Difference Between Prismacolor and Copic Markers!

As an artist, we always want to have the best set of markers we can buy. Luckily for us, there are plenty of brands to satisfy our demands, but it all comes down to two choices that you’ll have to face inevitably: Prismacolor or Copic Markers.

Deciding which one is better depends on what your purposes are.

Prismacolor markers, while incredibly satisfying, aren’t capable of matching up against the high-level performance provided by Copic Markers.

There are other differences, such as how the Copic Markers are refillable when Prismacolor aren’t or the price gap between the cheap PrismaColor and the more expensive Copic Markers.

Let’s continue reading to learn more about these two incredible marker brands.

copic vs prismacolor

Details About Prismacolor

What do Prismacolor markers have to offer? Well, a set of features to satisfy the designer’s expectations, such as the following:

Color Variety: Prismacolor markers don’t lack versatility. Many brands produce their unique sets with their unique colors, which will help you create that beautiful design just the way you want it. Also, the marker structure is very efficient at maintaining the ink flowing constantly.

Double-Sided Tips: Chisel or fine tips? Why not both? Prismacolor markers allow us to choose between these two options, sometimes giving us products that feature both tips.

Comfortable Use: These markers use round barrels, which make them comfortable to use and hold in our hands. When you’re working on a long project that requires hours of using them, you could use the comfort provided by Prismacolor.

Lower Price: Unlike Copic Markers, Prismacolors are less expensive. Think about people that need them in bulk to keep kids busy at the school, for example. In this case, less expensive markers will come in handy, most definitely.

Getting the Best Prismacolor: Our Recommendation

So many Prismacolor sets! Which one should I choose? We’ve narrowed down the list and chose what we consider is the best set to consider buying.

Premier Double-Ended Prismacolor Markers

Prismacolor Marker

This Prismacolor marker box is the ideal set to create the most beautiful, thoughtful, and detailed artworks. It provides 24 markers that are suitable for every artist regardless of their experience, be it professionals or beginners.

These double-ended markers offer the best of both worlds by featuring a fine tip on one side, and the chisel at the other.

The first one, the fine tip, works well creating those sharp and detailed designs, while the chisel tip is incredible to create a variety of line widths.

The ink provided is alcohol, as well as dye-based quality. Additionally, they are AP certified as nontoxic products.

Because of it, you don’t have to suffer from odor and dangerous substances that could be produced by the markers. It is safe to use by people of all ages, but they’re the perfect choice for detailed adult projects.

The markers use a single source for the ink, which ensures its fluency and consistency. It is one of its best features. If there happens to be an issue, the ink reservoir will serve you well, too.

Details About Copic Marker

How do Copic Markers surpass the Prismacolor’s performance? Let’s say, by offering the mentioned features below:

High-Quality Markers​: Every artist needs the best tools to print their ideas onto paper, literally. These markers offer incredible performance, making them suitable for every art style, whether it is design, illustrations, and whatever you need.

High Versatility: Want specific markers for particular tasks? Don’t worry. The Copic Markers deliver excellence in their variety. There are four types: classic, sketch, ciao, and wide. Each one offers broad chisels and points of different size for your purpose.

Replaceable Nibs: One of the issues while using Prismacolor is that they don’t often offer nibs that you can replace. Copic Markers, instead, give you that possibility, saving you the money you’d spend buying a brand new marker once it dries out.

No Bad Odor: The products used for ​high quality ink and the materials don’t produce unpleasant smells, which is always a welcomed advantage.

Quick Drying: Once you finish your project, the ink dries out pretty quickly. There’s no more wasting time while you wait for the ink to dry.

Getting the Best Copic Marker: Our Recommendation

Our top pick for Copic markers might come as a little surprise considering its price, but trust us when we say they’re the best among the best. Permanent, safe, and refillable ink is only a couple of benefits that come while using this set of markers.

​Bold Primaries Copic Art Marker (SKST6-BOLD)

Copic Sketch

Our top pick for Copic markers might come as a little surprise considering its price, but trust us when we say they’re the best among the best.Permanent, safe, and refillable ink is only a couple of benefits that come while using this set of markers.

Our Prismacolor set offers incredible markers, but they lack some colors that we would’ve liked. This pack of Copic Color, though, is the one you need if you’re looking for higher color variety.

Ever had a marker run dried in the middle of the project? It is unpleasant and annoying. Fortunately, this set of markers is refillable, which means that you could use it after replacing the ruined nibs.

If you’re working on a project that demands fine details, you’ll enjoy the flexible brush. With it, you’ll be able to do a ton of task with perfect blending on those highly demanding artworks.

Copic markers – stuck to their formula – continues providing safe markers for everyone to use, and this set is no different. It doesn’t produce dangerous chemicals, nor does it leave an awful odor after the ink comes out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Markers are Better than Copic?

Prismacolor Premier markers are a great alternative to Copic markers for those who want vibrant colors, long-lasting results and an affordable price. Prismacolors are also double-ended with both fine and chisel tips, giving you the versatility of having two different nibs in one marker.

The alcohol-based ink of these markers is highly blendable and fade-resistant, making them a great choice for art projects, sketching and illustration. Additionally, the wide range of colors available from Prismacolor can be used to create dynamic and eye-catching artwork.

Q: Which Brand Alcohol Marker is Best?

Among professional alcohol-based markers, Copic and Prismacolor are two of the most popular options. Both brands offer impressive color ranges and blendability, as well as long-lasting results.

Ultimately, your choice between the two will depend on your budget and the type of artwork you’re creating. If you’re starting out or working on a tight budget, Prismacolor offers great value for money. If you’re an experienced artist with a larger budget, then Copic is the way to go. Both brands make excellent markers that will help bring your artwork to life.

Q: What Kind of Markers Do Professionals Use?

Professionals typically use permanent markers, such as alcohol-based markers or solvent-based markers. These markers are designed to be long lasting and resistant to fading and smudging. The ink in these types of markers often contain solvents that allow for easy blending and layering of colors.

Alcohol-based, or water-soluble, markers are a popular choice for professionals, as they are vibrant and easy to use. They also allow the marker ink to be mixed with water or other mediums to create even more effects. Solvent-based markers, on the other hand, contain ingredients that prevent them from being washed away easily. These markers are great for detail work and creating precise lines.

Q: What Is so Special about Copic Markers?

There are so many special things about Copic markers that make them a favorite among artists. Copic markers are alcohol-based ink, which means they blend together seamlessly and don’t leave any harsh lines or edges. They also come in an extensive range of colors with 12 different hues to choose from – so no matter what subject matter you’re working on, you can find the perfect color.

Additionally, they are refillable and the nibs can be replaced or swapped out for different effects. All of this makes Copic markers a great tool for creating beautiful pieces of art that last. Plus, they’re fun to use – so it’s no wonder why many artists swear by them!

Final Thought

Deciding between the two depends on what type of project you’re doing. Looking for high-quality markers to create your projects? ​

​If you need detailed, durable, and better markers for professionals, you might want to go with Copic.

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