What Color Highlighter Should You Use for Studying?

Be it for study strategies or official works, the use of highlighter pen has been uplifted massively. From marking important texts for memorizing to marking important dates, a highlighter has been supporting us all the way.

But the variation in color raises different questions. As a student or teacher, you might think of what color highlighter you should use for studying? The answer remains not only confined to studying but also to most other works.

The most popular colored highlighter pen stands to be green. It is massively used for memorizing and giving attention. Then comes the yellow for memorizing and confinement. When you feel bored, the orange highlighter uplifts your mood, and a blue highlighter helps to refresh your mind.

We’ll be knowing further about them along with the proper and perfect use of highlights. Let’s not forget about the rules of colors in highlighter and how it plays a due role.

What Color Highlighter Should You Use for Studying

Why Do We Highlight Text?

The main reason for highlighting texts is to give proper attention to those specific words or texts. Because a book or page has several words written, it makes it difficult to resume a specific line. Again, it is difficult to memorize a specific line among all the texts on a single page.

Highlighting that specific text does the trick perfectly. Because when you highlight it, the text remains in a unique position, easy to be identified. The attention towards that text becomes more confined, making it easy to get it in your mind. This text highlighting strategy is very effective for handwritten notes too.

Apart from texts in books and pages, important dates on the calendar are also highlighted at times. The coloration of the specific date helps you to remind the purpose of highlighting it. The same goes for any text written in the diary, notepads, etc.

Overall, highlighting texts gives assists you more than anything else in remembering specific tasks, goals, lines, memorizations, etc. Starting from a long time, the tradition is still going on. With the innovation of highlighters, the purpose and usage became more accessible and versatile.

Does Highlighter Color Have Any Effect on Our Brain?

Speaking in the sciences, color is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that has its magnetic frequency. Each of them has its specific wavelength and purest form of energy.

So, the colors having their unique characteristics and contributions have some impact on the human brain. Because one the color catches our sight, it goes directly to the brain and works accordingly to its characteristics.

When you mark a text or words with a highlighter, different human nature like feelings, attention, priority, and behavior becomes influenced by the color.

The most color of the highlight assures you to give more attention to the highlighted texts or words. This increases the probability of memorizing the highlighted thing better.

Many kinds of research also concluded the influence of color to keep the memorized texts, dates, etc., in your mind for a long time than memorizing them usually. The highlighter color is a catalyst in making it happen.

Also, it is proven that you will always tend to give more attention to the highlighted texts. Because the color will always catch your attention among the default ones. More attention on the highlighted text reserves more importance in memorizing through the human brain.

Highlighter Colors that You Should Use for Studying

Knowing about the importance of highlighters and highlighter colors is an excellent means to use for study. It levels up your concentration on the specific texts, boosts your capability of memorizing them.

But, do all colors influence the same thing? The answer is no. With the variety of characteristics, the colors have unique features to uphold their roles in study purposes.

Some of them are good for reading while some others are good for resumes. On an overall basis, each color got its uniqueness to be implemented for studying. Let’s get to know some of the most used highlighter colors and their characteristics for studying.

Highlighter Colors that You Should Use for Studying

Green: Improves Concentration

Any green object becomes soothing to our mind once we look after it. Most fascinating things of nature come in green color, e.g., mangoes, apples, trees, papayas, guava, etc.

When nature itself gifted the color green with such an excellent set of minds, it is evident that the color influences versatile manners. For studying, the color is the most influencing and most used one.

Just like looking at nature attracts your attention to the fullest, using the green highlighter does the same in your studies. When you mark the texts of your book with green highlighter color, it helps you improve the efficiency and focus on the text.

Not only that, the green-colored heavy highlighter allows you to consume the words quickly. Not only that, it remains preserved in your mind for a considerable period.

Memorizing a green highlighted text is comparatively more accessible and more comforting for learning process. The words enter your mind faster and remain for a long-term concentration. So, you can use the green-colored highlighter without any hassle for any kind of memorization, reminder, and markings.

Yellow: Best for Memory

On the white page of various writings, the yellow color prevails like a booster in your memory. It helps to consume the words and texts so accurately that you can keep them in your memory for a long time.

