All About Tombow Markers: Review and Buying Guide

Tombow Markers Review

It may not seem like it, but the right set of markers makes the whole difference in the world. For our projects, we always want the best, and Tombow is a brand that consistently delivers proper utensils to achieve that end.

In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons that make the Tombow marker set the ideal pack of tools for the artist and the hobbyist alike.

Our informative piece won’t only focus on why these products are the best, but also how they can significantly improve your art projects to take your creative ideas to the next level.

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A Little Talk about ‘Tombow’

Coming from Japan, Tombow is a private company specialized in providing high-quality writing supplies. Besides its most popular products like the Dual Brush Markers, the brand offers a wide catalog with plenty of variety, including utensils like pencils and gel pens, among others.

Tombow’s catalog has a tool for every type of writer, artist, and basically anyone wanting to put their creativity on paper. For example, the dual-tip Tombow marker set is effective for journaling, efficient as a watercolor marker, efficient for illustrations, and more.

Despite the complexity of your project, it’s almost a given that you’d find the right pen from this manufacturer. On the paper, the markers deliver precise lines to never miss details, as well as beautiful ink colors to make your art vibrant.

In fact, the quality of the colors is among the best out there. Whether it’s for primary or secondary colors, the ability of the markers to draw details through shades and fine lines is outstanding.

Tombow products are utensils you first use out of curiosity, and then you love them due to their efficiency.

Design and Features of Tombow Markers

Surely enough, the markers’ success relies on a wide set of features. Next, we’ll talk briefly about each one of those features that make these markers as good as they are.


For the sets with fewer pieces, the packaging does a good job of keeping the items organized and protected.

If you decide to go for more than just a few markers, you’ll be able to acquire the full collection of 108 markers as well. In this case, the purchase includes a beautiful organizer to keep the pieces easy to access when necessary.

Tombow 56149 Dual Brush Pen provides beautiful packaging with a desk stand that will help to keep marker organized.

Overall, the markers look beautiful from the first moment you lay your eyes on their packaging.

Color Range

In total, there are 108 Tombow dual brush pen variations available, which cover a lot of range for your creativity to run free. However, one of the brand’s most popular products is the 96 set. While this set provides less than the total available, they’re still good enough for a variety of projects.

Getting the 96 pen set means you won’t be missing on much, really. The 12 colors left out belong to the candy and vintage sets, which could add a few more utensils to your collection, but they’re not necessarily essential. For the most part, the 96 pens are more than enough.

High-Quality Tips

The tips are easily one of the biggest reasons these markers are so good. With a dual brush pen design, artists have the perfect tools to accomplish their most ambitious projects.

On one end, we have a flexible nylon brush tip, which is as good as it is durable. This tip is capable of creating fine, medium or bold strokes, opening up many possibilities about the number of details you can do. Use it for hand lettering, illustration, drawing, and more.

Then, there’s the fine tip, which is ideal for consistent lines. Due to how strong and firm this tip is, it turns into the perfect method to draw embellishments, details, writing, and more.

Ink Supply

Although the quality of the marker is undeniable, the ink supply is probably their most frustrating issue. You see, when the ink runs out, or the tip runs its course, there’s no way to refill the markers once again. When either of those two scenarios happens, you’ll have to buy replacements.


Since Tombow markers feature water-based ink, you can use more water to improve their blendability. Of course, depending on how you use the markers, further blending the ink could be either an advantage or a disadvantage.

For instance, using the markers to write over envelopes or postcards could get messy very quickly. Since those types of paper get wet easily, the ink may end up running. The slightest amount of water is capable of making the ink move.

One effective way to make the most out of the ink’s blendability is by using another Tombow brush pen. After using your art markers, use another pen to go over it. This small trick creates a gradient effect that looks beautiful.

Just like that, there are many more methods for you to use the Tombow brush pen’s blendability to your advantage.

What Kinds of Pens/Markers Tombow Provides?

Here, we’ll review Tombow’s range of markers. More specifically, we’ll be discussing the dual brush pen and the TwinTone markers.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen

Undoubtedly, the Tombow dual brush pen owes its popularity to its versatility. There’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish with it, from hobbies to more professional works, these utensils cover it all.

Many sets are available in the market, with some offering as few as six pieces while others offer as many as 108. Despite the amount, one thing is certain these tools are a reliable choice for people of all ages.

In this section, we’ll talk about Tombow’s most popular products, the dual brush pen. Hopefully, you’ll get to love them as much as many of us already do!


The markers feature the dual brush design that has proven quite useful under many circumstances. While the flexible brush tips are great for creating different-sized strokes, the fine bullet tip’s firmness makes it possible to create consistent, detailed lines.

In some cases, the package includes colorless blender pens that’ll soften and blend colors. You can use this tool to mix and blend ink, which would help you create an array of new effects and colors. Alternatively, adding water with a paintbrush provides subtle color washes.

If needed, you can always expand your collection by going for the complete 108 colors available. Tombow’s dual brush pen has a wide range of colors at your disposal, making every idea on your mind a reality on the paper.

