The Best Chalk for Chalkboard: Reviews in 2022

Chalks! It’s something everyone has a connection with. From school and college to being a professor or teaching your kids how to write ABCDs, chalks have been a perfect friend for everyone.

However, in modern times, people hardly use chalks as they’re replaced by markers and pens. But then again, you’ll find a lot of people who love it old-fashioned. Some teachers still use them in classrooms since chalks are pretty cheap and easy to write with.

Parents use chalks not only on chalkboards but also on concretes, sidewalks, etc to play with their kids. Besides, you can see it in the restaurant menu board.

Over time, chalks had its evolution as well. Now you can find lots of colorful chalks in the market that have got mind-blowing features. If you’re in search of the “best chalk for chalkboards” right now, we’re here to help you up.

We’ve reviewed the top chalks available in the market

Best Chalk for Chalkboard Review

After doing a lot of research, we’ve come up with the chalks that are running hot in the market. Here, we’ve organized the top 5 chalks on the table. If you’re in a hurry, just pic one from this comparison list.

1. Kedudes Non-Toxic White Dustless Chalk

Kedudes Non-Toxic Chalk

If you want to get yourself something that’s quite budget-friendly but it doesn’t have the quality compromised, you can get your hands on the dustless chalk from Kedudes.

‘Dustless’, you can guess by the name that these chalks have got dust-proof attributes. Meaning, from now on, you’ll have less amount of dust clouds.

As you use them on your blackboard or any type of chalkboard, the fine details will impress you no matter what.

Typical colored chalks are pretty hard to notice from a great distance, but these chalks change the game. As you write something, you’ll be able to see the letters and lines from a distance with clarity.

Besides, they allow you to write smoothly on the chalkboard unlike anything else. When you need to erase them just simply wipe them with the chalkboard eraser the set offers you and Voila!

The chalks are completely non-toxic to be safe. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re using it or your kids are playing with it, it won’t be much of an issue.

With the whole pack, you’re getting 12 white-colored chalks and 12 colorful chalks. So, choose your chalk at your preference.

2. Crayola Non-Toxic White Chalk

Crayola Non-Toxic White Chalk

The 2nd place of our chalkboard chalk reviews is occupied by this one from Crayola. You must have seen the watercolor markers from this giant but did you guess it manufacturers chalks as well?

With the whole set, you’re getting no less than 6 boxes of chalks. Each box comes with 12 chalk sticks, meaning, you’re getting 72 chalk sticks altogether.

Even though these chalks work amazing on chalkboards, you can use them almost anywhere you want.

Decorating sideways, concrete areas, driveways, you name it, you can go for a versatile amount of surface. As you chalk around, you’re less likely to create any mess. The chalks are completely dust free and they don’t spread dust-cloud like the typical ones.

If you happen to mess up your clothes, there’s no point in freaking out at all. Yes, it can produce a residue but you can wash it within seconds.

With the set, you’re getting all the chalks in white color. If you’re using a blackboard or let’s say any color that’s a bit dark, Crayola is the perfect choice for you.

As for colors, the set includes 3 boxes of white chalks while the other 3 boxes have got colored chalk in it.

You can use the white ones on the traditional black or dark-colored chalkboards. The colored ones create vibrant lines on other surfaces. As the name says, the chalks are completely non-toxic, so you won’t have to bat an eye about itches and allergies.

The headings stay vibrant for months of use. However, if you press the chalk hard, it can break at some point.

3. Fat Zebra Design Non-Toxic Chalkboard Chalk

Fat Zebra Design chalk

This one right here is something you can use on your chalkboard and outside the classroom as well. The whole set offers you a wide range of colorful chalks that will get the wow out of you.

While colorful chalks are pretty expensive, this pack should be pretty budget-friendly for you.

The product you’re getting your hands on, offer you as much as 120 colorful chalks. As for the color variants, you’re getting 10 different colors to choose from.

You can present it to your toddler or your students. Kids will get to show you their creative side, imagination, cognitive skill and so on.

Chalkboards, sidewalks, driveways, these chalks can blend the color on a wide number of surfaces. Learning and playing Hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe will join hands from now on.

And guess what? The chalks are pretty easy to grab. The makers have made these chalks in such a way that little kids can find it easy to hold it. Each colored chalk comes with the 1-inch diameter with 4 inches height.

The best part? There’s no way the chalks will roll down all by themselves even they’re on an inclined surface.  The credit goes to the tapered shape they show off.

On top of that, these chalks are completely non-toxic, so it doesn’t matter if you use it or the kids, everyone’s in the safe zone.

As for making a mess, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The chalks are completely dust-free. However, if somehow it does make a residue on clothes, know this that they’re completely washable.

4. WEIMY Dustless Chalks for Chalkboard

WEIMY Dustless Chalks

WEIMY, better known as zero dust chalks are often preferred since it creates less mess than the mainstream ones available in the market.

Loved by parents and teachers and easily playable for children, these stand out completely than any other regular chalk.

Not just blackboard, children can use this one even on windows, mirrors, glasses and even on plastics. Let it be driveways or sidewalks, you can allow your child to show his artistic side right away.

