.

Q: Are dual-tip markers refillable?

Most dual-tip markers of the present time are refillable. A dual-tip marker doesn’t need to be refillable. Different brands produce their marker pens based on their needs. Some make it refillable while others don’t. You also get to have a tip replacing facility in many markers.

Final Words

We no longer stay in finding the best dual-tip markers. With personal experience and live results, I have covered all the parts I needed regarding the topic.

Now, it is your turn to imply the article and get the perfect dual-tip marker for you. The buying guide will assist you in choosing your desired product, and the commonly asked questions will clear all your confusion. Until then, stay with us as we bring you more exciting arts and crafts products.

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