Why Are Copic Markers So Expensive? Know the Truth

As a creative artist with plenty of ideas in mind, it can be very frustrating when we don’t have the right tools to produce our artwork. More specifically, sometimes, we don’t have the markers we need.

That’s an issue we had to face until we encountered the Copic markers.

These markers have been around for quite some time, but many people still don’t know about them. And, when people start looking for information about it, they’re scared about the high price.

now the question is: Why are Copic markers so expensive?

That’s a question we’ll answer with our next article. By the end of it, you’ll know why they’re available at a high price, and why this type of markers is so reliable.

How Expensive Are Copic Actually?

Before going any deep, keep in mind that Copic markers are refillable. That’s one of the biggest reasons why they’re so expensive, as you only need to buy it once and then you’ll be able to recharge it whenever necessary. There’s no need to buy a new one when the markers dry out.

Remember that information as we learn more about the prices.

At the moment we’re writing this article, Copic Sketch markers, individually, are available at around $10. And a 12ml refill bottle is about $6. In total, you’d be paying an estimated amount of $16 for the marker and the ink refills.

When the marker dries, you can use the Copic refills seven-nine times approximately.

In other words, for only $16, you’d be getting the equivalent of 9 markers together. That doesn’t sound half as bad now, right?

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Copic Markers Are Expensive: Here’s Why!

If you’re starting your journey as an artist, Copic markers are tools you’ll encounter along the way. Whether it is because a friend recommended it to you or saw it online, these markers are inevitable. But they’re expensive! Why is that?

We’re going to discuss the reasons for their high price tag.

Professional Level Art Markers

After writing plenty of articles about Copic markers, something that keeps coming up is that they’re better for novice artists but incredible as professional art markers. You won’t find as high-quality markers as this out there.

Copic markers deliver versatility with plenty of colors, and Copic colors are unbeatable in smoothness and vividness. That’s why professional artists love them the most.

These alcohol-based markers also come up with several types of nib options: brush tip, chisel tip, medium broad nib, and broad nib.

For instance, a Copic Wide marker set will allow you to cover large surfaces with high-quality ink in little time. In contrast, other collections like the Copic Sketch, Ciao, or Classic Marker will provide a fine tip for detailed drawing.

However, you’ll get even more benefits than ordinary markers. These premium markers are odorless, chemical-free, durable, and reliable, only a few that come to mind.

In addition, the Copic color system has also developed and introduced the Copic airbrush system. It’s an evolution in the world of markers.

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Refillable and Long-lasting

Refilling with Ink Refill Bottles

If you’re looking for Copic markers, one of the first things you will notice is their price. When compared, other types of markers are available at a lower price, so why not buy one of those instead of Copic?

Well, the reason is that buying Copic markers is, in most cases, a one-time investment. It means that if you buy Copic markers once, it’ll serve you as long as a decade. You might have to spend some money to replace the nibs later on, but that’s just a tiny amount anyway.

The most important fact is that the alcohol-based ink is refillable, and it will last longer than any other. In that case, you can’t compare Copics to other marker brand.

You will find 12ml and 25ml ink refills from Too Corporation for the long-lasting Copic markers. And these refills are available for all the Copic range –

  • Copic Classic
  • Copic Sketch
  • Copic Wide
  • and Copic Ciao.

Once the ink doesn’t come out anymore, you only need to recharge it quickly. You can refill your empty Copic markers within minutes.

You can follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or check out another article on “How to Refill Ink of Copics.” After that, you’ll have your markers ready to use for a long time once again.

Most importantly, buying a 12ml ink refill, you can fill Copic Sketch marker seven times, Copic Classic marker five times, Copic Ciao markers nine times, and Copic Wide four times.

So, you are definitely saving some penny that you had to pay for getting a new marker.

Replaceable Nibs

You will most likely find yourself in trouble with any other markers when nib stops working at the least expected moment.

This issue could happen at any time – at the office while working on a professional project or at home when you’re completing that amateur artwork you’ve had in mind for the last month.

