All About Prismacolor Markers: Reviews in 2024

When was the last time you drew with a set of markers and told yourself that they cannot get any better? If you haven’t experienced that feeling yet, you’re close. You deserve to get some certain features in your painting buddy (because you love to draw, right? whether you’re a professional artist or not. What if you get the basics and so much more?

Reading about all the amazing drawing products online might confuse you easily. As you get to know about Prismacolor markers, you’ll acknowledge all the great features they have and the customer satisfaction they receive. It’s a go-to set for both professionals and beginners.

You can’t wait to know more, right?

About Prismacolor Markers

A Little More about “Prismacolor”

It’s actually a very familiar name to any professional artist. But, the beginners need to know a bit detailed information.

Prismacolor is mostly known as a trusted brand of art markers. They do provide a variety of markers depending on the tip and ink but that’s not all they have.

Sets of manga, colored pencils, illustration markers, pastels, charcoal drawing, premier portrait are some of the products they provide. You’ll get some accessories too that includes carry case, erasers and so on. You can also go to their website to check them in detail.

Features of Prismacolor Markers

Even though you come across a trusted brand, don’t pick anything without knowing about its’ features. Luckily, Prismacolor has earned faith in both name and quality. How about knowing more?


Prismacolor Markers

“Prismacolor” markers are all packed in black boxes. You can organize a huge number of them in this small carry case. Traveling with them will be easier because they’re real space savers. The elastic bands inside help to keep them even more secure.

The barrel and the caps are of black color too. You’ll see color names and codes in each of them. The double-ended ones have tip indication on each side. The caps will not come off easily which means they’ll be safe from children.

Lots of Colors

In total, they have 200 colors in collection. Brighter to lighter tones are available in each pack. Apart from the regular ones, they have different shades of grey in stock. Those, who are reluctant to use pencils yet need to sketch more often, will find these grey collection very useful.

The colors determine vibrancy sometimes. The brightest ones seem to be the most lively. And you’ll get them all in Prismacolor. About the neutral ones, remember that even the rarest skin tones will be found in either of these sets. So, if you are concerned about color varieties, you can go for this set without thinking that much.

Drawing Quality

drawing quality

Although Prismacolor has a variety of inks, all of them are up to the mark. They don’t tend to bleed on paper. You’ll be able to create each stroke effortlessly which means that they feel smooth against the paper. The ink dries out quite faster which is one of the reasons you’ll get smudge-free drawing.

As you’ll get each kind of tips, you can use them for different purposes. Coloring, creating precise lines and outlines, designing, lettering and writing are some of them. The dual-ended markers are very handy and popular too.

The color range they have is truly attractive. They are vibrant enough to make your painting look livelier. Even it has a huge range of color collection.

The Ink Flow

How disturbed will you be if a perfectly designed face get a big spot right beside the eyeball? Your artwork and spent hours will be all in vain.

With Prismacolor, you’ll have the right amount of ink supplied. On the right marker paper, there’ll be no bleeding (most of the time). One of the ugliest experiences can be uneven ink in one single stoke which, by the way, you can avoid while using markers sets from Prismacolor.


What’s the meaning of choosing something that’ll fail to meet your professional needs for a great deal of time? As these sets are suitable for heavy uses, you can use them randomly for quite a long time. Without worrying about sudden damage, you can get the maximum from these marker sets.

Can’t really say you can use them forever. After a certain period, you’ll feel like getting a refill.

Safety Issues

Which place can be more suitable than home for drawing? If none, you better make sure that you’re bringing all the safe drawing tools at your place. It’s a relief that markers sets from Prismacolor have non-toxic ink. Even the alcohol based ink of them are perfectly safe to use. Besides, you already know how to save your coloring products from children, right?

Now that you know about their basic features, do you think all of them will provide the same service? Well, no. They have different types considering some factors.

Different Types of Prismacolor Markers

They can fall under different categories according to their tip (or nib) type and ink formula. Let’s start with their types based on ink.

Based on Ink

As a professional you can’t deny that you’re constantly in need of different types of inks, right? So, what kinds of inks does Prismacolor provide?

Alcohol Based

Prismacolor-Premier sets contain alcohol-based ink. They do have the finest formula possible. With them, you’ll get permanent ink that dries out the moment you’re done with the stroke. The alcohol in solution might raise questions regarding safety. To clear them up, it’s necessary to mention that they use absolutely safe non-toxic ink.

Water Based

Scholar markers’ sets from Prismacolor are made of water-based ink. They are odorless and absolutely safe to use in any environment. The impressive fact about them is that they blend so perfectly without leaving any traces of different colors. But first, give them a moment to dry out.

No matter how hard you try, you can never be indifferent about the tip types. Because, you might need different tips for different kinds of drawings. Don’t you want to know what kinds of tips you’ll get with Prismacolor marker sets?

Based on Tip

Prismacolor MarkerNo matter how hard you try, you can never be indifferent about the tip types. Because you might need different tips for different kinds of drawings. Don’t you want to know what kinds of tips you’ll get with Prismacolor marker sets?

Chisel Tips

Premier and grey sets from Prismacolor have chisel tips. They leave broad stokes that make it easier to color large areas within a very short time. They’re wide yet easy to paint with.

