Can You Use Dry Erase Marker on Laminated Paper

A dry-erase marker is an excellent choice for whiteboards because it can easily be erased and re-written. Dry erase markers are primarily used in the classroom by teachers to emphasize points or as a way to engage students.

Sometimes these are used by officials in any seminar or presentations. And all of them use these pens mostly on whiteboards.

But can you use dry erase markers on laminated paper?

The answer is, “Yes, You Can.”

Laminated papers are often used in classrooms where students take notes or review their classwork. But what about the marker ink that is left behind?

Is it that much easy to clean up? Or is there any specific way to use dry erase markers on laminated paper?

Well, in this article, I will answer all of these questions and more! You’ll also know whether you should use dry erase markers on laminated paper or not! So, let’s dive in.

Use Dry Erase Marker on Laminated Paper
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How Do Dry Erase Markers Work?

Dry erase markers are the most used tool in our daily lives, whether in the classroom or office seminars. But do you know, how it actually works?

Well, the manufacturing process of dry erase markers is somewhat identical to permanent markers. If I explain it, permanent markers are made of three main ingredients – a solvent (it can be water, alcohol, or oil), acrylic polymer (color sticks to the surface permanently due to this), and color pigments (it decides the color of the marker).

In terms of whiteboard markers, manufacturers use oily silicone polymers instead of acrylic polymer so that the ink doesn’t stick to the surface forever! Other ingredients remain the same. It helps you to write freely on whiteboards and wipe it off whenever you want. [source]

Best Surfaces for Dry Erase Markers

When it comes to using dry erase markers, the first name that comes to mind is whiteboard. But do you know that there are some other surfaces that you can these markers smoothly?

Dry erase markers actually works best on non-porous surfaces. Rather than whiteboards, you can use them on glass, mirrors, porcelain, melamine, floor, wall, wood, and other smooth areas.

And not only can you use these surfaces just for writing, but there are also some other ways you can use whiteboard markers and express your creativity. From taking notes to labeling your Tupperware, all you can do is easily using these markers.

How to Write on Laminate paper?

Laminated paper is a rigid paper that has a laminate coating on one or both sides. It is often used in posters and planners because it smooths away the wrinkles produced by embossing, laminating for durability, and other processes. You can also write on laminated sheets because of its tough and smooth surface.

But using the wrong tool may ruin your writing area as the ink won’t remove completely. Eventually, the surface will lose its writing capacity. So, how can you actually write on laminate paper?

The first thing you can use is, whiteboard markers. But after giving some wipes with tissue or cloth, you’ll see that the marker leaves a residue behind. So, you can use a whiteboard cleaner in that case for keeping the laminated sheet new.

The next thing you can use is wet-erase markers. And it is the best writing tool for using on laminated sheets. Because by using these, you won’t have to worry about smudging that you may face while using dry-erase ones. After using, you can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth or other household spray cleaner like Windex.

However, there may come times when you need to use permanent markers on paper where lamination is used. It’s probably due to the longevity of the writing. But then, after that time, you may want to remove it, which is seemingly not so easy. So, in that case, you can use a light wipe of nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to get rid of all the marks. Though it is not recommended for everyday uses.

How Do You Keep Dry Erase Marker on Laminated Paper?

There are different types of markers in the market. So, it’s important to choose a high-quality one to keep the writing for a long time without smudging.

Like keeping sharpie on plastic, sometimes you may need to keep dry erase markers on laminated paper for a more extended period (as there is a chance of smudging or smearing if you don’t take extra actions).

The first thing you can use is a non-acetone-based clear nail polish coating. Just write down the words on the paper you’ve laminated and let it dry without touching them. Once the ink has dried completely, use a proper coating of clear nail polish over it and dry thoroughly. It’ll give your writing great longevity.

Another thing you can use is mod podge. You’ll find two types of mod podge in the market – one is liquid, and another is a spray. The spray one is quicker and easier to use. You just need to spray over your writing and let it dry.

Once dried properly, your writing is safe. The last thing you can use is clear contact paper. Though you are writing on laminated paper, you can cover the sheet with self-adhesive clear contact paper after writing. It’ll seal the writing like forever! It may sound funny, but it works for real.

Another exciting part is that after sealing, you can write over it and wipe the writing. But your writing underneath will remain the same.

How to Erase the Dry Erase Ink Residue

As their name suggests, dry-erase markers are designed for writing on whiteboards – they have ink that easily wipes away with the simple swipe of a finger or cloth without leaving any residue behind.

But when using them on other surfaces like laminated ones rather than whiteboards, it will leave ink residue after some wipes. So, what can you do to get rid of all the mark stains?

Here I’m giving you two simple methods that you can use to remove all the stains and make your sheet as new as before.

Method 1 – Using Toothpaste

Maybe there is none who doesn’t brush their teeth. Just kidding! I mean, you’ll find toothpaste in every household as it’s a common ingredient. And if you don’t want to damage your paper, you can use toothpaste without any worries.

For removing the leftover ink ghosting, you have to use white toothpaste over the stain and then wipe it off with dry paper towels. If it doesn’t work, then you can use little bit of lemon juice, warm water, and toothpaste to make a solution.

Then use that solution over the residue, gently rub and erase marker stains. Repeat the process as much as needed. This solution also works to remove permanent marker stain off walls.

Method 2 – Magic Eraser

Magic eraser is known as the enemy of all tough stains. In terms of dry-erase ink residue, it may be your last hope.

Just buy a magic eraser from online or nearer shop and use it for removing leftover ink—no need to use any other chemical with it. You just need to wet the eraser and wipe the stain. Hope, it’ll work perfectly.

But if you don’t get magic eraser near your hands, you can use EXPO cleaner that is used to clean whiteboards. It’s a tough formula but works gently that will not do any harm to your sheets. Just spray it over the stains and wipe it with a soft clean cloth.

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Best Markers to Use on Laminated Paper- Expo Vis-a-Vis

We all know that EXPO is a famous brand of office supplies and their dry erase markers are also very popular. But rather than those dry-erase ones, you can use the EXPO Vis-à-Vis Wet Erase Markers.

These fine tip markers can be used on whiteboards, laminated sheets, hard plastic, and other non-porous surfaces. And for removing the ink, all you need is to wipe it with wet clothes or baby wipes.

These pens also work great on food storage containers, plastic bins, marking important dates on calendar, and other purposes. It comes with a pack of 8 vibrant colors to choose from. And the fine tip helps you to draw detailed lines rather than wide tip markers.

A Word of Caution

Though I suggest using wet-erase markers, it doesn’t work similarly on each type of laminated sheet. If you use them on low-quality sheets, then there is a chance of bleeding.

When you use whiteboard markers on it, you need special cleaner tools to remove all the ink residues.

But remember not to use rubbing alcohol frequently, as it’ll damage the writing surface and make your sheet unable to use anymore. And use non-acetone nail polish remover to get rid of the ink stain. If you use toothpaste, then go for the white ones, not gel-based paste.

  • Note: Don’t use any harsh chemicals or hard sponge to rub the stain as it’ll damage the sheet for good.

Another recommendation is, try not to use red color while using Vis-à-Vis Wet Erase Markers, as it’ll leave ink residue for sure.

Final Thoughts

Using sheets that are laminated is very useful in some cases, like taking notes in the classroom or tracing drawings. And after reading so far, you may have learned that you can use dry-erase markers on laminated sheets. Though it’s not an ideal decision, it can still be fun!

However, use them properly, as you won’t love it if your writing gets smudged in seconds! Yet, there are so many creative ways you can use whiteboard markers. So, it’s totally possible to have a slice of that pie! Good Luck!

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