If that happens when you’re using the Copic markers, you’d have to do nothing else than changing the nibs. Whether it’s a brush nib or a medium broad nib, you can replace all of them. It’s a quick process that gets you back to work in no time.

The replaceable nibs compatible with the Copic airbrush system. This nib changing facility is among the best benefits of using the Copic markers. You’d have to spend some extra money, but it is an investment that pays off in times of need.

So, definitely Copic markers worth the money.

Blending Ability

The blending ability of Copic markers is excellent than other marker brands. Since the color quality is unique, it blends so well, and you can layer them smoothly. There will be no stroke stains.

For making the task more manageable, you can use the Copic colorless blender pen. It has a flexible brush nib and a chisel tip. And this blender pen is specially made for making the color blending task smoother. You’ll find single markers blender from every Copic collection, which is really beneficial for beginners and professionals.

But most of the beginners don’t know the blending technique so well. And if you are among them, you can check out the topic covered on alcohol markers blending tips.

Lots of Color | Around-358

When you’re tired of having the same colors, Copic markers offer a wide range of alternatives to turn any dull sketch into a vivid and vibrant piece of artwork. Copic colors are also different from other markers.

As mentioned above, there are about 358 colors available in Copic color family. No other marker brands are offering such a huge color range, even close to this number. That’s another reason why Copic markers are so expensive and getting the title as the best markers in the market.

While you can buy complete sets of different colors, brands sometimes offer unique colors in different shades. For example – the Copic Skin Tones. That’s why it’s popular among professional artists and helps them drawing shadows and details.

Copic markers provide bright colors, and the color consistency is too good. But for getting the most out of it, we would definitely recommend using Copic marker paper. It won’t absorb more ink like cheap quality paper.

So, you’ll be able to use the alcohol-based ink a bit longer.

However, you won’t have to worry about not having the perfect color anymore with a complete Copic marker set. Getting a full set is a blessing for fine art students and adult coloring trends. And buying a set is more cost-saving. It’s because if you purchased individually, you had to pay more.

Innovative Designs

Have you ever had an idea in mind that you just couldn’t put on paper because you lacked proper art tools? There’s always one wide line or that color shade that you can’t produce with other cheap markers. Copic pens, however, will make it possible.

These premium markers are available in four different categories – Copic Wide, Sketch, Ciao, and Classic. And the designs of all these collections are different from each other.

Copic Classic markers come up with a square body shape and have a dual-tip design (broad nib and fine nib). And with the replacement nibs facility, you can change the nib in nine different shapes.

Copic Sketch markers come up with an oval body and have a broad chisel tip and a brush tip. Luckily, you can use the Copic airbrush system on this Copic marker range. And we mainly recommend Copic markers Sketch for professional artists.

Copic Ciao marker has a round shape barrel with a twin tip feature also. It offers a broad and brush nibs facility. And it’s one of the best copic markers for beginners and is also widely available, even at your local art store.

Lastly, the Copic Wide markers hold more ink than all of the above and have an extra wide chisel tip. These alcohol-based markers are mainly used for filling up large areas while coloring.

Each one of these alcohol markers works well under specific circumstances. Every artist would do well having these markers in their collection. The innovative Copic color system has also attracted artists more.

For that reason, Copic markers are such art supplies that will help the most creative fine art students turning their ideas into reality. This one single marker is for everyone and everything.

So, Are Copic Markers Worth It?

To answer that question, you have to ask yourself: are your projects valuable? Because if you want to create the best quality artwork, Copic marker is the way to do it.

Yes, Copic markers are worth it. Wherever you look, you only see positive opinions and outstanding feedback from other artists that have seen their projects enhanced while using Copic markers.

If you’re keeping yourself from buying Copic because of its high price, think of it as a long-lasting investment that will pay its value as time goes by.

Before You Go!

Yes, Copic markers are a bit expensive, but the high price is understandable in our opinion. There are just too many benefits they provide! And considering that you can recharge them when the ink dries, they’re more reliable than most other types of markers.

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