Fine Tips

Then again, Prismacolor premier and grey marker sets provide this finest fine tips. They’re so sharp, thin and on point that you’ll feel like you’re drawing with pens sometimes. Try completing ant precise work with them and they won’t fail you.

Bullet Tips

Scholar Prismacolor set comes up with bullet tips which are neither so wide nor too thin. You can definitely fix the outlines with them and color at the same time. You’ll see how comfortable they’re to draw with.

Brush Tips

You can name this as the most preferred tip ever. Both Scholar and Premier sets from Prismacolor has markers with a brush tip.

The reason why these brush tips are so popular is that you’ll be able to do both precise work and coloring. They’re so flexible and comfortable to draw with. If you know when to put the pressure and when to release, you can create thin, medium and wide lines within one single stroke.

Now is the time to know about Prismacolor double-ended art markers. Premier sets of them have a variety of combinations. In one of them, you’ll find chisel and fine tip combined. Others have a brush tip at one end and a fine point at another. The premier grey sets have chisel and fine tips.

Uses of Prismacolor Markers

These multi-purpose markers can be used on numerous occasions. For relaxed artworks like doodling and sketching, brush-tipped ones are perfect. Grey lovers have a separate set for them with twin tips, among which fine point is available.

Although Prismacolor offers whole another set for manga drawing, you mustn’t miss trying this with brush tip. Anime characters in this kind of art need very smooth lines of different width (sometimes in one single stroke). Then again, brush tipped Prismacolor markers are way too popular for Calligraphy. The art of writing letters in artistic and creative way is what this drawing is all about. Without using a super flexible and comfortable nib (like brush), it’s really hard to put pressure on a position and release when needed.

A pointillism is a form of art that is drawn with numerous dots. The dots together stand up for a complete image. Bullet point markers from Prismacolor is one of the best options you’ll have for doing pointillism.

Who’s up for some hidden tricks?

Few more tricks about using Prismacolor

By knowing some tricks, you can make your drawing fun and easier.

Choosing the right art paper

Have you noticed that colors differ according to art paper? Some of them have an oily texture which are the worst ones for drawing. Pick the paper that exposes most of the color. Vibrancy depends mostly on this. No matter how great the ink quality is, they will bleed if the paper isn’t thick enough.

Chisel tip used as brush tip

Now, this might sound impossible to you but it isn’t. The magic of Prismacolor chisel tip is that they are softer than the casual ones. They move smoothly and effortlessly. If you hold them in an angle, you’ll be able to use that as a brush tip. Can’t be assured that you’ll get the exact similar results but they do work magically.

Blending tricks (It’s amazing)

If the old way of blending is boring, try new ones. Take a plastic palette and put different colors on it. Use the colorless blender to pick each of them. As you touch them, the blending is getting done in the blender itself. Now draw on the paper and it’s done.

Wait, there’re more tricks. Take the blender and start coloring it with different shades. You can do straight lines to get stripes. Or you can simply hold the tip of markers and blender so that the ink would pass and mix themselves.

FAQ About Prismacolor Markers


We’re assuming you still have some questions in your mind (about prismacolor markers) that we’re happy to answer.

Q: How many colors of Prismacolor markers are there?

Let’s just say, they have enough colors in collection to fulfill your professional needs and impress you at the same time. They prvide 200 different shades that includes neutral to darker and skin tones. Of course you’ll not get them altogether in one set. You’ll pick the one with the colors you search for.

Q: Which Prismacolor marker should I get as a beginner?

That totally depends on the type of artwork you’re about to complete. There’re categories of them based on ink and tip type. Select if you need the alcohol-based one or watercolor. For precise works, fine point ones are great choices. And if you need a marker set for coloring, chisel or bullet points are for you.

Then again, check the color range. Don’t pick the one that lacks the shades you need.

Q: How long does a Prismacolor marker last?

Well, long enough to make you realize that made the right choice. They have a wide barrel to hold enough ink for using on daily basis. They’ll last longer than any ordinary set from super shop. Put them in the right position with the caps on so that the ink flow stays consistent.

As they have fade and water-resistant ink, if you use them on the right art paper, they will not fade away.

Q: Should I buy Prismacolor as an alternative to Copic?

Of course! you can use Prismacolor as an alternative to copic. They do have all the basic and vibrant colors available. Their ink quality cannot be questioned and they’re long lasting.

The non-toxic ink is water and fade resistants. Besides, you’ll get to save a good amount of money with them. So, why not?

Q: Can I blend Prismacolor markers with Copic Markers?

There’s no specific rule in case of blending as long as the inks go along. Both of them provide high-quality ink that is superior in blending. If you feel like blending them together, go ahead. Prismacolor colorless blender can help you do this even more perfect.

We’re done but…

Remember, Prismacolor markers are practical because they serve good and save well. Their superior quality is quite unquestionable. As you’re an artist yourself (professional or not), you certainly are able to judge your drawing tools quite easily. And be assured that you’ll love drawing with them.

Now that you’ve read all about them, do you think you’re going to try another set of them or start using one of them? Let us know right here, in the comment section.

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