12 Best Chalkboard Erasers: Reviews In 2024

A chalkboard is a multi-purpose tool that allows us to express our ideas. Whether it’s at school, office, or home, both children and adults can use it for learning purposes. However, if you don’t have a good eraser to maintain the chalkboard clean, it all turns into a mess.

We’re here to help you with that. Today, we’ll give you a list of the best chalkboard erasers currently available. These products are outstanding due to the quality of their materials, which are capable of leaving a chalkboard wiped clean.

Best Chalkboard Erasers

Before discussing the products that concern us, let’s briefly clear out something that could be confusing for some: chalkboard vs whiteboard.

Top Rated Chalkboard Erasers in 2021

Now, let’s take a look at the most capable chalkboard erasers available in our list.

1. Kedudes Traditional Chalkboard Eraser

Kedudes Traditional Eraser

What better way to start than talking about a regular chalkboard eraser? In this set, you get two chalkboard erasers made of all-felt materials, guaranteeing the product’s quality and reliability. 

As soon as they hit the board, the erasers move across the surface to get every bit of chalk out.

The size is 6-inch x 2-inch, which is convenient for many reasons. Besides getting a comfortable grip on the hand, the erasers can cover a lot of areas in just a bit of time.

Professionals get to use these products at school, at the office, and even at home for DIY activities.

Children, however, may have a tough time trying to grab the erasers. The size can prove to be a bit too large for the little ones, complicating their tasks.

Other than working on almost all surfaces, this cleaning tool will perform safely. There’s no need to worry about damage on the boards, as the felt material ensures no awful streaks or missed spots behind.


  • All-felt material guarantees quality
  • Set of two efficient erasers
  • Safe for all chalkboard surfaces
  • Gets rid of chalk decently


  • Size of this product may be too large for little kids’ hands

2. Charles Leonard Chl74586 Chalkboard Eraser Set

Charles Leonard Chalkboard Eraser

There are a few reasons to consider purchasing this eraser. First, it comes in a set of 4, which is already a plus. Secondly, the design is good-looking, featuring black and white colors.

Although that’s not an essential aspect to consider when purchasing, it’s still nice when our tools look fancy.

The materials included in the creation of this product is also top-notch. For instance, there’s 1/8-inch of felt laminated to the body, making the eraser feel comfortable to use. Also, the double lock-stitched build provides reinforced backing.

Additionally, the overall size feels good on the hand. Both children and adults will be able to use these tools comfortably at school, office, or home.

Sometimes, though, the eraser does take a few wipes to get the chalk off the board. It’s a mild inconvenience that could be a dealbreaker for teachers and professionals searching for the most capable erasers.


  • Set of four fancy black and white units
  • Features reinforced backing
  • Felt material makes the eraser comfortable to use
  • A proper size that feels good on the hand


  • Sometimes, you’d have to make a few extra swipes to get the chalk off the boards

3. Kedudes Chalkboard Eraser for Dustless Chalk

Charles Leonard Chalkboard Eraser

This product measures 6×4.5×1.2 inches, a size that makes it one of the most well-proportioned items seen in this list.

Once you grab it, the eraser fits perfectly on the hand, guaranteeing a quick cleaning over the chalkboard with just a few swipes.

The product is as sturdy as it is durable. Even if it falls to the ground, the material is resistant enough to withstand the impact. As for its performance, well, the eraser manages to leave a clean surface both quickly and easily.

Another pleasant surprise is the added tools. Besides the eraser, you get a set of white and quality colored chalk. For teachers, that’s a deal that they cannot miss.

What you may not like is the stickers on the sides. They can be a pain to remove, which would make you question whether or not the purchase was worth it. Anyway, you’ll get past that small issue eventually, and the eraser will work just fine.


  • Efficient tool that removes chalk out of most surfaces
  • Convenient size for easy use
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a set of multicolor chalk
  • Durable


  • Removing the sticker on the side could be troublesome

4. Charles Leonard Multi-Purpose Eraser Set

Charles Leonard Multi-Purpose Erasers

If a couple of erasers is good, then a bunch of them can only be better, right? In this case, we’re taking a closer look at a set of 12 units that measure 2×2 inches each. They’re small alright, and yet they’re capable of leaving chalkboards perfectly clean.

These tools are ideal for daily use on all dry surfaces, as well as the standard chalkboards we all know.