Yellow is a stimulating color that tends to grab the most excellent attention from the learners. Just like the sunshine, the light highlighter color always vows to bring the similar in your life. For every student, this goes for a blessing as memorizing many things from books and study notes is tough.

Apart from that, yellow is used to mark various kinds of warnings and signs. As this helps people remember the hazardous stuff, using it for the study will also generate to remember the book or copy texts.

Apart from study notes, the color works actively in creating enthusiasm and enhancement in various fields of designing. Many great artists have been using color as popular background material. It helps you to enrich the art in your memory for a long time.

Orange: Lifts Your Mood

After passing a dull and tiring day at school, not everyone gets their mood to study. In this case, an orange highlighter will surely uplift your mood. It is such a fantastic color that removes all kinds of monotony from your mind and gives you the pleasure of quickly adapting to the most challenging things.

No matter how tough it is, any long paragraph can be easily adapted through a light highlighter. With a particular perspective, the color adapts to the brain like a cheerer for self-regulated learning. The moment you read upon the orange highlighter; your dullness will fade away.

According to the scientist, the color orange is also active in increasing the oxidation in your brain. It helps to increase the ecstasy in your mind, getting more attentive and productive to your usual academic works.

As the color is so accurate in lifting your mood, too much blotting or boldness is not recommended for the younger ones. At times, hyperactive disorder hits the most for the bold color. So, it is better to use the light tone available in every field.

Blue: Increases Productivity

Amid a busy day, it is not easy to remember all your tasks and deadline. When you mark any task or deadline with a highlighter, you always get a gentle reminder when you look at it.

And when the marking is done with a blue highlight, it assures you to be the most productive in that sector. Mostly, the students of schools and colleges get the best privilege of active learning in deeper levels.

Just like looking at the sky refreshes your mind and gives you more will to charge up, the blue color also enables the same energy. Productive tasks like mathematics, programming, etc., become more manageable when you mark them with a blue highlighter.

Also, for highlighting various memorizing information, a blue highlighter can be a good thing. Once you learn or adapt things marked by blue highlighter, the tendency of working on it becomes high. That’s why tasks like programming are recommended to highlight with blue colors. As it goes and on, you won’t feel bored of doing it.

With blue-colored heavy highlighter, you can elevate the thinking capability and creativity in your regular learning. It gives you an extra kick like the one of orange color. But at times, it led you to different detachment and coldness of mind.


Q: Which highlighter color is best for memory?

The yellow highlighter color is the best for memory. The color is light enough to enter your brain for a long time. Remains confined and uplift the additives to a whole new level.

Q: What color highlighter is most prevalent?

The green color highlighter pen is the most popular one. This highlighter has been widely used for academics, offices, and other purposes. For the best reminder and eye-catching purposes, the color became quite popular.

Neon green is widely used and adaptive among the green color variations. Once you use it over the texts, it remains so confined that your attention cannot escape from it.

Q: Should I use a highlighter for studying?

Using a highlighter for studying is one of the best and most adaptive usages of a highlighter. The advantages of using a highlighter for studying are:

  • Helps you to memorize texts from study notes
  • Helps you to resume from the part you left out last time
  • Grabs proper attention to the specific texts to read and learn convincingly
  • Makes a good selection of what to learn and what not to amid

 Q: How do you use different highlighters for studying?

There are specific roles of different colored highlighters for studying. Such that:

Green: It helps to grab the attention and differentiates the memorizing sections easily.

Yellow: The most effective one for memorizing. Keeps you memorizing things in the brain for a long time.

Blue: Your productivity and refreshment of mind increase to some folds. You get the energy to work relentlessly.

Orange: Prepares a cheerful mood to study further. Helps to remove the day-long fatigue quickly.

Red:  Helps to get energy for reading a specific topic. Increases the positivity regarding the matter and enriches for continuing.

Final Words

The best uses of different colored highlighters have been depicted perfectly. For the exact purposes, you can use these colors relentlessly.

There are no restrictions to use the colors for apparent purposes. Just the color’s best uses have been stated and recommended. Apart from that, you can use them for other purposes or might even shuffle the purposes when needed.

Keep using these amazing highlighters, and stay tuned as we bring you more exciting uses of the pen.

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