Wait! Don’t panic if he uses it as drawing chalk and messes up the entire house, making sketches of his imaginary friends. You can easily wipe off the chalk using a damp cloth, it’s that easy.

Its 100% dust-proof feature makes it one of a kind to prevent the cloud of dust from creating a mess. Since they’re completely non-toxic, you won’t have to worry about skin issues at all.

Want to give it a try by yourself? Who says the kids are the only ones who can use it? You can make good use of this chalk, creating diagrams and lines in your classroom. WIMEY chalks are completely smudge-proof, so you won’t see them bleeding out at all.

This set offers you a wide range of pack variants. You can go for either the white chalks, a pack of 12 chalk sticks. Or you can for the colorful chalk-pack that comes with 12 sticks.

5. Sargent Art 662010 Colored Dustless Chalk

Sargent Art Colored Chalk

Let it be your home or your classroom, the dustless chalk from Sargent Art is the perfect catalyst for creating those fine lines and arts. Let it be blackboard or light-colored chalkboards, you can use it on anything.

Apart from the boards, if you want to play with your kids on the driveway or the sidewalk, you can go for it. Besides, you can also create the jaw-dropping arts on glass, windows and concrete walls.

As you chalk around, you’ll see it creates all the marks smoothly while the color shimmers a vibrant aura. If you change your mind, you can simply give it a wipe and the chalk will get erased easily, doesn’t matter what surface it was on.

Say goodbye to the clouds of dust once and for all. It’s not like regular chalk that creates chalk-clouds. Thanks to the dust-proof attribute, you don’t get your place messy.

Thanks to the non-toxic attribute, you won’t have to take stress if your child gulps it in. The chalks from Sargent Art are completely safe to use, especially for kids. With the whole set, you’re getting 12 pieces of colored chalks. So, your child won’t run out of his little playful buddies in a while.

6. Sargent Art Colored Square Chalk

Sargent Colored Chalk

If you’ve fallen in love with chalks from Sargent Art. You might want to have a look at the chalk pastels from the same brand.

‘Chalk Pastels’, these are not the mainstream chalk types you use on your board, no. Unlike the normal chalks, the pigments of chalk pastels have a high concentration. Also, they come with the least amount of binder.

The Sargent Art chalk pastels do not fail to possess these attributes though. As you use it, you’ll find them to be smoother. Besides, the lines and art you’ll create on your board will be more intense than the normal chalks out there.

The colors give you a dry texture and on top of that, they don’t bleed out at all. You’ll have superior color control and much more vibrancy with these little friends in your arsenal.

Thanks to its non-toxic features, you don’t have to worry about skin issues at all. These are completely safe to use and your kid can use these chalk pastels as well.

The set comes with 12 chalk pastels with a wide range of unique colors to choose from.

7. Lucky ’99’ Colorful Chalk Set

Lucky Colorful Chalk

‘Cute’ is the first word that might pop inside your brain when you see the colorful chalk set from Lucky 99. But don’t let the cuteness fool you for its strength. The chalks are pretty sturdy compared to others we’ve reviewed over here.

Thanks to the break-resistance feature they come with; the chalks do not break at all even if you press them a bit harder on any surface.

Each chalk piece is 7.5 cm long, which pretty large in shape. And of course, they hold enough durability to withstand all the beating.

Use them on your chalkboard and you’ll see the rich pigment they show off. The colors do not bleed at all and on top of that, they’re so clear that you can see the letters and lines from a good distance.

And who says you have to use them just on chalkboards. You along with your kids can color around the sidewalks, driveways, concretes, glass, windows, etc. These chalks are best known for using on outdoor surfaces like pavements.

After playing with your kids, you can use a hose to have the colors cleaned. If you happen to mess up your clothes by any chance, don’t scared of the residue. These chalks are completely washable from clothes as well.

As for safety, the chalks are non-toxic, so even if your kids play with it for hours, you won’t have to worry about them at all.

You’re getting two package variations to choose from. There’s the set of 15 colorful chalks, or you can for the set of 20. The fact that the set comes with a nice box, makes it a gift material. The box has got a handle which you can use to carry the chalks with you anywhere you want

8. Colorations SCPAK Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

Your search for the best chalkboard chalk may come to an end now with the classroom pack chalk from Colorations. If you’re tired of running out of chalks once in a while, this package can be your perfect choice.

How? Well, with the set you’re getting no less than 126 pieces of chalks. That’s huge right?

Choose from 9 different vibrant colors and start creating your chalkboard art.  This set comes with a wide range of colors to choose from.

As you use it on your blackboard, you’ll be able to create all those fine arts and lines with awesome details. But then again, you can allow your students and even your kids to use the chalks on the sidewalks, driveways, windows or glass.

Don’t worry, after they have their playtime, you can easily clean all the cute arts within a snap. Simply wipe it clean or use a water hose to rinse them. Somehow, if they mess up their clothes, you can wipe them easily by getting a machine wash.

As far as safety is being concerned, the chalks or completely non-toxic. So, whenever the kids are playing with it, they’re always in the safe zone.

Why Do We Need Regular Chalks?

