How to Remove Chalk Marker from Chalkboard

Using chalk markers is a fun method to achieve many seemingly impossible things; from getting the kids interested in the class, to gaining more customers by captivating them with a beautiful chalkboard menu artwork outside of our restaurant.

However, once you achieve your goal and proceed to clean up, you might encounter that the chalk marker, regardless of how much you try, doesn’t get off the chalkboard.

It is a tricky situation because, sometimes, the instructions provided by the marker manufacturers don’t usually cover what to do when their products become irremovable.

Fortunately, we’ve got what you might need. During this article, we’ll cover the different methods to remove chalk markers off the chalkboard. All of which is possible using everyday products that everyone has lying around the house.

Grab your tools, prepare your DIY skills, and let’s do it!

Remove Chalk Marker from Chalkboard

Things to Know: Erasing Chalk ​Markers on a Non-Porous Surface

This process is often easier than working with porous surfaces, but it could still be troublesome if you don’t treat it properly. Something that you need to know is that porous surfaces aren’t only chalkboards, but also other materials such as whiteboard, glass or metal.

The good news is that erasing the markers off these surfaces doesn’t take much time or effort, and you can do it rather quickly. ​

To do it, get a damp cloth. Make sure it is clean, and try wiping the marker off. If you consider it necessary, soak it with water for about 3 minutes previous to the wiping. More often than not, it doesn’t take more than this wiping to get the marker off.

If for some reason the marker doesn’t come off, you could try getting one of those chalkboard cleaner kits. These kits include a spray, one eraser, and one cloth.

It is a small investment that will save you plenty of trouble in the future, but make sure to check the cleaning formula is safe to use. A water-based solution is always the best choice here.

But surprise, surprise! The marker still won’t go off! What do we do here? Perhaps it is because your chalkboard is porous, and you have to try other methods. We’ve got you covered in that area, too!

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Things to Know: Erasing Chalk Markers on a Porous Surface

A couple of porous surfaces are paper, concrete, wood, and of course, chalkboards.

Removing marker off these is more complicated, and the first thing you’re going to need is patience. Plenty of it. Because one of the solutions might not work, and then you’ll have to move on to try the next one. Perseverance is essential. There’s no way we are not erasing that marker today!

Now that we have complete faith in this task, what do we need to do? Use the next products, and your chances of success are guaranteed.

Using Magic Eraser – A Simple Way Out

Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser is a product that you could do well in having it available around the house, whether or not you have a chalkboard. It works for everything, and the results are incredible.

You can use it to remove marks from wall surfaces, or chalkboards, which is what we intend to do.

Start by damping the magic eraser with water. Not too much; a little bit will work. Have you ever used a sponge to clean the dishes? Good, because that’s what you’re going to do with it over the chalkboard. Pretty much the same movements, wiping across its entire surface.

By doing this process, you’ll be able to erase markers from all types of surfaces where you’ve used a chalkboard marker before.

The Magic Eraser meets our expectations, and it does justice to its name, providing a magic performance. It is cheap and works.

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Using Vinegar – A Reliable Everyday Product

using vinegar


Vinegar is present in every household, and if you don’t have one bottle of it, you should know that there are many incredible recipes you’re missing out.

But it works for more purposes than cooking. Use it to polish, clean, or remove marker, among other things.

Using vinegar to erase markers is something that you might need to do after using the Magic Eraser. There’s no doubt that it is an effective sponge, but sometimes it leaves some residue over the surfaces.

What you want to do in those circumstances is to repeat the same process that you did before, only this time, you’ll be using vinegar instead of water.

By replacing the water with a little amount of vinegar, the process is easier. A side benefit would be that the chalkboard gets disinfected, too.

Using Windex – An Alternative to the Magic Eraser

Using Windex comes as another option when you don’t have Magic Eraser available. It doesn’t make the process more complicated; you only need to spray it over the area of the surface with the marker and start wiping afterward.

After the process, you might still notice some residue over it, which we often call ghost marks. To get rid of those, use a piece of chalk to prime over the surface of the chalkboard. Then, wait a couple of minutes, and spray the Windex once again all across the surface.

Start wiping one last time, and after you finish, you’ll notice there will be nothing but a spotless chalkboard surface.

Using Chalk Marker Removers – Desperate Times Require Desperate Solutions

Alright, nothing works, you’re about to give up and throw that chalkboard to the trashcan. But, perhaps there’s still another solution? What could be better to erase markers than a marker eraser product?

As mentioned early in the article, there are special kits to take care of this issue. Most of the times, these removers are a substance inside of a bottle that comes with a spray nozzle, making the process easy. Everything you’ll have to do would be to spray over the chalkboard surface and then wipe it.

It is the ultimate solution because unlike the other three, you’d have to spend some money to get it. But, as long as it works, it will be an investment worth making.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How Do You Get the Chalk Marker off Without a Magic Eraser?

Windex is essential for removing chalk markers in place of a magic eraser. It is easy too. All you have to do is spray the Windex over the part you want to erase. After a few minutes, wipe it out with a clean cloth.

Some drawbacks exist. Make sure your chalkboard can resist the chemical components of Windex. As it is a glass-cleaning chemical, you might find some odd effects on the chalkboard. But most of the time, you won’t.

Q: Can You Remove Permanent Markers from Chalkboards? 

You can remove permanent markers from chalkboards with the help of isopropyl alcohol. The steps to follow here: 

Step 1: Moist a clean, dry cloth with isopropyl alcohol. 

Step 2:  Wipe the board with the isopropyl alcohol in a circular motion. That will loosen up the marker components. 

Step 3: Observe if the components have loosened up entirely or not. If they haven’t, repeat the steps. 

Step 4: Once you remove those marker components from the board, rinse the board with clean water. 

Step 5: Let the board dry under a fan or sun.

Q: Are Liquid Chalk Markers from Porous Surfaces Erasable? 

You can clean liquid chalk markers from porous surfaces in many ways. Glass cleaners are one of the most common implements used for this purpose. These are ammonia-based chalkboard cleaner, which is very strong and handy. Most popular too. 

Apart from that, baby wipes can be handy. You can just wipe the surface and clean them up. And the most common magic eraser is the light amid such a dark moment. Rub it on the surface, and you’ll get your job done there.

Finally Before You Go!

Erasing chalk markers from chalkboard is a simple process if you have the right solution. It may take a couple of attempts, but you’ll get it done, eventually. Then, the chalkboard will be ready to host your gorgeous drawings once again.

Nonetheless, you should always try to avoid having to go through the same issue in the future. Keep in mind a couple of considerations to prevent it, such as checking if the chalkboard is compatible with the markers you’re using, and always make sure the ink from the marker is not dangerous.

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