The applications for these markers are many. Use them for fine art, brush lettering, doing calligraphy, illustrations, watercolor, and more. While there are some disadvantages that we’ll discuss later, almost everything about these products is beneficial.

Color Quality

Although the number of colors included in each set varies, the range of colors never fails to meet expectations.

When you inspect them thoroughly, you’ll notice the packages include bright primary colors, a complete range of grey shades, and more. Plus, the muted colors offered are pretty good too.

The Tombow markers come in either a set or as single pieces. For beginners, the primary color set would be a nice introduction, as they can cover different projects. Once you get that, the complementary colors available would only help you increase your collection for better results.

With an estimated 108 colors offered, the Tombow markers guarantee there’s one for every need.

 Things We Like 

  • Versatility: Whether you want markers for simple hobby tasks or professional art pieces, the Tombow brush pen delivers incredible results on both ends.
  • Colorless Blende: Use the included colorless blender to soften and further improve the quality of your art. It helps to create a gorgeous watercolor effect.
  • Safe Ink: The water-based ink included in each pen is non-toxic, odorless, and non-bleeding, making the markers safe for everyone.
  • Self-Cleaning Tips: After blending, the tips self-clean, allowing you to organize the pens without any concerns.

Do you need a single pen, or perhaps more? Either way, Tombow offers its utensils individually for easy access.

 Things We Don’t Like 

  • Not Refillable: As mentioned earlier, the water-based pen isn’t refillable, meaning you’d have to buy new markers once it runs out.
  • Nibs: Despite being incredible due to their precision, the nibs in these markers could be frustrating at times. Over time, they wear out, which is even worse when you’re using the dual pens over rough papers. For calligraphy, that’s a big issue, as your lettering won’t be the same quality you’d expect.

Tombow TwinTone Markers

Tombow continues delivering high-quality art supplies by offering the brand’s exclusive TwinTone markers. These are available in a variety of sets, allowing you to find the perfect mix of color, fine details, and precision to make your projects come to life.

What can you expect from this line of supplies? We’ll find out next!


The TwinTone markers offered by Tombow stick to the basic but boast highly effective double-sided design. These two tip choices allow some level of versatility to your projects, as they provide well-defined strokes and detailed lines as needed.

You can use the 0.8mm bullet tip for those bold lines, and the 0.3mm extra-fine tip for precise details.

While everyone would enjoy these markers, they come in very handy for people with planners and bullet journals. The precision of both tips guarantees accurate lines to plan week projects without overextending your limits.

One clear advantage of these markets is their fiber tips. Even after multiple and regular uses, the tips are capable of maintaining their good shape. On the other hand, while the ink doesn’t bleed through most papers, it may bleed in certain types of coloring books.

For those and many more reasons, the TwinTone markers are the ideal choice for professional planners, teachers, artists, and more.

Color Quality

The Tombow colored pen comes in sets of 12 pieces, for a total of 36 colors available. Some of the most popular sets you can acquire are Brights, Pastels, and the Rainbow set – one of the latest additions to the TwinTone collection. Let’s briefly talk about each one of the sets.

Rainbow Set

The Rainbow set of Tombow markers offers a wide range of colors. Pale Rose, Fuschia Pink, French Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange are only some of the color ranges included in this set. Mixing these colors provides a wide array of vivid and colorful images on the paper.

Pastel Set

Some of the colors included in this set are Mint Green, Aqua, Raspberry, Peach Pink, Honey Orange, Chrome Yellow, and Gray, among others. As the title suggests, these are suitable for clearer and more creamy art projects.

Bright Set

Are you looking for more vivid colors? Then the Bright set has the tombow colored pen you need. Enjoy colorful variations of Lime Green, Navy, Pink, Candy Pink, Chocolate, Black, and several other color choices.

 Things We Like 

  • High-Quality Markers: The TwinTone marker set has every marker for the artist that enjoys thoughtful and detailed artworks. These are also a good fit for journals and notebooks.
  • Long-Lasting Tips: If you don’t want to deal with markers that don’t last long, the TwinTone markers offer the perfect alternative.

  • Multiple Colors: With different sets available, you’ll be able to find the perfect colors for your projects, be it Pastel, Bright, or the Rainbow sets.

 Things We Don’t Like 

  • Even though the TwinTone markers are outstanding due to their quality, tips, and more, some flaws are noticeable. Most prominently, these utensils are prone to bleed through some types of paper, such as coloring books.
  • Fortunately, the bleeding issue isn’t as extreme as seen with other markers from the competition. Yes, it’s noticeable, but with some precaution, you should be able to accomplish your goal without creating a mess.
  • As long as you’re careful, the bleeding shouldn’t become a major problem for you. Make sure to thoroughly inspect both the markers and pages after writing to be ready to act quickly if necessary.

Final Thoughts!

If there’s something that this Tombow markers review shows us, is that there’s hardly any competition to these products. Over the years, Tombow has continuously earned its rightful place in most artists’ collections. So far, the brand still hasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

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