Regular Chalk

When it comes to writing things in classrooms, people use markers to write a lot of things. Now, if you’re someone back from the 90’s or before that, you’ll know how ‘regular chalks’ had the importance.

Over time, people are replacing chalks with markers, especially when they write on whiteboards. However, even though people are more into markers these days, chalk companies didn’t shut down the production of chalks.

Why? Well, people are still using chalks, let it be in classrooms, inside the home, or restaurant. It seems that we can’t ignore the needs of regular chalks completely. There are a couple of reasons.

Chalks are Cheap

Chalks are pretty cheaper than markers. Seriously! There are still a lot of people who want to save some bucks, you see. So, they use chalks instead of markers.

You’ll see a lot of countries that are facing financial issues are still using chalks. USA have a lot of schools that use chalks, save money and invest it on something else like books.

Wiping the Board is Easy

Write something on your board using a pen. And now write something on a chalkboard using chalk. You’ll see it takes less amount of time to wipe the chalkboard. All you need to do is use a duster and wipe it clean. It takes seconds.

Used on Hard Surfaces

Unlike markers or any other writing materials (like pens), you can use colorful chalks to write on hard surfaces like concretes, walls, pavements, sidewalks and driveways. Kids often love to draw squares on sidewalks to play. It’s always fun to have a playtime with your kids.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Getting your hands on a set of chalk? Good for you. However, not all the chalks have good qualities you see. If you fall on the wrong hands, you might end up buying the wrong set of chalks. This is why make sure you know the things you need to consider before buying chalk.


Typical chalk sets have one common problem. They don’t offer you a wide range of colors. If you’re buying a set of white chalks, you won’t have to bat an eye for colors though.

However, if you want to go for the colorful ones, make sure you get yourself the chalk set that gives you a wide choice of colorful sticks.

Number of Chalks

Some chalks set can cost you a fortune. Yet, they don’t have a good number of sticks inside. You’ll run out of chalks pretty soon. This is why make sure you get your hands on the set that has a large number of chalks in its arsenal.  Going for less than 12 chalks in one set is not a wise move according to us.


Durability matters a lot when it comes to anything. Obviously, you’d want to press your chalk harder on your whiteboard, right?  If it breaks somehow, this fact might get on your nerves.

This is why make sure whatever chalk you’re getting, you should get yourself the one that is break-proof. Now, not all the chalks will have this ‘Break-proof’ label. However, if you can get your hands on one of these products we’ve recommended, we can say for sure that you won’t regret it.

Size of the Chalk

Some chalks are pretty hard to grasp while the other ones are pretty easy to hold. Let it be you or your little one, size matters for both of you when it comes to writing. So make sure the chalk you’re buying has a perfect size that fits your or your child’s grip.


Chalks create a lot of dust cloud and this is why most people prefer markers. However, if you’re getting chalk anyway, make sure it’s dust-proof. These chalks cause less dust and they’re pretty comfortable to write with.

Is It Toxic?

There are many chalks that are made of toxic materials. This can be pretty harmful to your skin. Besides, if somehow your kids take it in his mouth, it can be pretty dangerous. This is why always get yourself a non-toxic chalk set.

These are safe to use, won’t cause any itch or irritation to skin. Most importantly, your child will be in the safe zone when he’s playing with it. In that case you can also get a non toxic crayon set for your kids.

Washable or Not?

So, let’s say your kid drew a lot of things on walls, concrete and even on his T-shirt. You’re going to pull your hairs if you can’t wipe them off. This is why, whenever you’re getting chalk, you have to make sure it’s washable.

Frequently Asked Some Questions (FAQ)


Which one is the best chalk set over here?

All of these chalk sets have their own unique attributes. However, if you have a hard time deciding which one to go for, we’d recommend you either go for Crayola or the Chalk Pastel from Sargent Art.

First off, Crayola is hands down one of the most dominating brands when it comes to crayons, markers, and chalks. So, we can say, it will give you the feedback you deserve.

As for the chalk pastel from Sargent Ant, you’ve gone through the review and you probably have seen that it’s a bit different. The pigment it offers you is unlike anything else.

Can you use chalk markers on the chalkboard?

Chalk markers, also known as chalk pens can be used on chalkboards that have a factory-finish. You’ll be able to find them easily on the nearest craft stores. These chalkboards usually come with a smooth finish. If the chalkboard has a rough finish, it’s better not to use the chalk markers on it.

Old chalkboards are made of porous materials, so you’ll have a hard time using a marker on it. Fortunately, you’ll be able to find modern chalkboards that are made of non-porous material that combines with porcelain enamel. You can use your markers on such chalkboards without any problem.

How do you keep chalk on a chalkboard?

Now, you can often keep the marker or your pen inside your pocket, right? But how do you keep a chalk? Well, you can keep it on your chalkboard if you want.

To do this, you got to simply keep it on the edge of your chalkboard. No, it won’t fall. Or, you can fix a case with your chalkboard and keep the chalk on it.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you’ve gone through all the products and reviews, I think you know by now which one is the best chalk for chalkboard. If you still face a problem, you can read the article again and keep notes. Whatever the case, if you get your hands on this, we’re sure you’re not going to regret it at all.

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