What Is a Laundry Marker and How to Use It?

If you are tired of labeling your clothes with the markers that washed out, then here is a solution for you – a laundry marker. But do you know what it exactly is?

Well, these markers are usually used to mark clothes so you can sort them out according to color or type of fabric like cotton or wool.

So, in this article, you’ll get to know about what a laundry marker is and how to use it in detail. Let’s get started…

What Is a Laundry Marke

What is a Laundry Marker?

A laundry marker is a product that helps you to identify your clothes quickly. It’s like making a laundry tag or laundry sticker that can be used on the inside of the clothing, and it will stay there forever.

They mostly look like the permanent markers out there. It comes in different types and sizes, with the most common ones being pen-shaped. They are usually made of plastic or steel bodies and have an ink roller on one end used for writing on clothes.

Laundry markers come in various colors, so it’s easy enough to tell what belongs to who.

But do you know why people are going crazy over it? The main reason is, laundry markers are water and boil-proof. They can be used for labeling on almost all textiles and fabrics.

That’s why sometimes people also call it laundry or fabric markers. The ink is smudge-proof, quick-drying, low-odor, and wash-resistant up to 95 °C.

Luckily, the marker doesn’t wash out easily, so there is no chance of bleeding ink. To know about its usage, keep reading this article!

What are Laundry Markers Used for

Laundry Markers are used to identify and differentiate between fabric types of clothing. It’s more like a permanent marker and can be used on any clothing.

Using these fabric markers, say hello to forever tags and goodbye to ink that bleeds down and makes a fade stain on clothes.

Laundry markers are perfect when you have much laundry and want to do it in batches (e.g., before leaving on vacation or as the seasons change).

You can use it on different fabrics like pillowcases, curtains, bedding items, and many more without any issue. You can also use this marker pen to create a care tag on your loved one’s shirts.

The ink is special that marks and sticks to the clothes even after so many washes. With the fine tip, you can create fine labels and detailed lines.

From a small piece of cloth to the bigger ones like beddings, you can easily use it on any of these surfaces. You can also use it to show the purposes of using each of the clothes.

Who can Use This (Laundry) Marker?

Interestingly, there are no bindings of age or class that can use this. Everyone can enjoy its efficiency. But this marker pen works wonders for those who deal with lots of laundry loads.

By using these markers, you’ll create unique identifiers based on person for the clothes you or your loved ones own. Since there are no toxic chemicals in it like Xylene, it’s not harmful at all.

How to Use it

Laundry Markers are great for easy organization. In fact, it’s easy to use, and in no time at all, your laundry will be neatly organized! But there are no specific ways to use laundry marking pens. Still, I’m giving some tips below that may help you in using it.

  • Place the laundry marker in an easily accessible area with your clothes.
  • If you want to use more than one marker for a load of laundry, make sure that each laundry marker has a different color.
  • Decide which colors correspond with which loads or categories (e.g., lights vs. darks).
  • Write on all items in the appropriate category using the corresponding color per load. Write on both inside and outside surfaces if desired.
  • If you don’t want a mark on the outside, put cardboard underneath the area (it’ll save you from bleeding). Then apply directly from the tip onto the surface with firm pressure.
  • Permanent ink needs time to set, which may take several minutes depending on the type used. Some dry immediately, while others need more than one day before they dry thoroughly and will not come off on contact.
  • Some markers also need to heat set. So, you must need to give that space to the ink or set it before laundering the items. I always recommend using quick-drying ink markers.
  • Some markers come with either broad nibs or fine tips. So, get one according to your need.
  • I always recommend testing first by applying a laundry marker to an inconspicuous area before marking entire garments. And use permanent ink that will not come off even after many washes!
  • Use the markers after washing the laundry one time. It’ll remove any starches or filler inside the fabric that may absorb dye.

However, it’s always better to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. It’ll also help you work with specific clothes types as some markers won’t work on nylon items.

How to Look for the Good Laundry Markers

It’s needless to say that a good marker won’t come out or bleed after being washed several times. It also needs to have the capability of writing down each type of fabric smoothly.

So, from my experience, I can say that Sharpie Rub-A-Dub Permanent Laundry Marker works excellent in this regard.

With this marker, you can create marking on your clothes without any fear of bleeding or feathering. The uniquely formulated ink marks will never go off after washing or dry cleaning.

But this fine point marker pen comes in only black color. So, it may be challenging for your to label dark fabrics. However, if you create a label on the collar tag, it won’t be a problem.

Interestingly, the marking won’t wash out or fade away. So, if you want to create a fabric label that reveals your strong ownership, then go for it.

Write on fabric and have it withstand the wash using this Sharpie Rub-A-Dub Laundry Marker.


Every good thing has a downside, and it’s no exception for laundry markers also. If you use a lower-quality marker on your clothes, then it’s obvious that you’ll get lower output.

Most of the cheap quality markers bleed through and make a blot spot on the clothes forever. So, try to use high-quality permanent fabric markers and label on the inside seam or underneath the collar tag.

Please do not put any marks where they may be visible from the outside of clothing. It could lead to embarrassment for the wearer.

Again try not to put laundry marker marks on any part of the clothing that is touching skin, as this could lead to irritation or allergic reaction. It’s primarily applicable for markers that are not non-toxic.

If you have any plan of selling your old clothes to the consignment shops, it’s better to know that these shops don’t accept labeled clothes. Mainly those products that are marked with permanent ink.

Keep these markers away from kids as the labels made by these pens are not washable. If your kids, by accident, write on the front part of the clothing, you won’t remove it.


Q: Is there any alternative to laundry markers?

Sometimes you may need to look for an alternative to laundry markers, especially when you run out of ink.

In that case, you can use a permanent fabric marker for making labels on the garments. They are available in varieties of colors too and also don’t washed out.

Sometimes people also use permanent markers. However, these markers are not intended to use on clothes, and they may fade easily.

Q: Is a laundry marker the same as a permanent marker?

The purpose of a laundry marker and a permanent marker is not the same. Again the ink used in these two markers is the same in the sense that they are permanent. But the compounds used in ink are not the same.

After few washes, Sharpie markers may fade away to washed out. But the ones that are specifically made for the laundry are water and fade-proof.

Final Thoughts

By coming to this point, you may have learned everything about laundry markers and their usage. Here, I’ve also discussed the pros and cons and how to look for the best one.

Hopefully, you won’t face any difficulty using laundry markers from now on. So, for ending your labeling miseries, grab a laundry marker today!

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