The felt material used to create them, besides being effective, is also quite convenient. After use, you can clean the erasers using only soap and water.

Although they’re small, the erasers are as comfortable as every other pick we’ve seen. They’re sturdy, durable, and fit well in hands. Plus, the small size means they don’t require much storage space after you finish using them.

The biggest setback of these tools is their durability. In fact, it doesn’t take much pressure for the erasers to break, which could be a huge disadvantage in the classrooms.


  • A set of twelve erasers ideal for workspaces
  • Capable of cleaning dry surfaces as chalkboard
  • Convenient size for adults and children
  • Easy to clean after use


  • These erasers can break easily

5. Quartet Little Giant Economy Chalkboard Felt Eraser

Quartet Little Giant Chalkboard Eraser

The following eraser is an effective tool due to its absorption and cleaning power. It measures 5 “x2” x1”, which is a good size that feels comfortable while using it to clean the chalkboard.

Children, adults, and even elders could make good use of this tool for a variety of activities.

This eraser is safe for daily use, as it properly interacts with chalk particles to leave the surfaces wiped clean.

It’s an ideal tool for classroom and workspaces that doesn’t leave unpleasant residue on the boards after each use.

Other than a good size, the product offers a solid build with high-quality materials. The six strips of dense felt added on a strong felt backing provides a long-lasting and highly capable tool.

However, if you’re looking for a fancy eraser, this one is not what you need. Its design is simple and straight to the point, making it the most good-looking eraser out there. Either way, that’s just a minor nitpick that doesn’t ruin this product in the slightest.


  • Incredible eraser with outstanding cleaning power
  • Comfortable size to hold and clean quickly
  • Safe for daily use on almost any chalkboard surface
  • Made with six strips of dense felt


  • Not the most good-looking regular chalkboard eraser out there

6. TKOnline 3 Pack Premium Wool Felt Eraser

TKOnline 3 Pack Premium Wool Felt Eraser

By offering a long lifespan, the following set of three erasers would be a worthy acquisition for many. The material used to create them is wool felt and pine, which makes it easy to swipe.

Whether you do it fast or slow, a simple hand movement with this product gets the chalk out.

The materials included offering another benefit, which is comfort. In your hand, the erasers feel pleasant, allowing you to use them without a struggle. All in all, the wood handle certainly improves the quality of these products by a lot.

You’ll also like the measurements. Each item is 4.9Lx2.2Wx1.2H, with 1.7cm for the wool felt. The size, as well as the thickness, feels pretty good when you grab the erasers.

One minor issue you’ll notice is that, after cleaning, there could be some residue left behind. It’s an issue that takes away a few points from these products due to the additional cleaning it requires.


  • Good size with perfect thickness
  • Comfortable to use
  • Safe for many types of boards and surfaces
  • Removes chalk out of boards quickly


  • After cleaning the board, there may be some residue left behind

7. BAZIC Felt Chalkboard Wood Eraser Cleaner

BAZIC Felt Chalkboard Wood Eraser Cleaner

Although they may look simple, erasers have a combination of materials that makes them reliable. In this particular case, the product features materials that are non-toxic, durable, and soft for everyone to use, whether it’s kids or adults. The size is 3 1/4” long by 3/8” in diameter.

What you may like the most about this product is how consistently soft it is. Even after a long time using it, the eraser maintains its condition. That’s a benefit that comes in handy for many reasons, particularly when there are kids involved.

But what about its absorbing power? After several tests, the eraser delivered satisfactory results. The chalk came off effortlessly without leaving residue or any unpleasant particle over the board.

Despite the eye-catching design, the text printed on the wooden handle area doesn’t look as nice. Just the brand logo would’ve been enough.

This eraser comes in sets of 2, 4, and 24 units. Alternatively, you could purchase a single united instead.


  • Available in sets or individually
  • Good-looking
  • Decent absorption power
  • Soft consistency for comfortable use
  • Suitable size for kids and adults


  • Text on the wooden part of the eraser doesn’t look good

8. Sparco SPR1 All-Felt Chalkboard Eraser

Sparco Chalkboard Eraser

‘Straight to the point’ would be a good way to describe this product. It silently takes care of any traditional chalk on the board, guaranteeing quiet, smooth swipes across the board to prevent any disturbance in the room.

Since it doesn’t weigh much, you can use it both quickly and comfortably.

Something that may get your attention is that this product is a dustless chalkboard eraser, allegedly. While the eraser efficiently gets the chalkboard clean in just a few seconds, it’s not an entirely ‘dustless’ eraser.

However, it does get the chalkboard clean, which is what matters the most.

After using the eraser, what you get is a clean board with all the space needed to continue with your tasks. Just for that, it’s a valuable product that has earned its place.

Plus, the size is yet another advantage while using this eraser. By measuring 5x2x1.4-inch, it fits in your hand easily.


  • A lightweight eraser that efficiently gets chalk dust off most boards
  • Comfortable size for children and adults to use easily
  • Doesn’t make any noise while easy wiping clean the chalkboard
  • Decent felt build for better erasing and professional look


  • Not an entirely dustless chalkboard eraser

9. School Smart Premium Felt Chalkboard Eraser

Premium Felt Chalkboard Eraser

With an outstanding build, this product excels at everything it’s capable of doing. It features reliable felt construction that, other than effortlessly wiping clean a chalkboard, manages to maintain a good shape for a long time.

Unlike many other offers seen so far, this product sells as a single unit instead of sets.

Still, the price is worth it. The double sewn build provides strength, which translates to a sturdy quality eraser that feels capable and powerful. Using it is also quite simple, allowing it to be a versatile cleaning tool that classrooms would enjoy.

Another convenient advantage everyone will love about this eraser is its maintenance. After a long day of work, you can remove any residue left without much effort.

Even though most would agree the eraser is comfortable, other customers mentioned that it feels too stiff. It’s a matter of personal preferences, but the eraser does get better in time as you get used to it.


  • High-quality cleaning tool for an affordable price
  • Double-sewn build ensures strength
  • Felt construction for better cleaning
  • Long-lasting
  • Gets the chalkboards wiped clean effortlessly


  • Eraser may feel a bit stiff during first use

10. Officematters Magnetic Chalkboard and Whiteboard Cleaner

Magnetic Chalkboard Cleaner

We’re taking a slight turn from everything we’ve seen so far. These erasers, other than having a different color design, feature different build materials as well, which are foam, felt.

The EVA material makes these cleaning tools eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odorless.

Those construction materials also provide a soft, comfortable grip that makes using the erasers more comfortable. In total, there are 24 units per set, each one measuring 2x2x0.75-inch. This size allows children to use them perfectly.

While using the erasers, you’ll notice that all it requires is just a little bit of pressure to clean the chalkboard. Other surfaces you can wipe clean with these products are lapboard, memo pads, porcelain, and even glass.

Once you finish for the day, cleaning the erasers takes only a bit of soap and water. You can care for them by hand.

Unfortunately, the erasers don’t last long. The felt bottom comes off easily even before a week of using them, which is a shame.


  • Set of 24 small erasers
  • Eco-friendly and user-friendly build materials
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to gab by children and adults
  • Maintenance only requires water and soap


  • Not durable enough

11. Chalkola Natural Chalkboard Cleaner Spray Kit

Natural Chalkboard Cleaner Spray

Now we’ve taken a 180 turn. If the previous items weren’t good enough, here’s an alternative that may do the trick.

This product comes in liquid form, featuring a water-based solution with no alcohol, ammonia, or petrochemicals that may be dangerous.

This 8.5 fl. oz solution is all-natural, and it’s capable of removing those stubborn chalk or ink marks from any surface. Within just a few minutes, the chalkboard looks clean and ready to use once again.

In the purchase, you get additional tools like a white chalk pen, two magic erasers, and a 25×25-inch microfiber cloth. The cloth, in particular, is soft and absorbent. Once combined with the spray solution, there’s no chalk or liquid chalk markers that won’t come off the boards.

The other tools work well, but they’re nothing extraordinary. In fact, white erasers are almost useless after some time. Even better, the cloth is machine-washable, reducing the maintenance effort you’d have to do with other cleaning tools.


  • Complete cleaning kit with cleaning spray
  • Efficiently removes chalk after a few seconds
  • Cloth included is soft and highly absorbent
  • Safe water-based solution


  • While everything in the set works well, the little white erasers are almost useless

12. Arteza Chalkboard Glass board Cleaner Kit

Arteza Chalkboard Cleaner

Finally, we have a cleaning kit that offers two cleaners of 10-ounces each, a microfiber towel, a couple of magic sponges, and one magnetic eraser for chalkboards. Besides cleaning chalkboards, this kit works well as whiteboard, glass, and even as a blackboard eraser kit.

Suffice to say the cleaners deliver outstanding results. After use, they wipe clean the boards efficiently. The solution is non-toxic and safe for all ages due to the lack of harmful chemicals.

There’s not much to say about these cleaners other than they work as intended. While the towel and spray are the few tools most people will be using, the extra items included also do a pretty good job, even though they may not be necessary at all.

The red and black erasers may be good as a whiteboard cleaner set, but they’re not as useful when it comes to chalkboards. As for the white sponge, well, it’s up to you to decide how to use that.


  • Highly effective cleaners to get the chalk off boards quickly
  • Includes a useful microfiber to wipe the chalkboard clean
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Non-toxic substances safe for everyone


  • Extra erasers don’t seem necessary to clean chalkboards

Chalkboard VS Whiteboard: What You Need to Know?

Chalkboard VS Whiteboard

Throughout our reviews, you’ll be hearing a lot about the dry erase board. That’s just another term to refer to a whiteboard, which has some significant differences when compared to the traditional chalkboard surface. Here’s what you need to do between these two types of boards.

Whiteboards can tolerate permanent marker and other types of inks that may not come off with just a simple duster. Dry chalk isn’t suitable for whiteboard surfaces. These surfaces need top rated whiteboard erasers.

Chalkboards are ideal for dry chalk sticks, which comes off far easier than the markers used on whiteboards. Plus, chalk won’t leave stains behind.

Another interesting difference is the projection capacity. Chalkboards, by nature, absorb light. It negatively affects a quality image, which is not ideal when you’re trying to communicate clearly.

Whiteboards, on the other hand, are perfect for projection. They feature a light-colored surface that properly reflects light, which creates a clean image.

Last but not least, chalkboards are the go-to choice for people with strong attention to details. Chalkboards offer forgiveness with shading, allowing teachers to create complicated diagrams during lectures.

Whiteboard markers have a unique shade level despite the pressure or ink layering, narrowing down the possibilities of what you can do with a whiteboard.

Things to Consider Before Choosing

Here’s what you must keep in mind before purchasing an eraser.

Eraser’s Quality

The quality of the eraser depends a lot on the materials used for its creation. As seen during our reviews, most of these products come with a felt construction due to the many cleaning advantages of this material.

Either way, a high-quality dustless chalkboard eraser won’t only get the chalk off the surface, but it’ll do it by leaving no residue, scratch, or other types of damage behind.

While searching for the best chalkboard erasers, always consider the materials to guarantee it’ll be a quality cleaning tool.

Shape and Size

Although most erasers may look similar, slight differences in size could significantly impact how we perceive them. For instance, teachers and adults, in general, would do well with a traditional duster. All of the products here feel comfortable, and they fit adult hands without problems.

However, smaller erasers could also be a good choice, especially for classrooms. Kids would be able to use them without any discomfort, which is essential to improve their involvement during class.

Ultimately, deciding the shape and size of the eraser is a matter of personal preference. The options are many, with some brands even offering square-shaped eraser sets.

Quantity of the Set

Do you need a single or a bunch of erasers? We talked about offers with as few as one or as many as 24 units in total, which would be the ideal choice for teachers and office workers.

Alternatively, you could forget about the regular chalkboard eraser and go for a complete cleaning kit instead. We covered two of these kits, which will remove even the most stubborn dry erase marker smudges.

In that case, the ideal items included in the purchase would be the bottles with the solution and the cleaning cloths. Other accessories to consider would be extra accessories and pens, but that’s not always the case.

How Much Durable?

Erasers are one of those classroom tools that hit the floor almost daily. Since they plenty of useful ways to cleaning chalkboard surfaces, you want them to be as durable as possible.

Luckily, our reviews covered a lot of products that endured durability tests, making them reliable choices for classrooms, offices, and more locations.

Always keep in mind the material quality, the stitching, and the sewn technique used. More often than not, manufacturers give particular details about them that tell us exactly what we need to know how durable the erasers can be.

Final Words

That’s it for our chalkboard erasers reviews! As we’ve learned by now, these products are versatile tools that won’t only work on chalkboard surfaces but over whiteboard and many more as well.

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