The Artist Loft Sketch Markers Review in 2024

Are you looking for high-quality, reliable art markers? Then look no further! Today, I am reviewing the Artist Loft sketch marker set, which includes 24 pieces with a variety of colors to help adults and kids complete their tasks at hand.

The markers included in this set offer many benefits, such as good quality alcohol ink, an efficient dual-tip design, and durability, to name only a few. Sure, the price is a bit high, but after reading our article, you’ll find out why that price is worth it.

So, let’s start by discussing some of the key features of these tools.

Key Features of This Marker

How do the Artist Loft Sketch Markers perform in terms of design, color variation, ink type, and more? That’s what I will answer next.


The design of the markers is comfortable for both the sight and your hands. Their white exterior look is clean, and there’s a bit of color on each end to show the color of said markers. Kids will definitely have an easy time choosing which one they need for their drawings.

While drawing, the grip is incredible. Both large and small hands can use the markers without feeling awkward at all. Whether you intend to use it for a quick project or during a long class session, none of these markers will cause you any trouble.

As the title states, the Artist’s Loft Markers feature dual tip, which could be helpful for artists and children alike. One end of the markers features a brush tip and the other one is a chisel tip. Regardless of which end you’re using, the alcohol ink flows continuously, allowing you to fill those gaps with vibrant and beautiful colors.

The tips are good as well. The chiseled tip provides strokes for great accuracy and brush tips are great for fine detailing. As long as you use them correctly, you’ll be able to draw with high precision and accuracy to create an outstanding finish for your art.

Granted, the design of these markers isn’t the best when compared to others like Prismacolor markers or Copics. However, everything works perfectly to deliver incredible performance.

Ink Type

Alcohol-based ink has its ups and downs, as you’ll quickly realize while using these markers. There’s no denying that its quality is great, but you’ll have to keep some considerations in mind to prevent any unpleasant incident.

Let’s start with the benefits you receive while using these markers, and thus, their ink.

First and foremost, since the markers have alcohol-based ink, any alcohol blender is compatible with them. I am pleasantly surprised by the ink quality as I was expecting it to blend well and it turned out well. If you’re having a problem with a particular marker, you’ll be able to find the replacement rather quickly.

Another benefit of the ink featured in these sketch markers is how effective it is. Shortly after writing or drawing down on the paper, it won’t take much time for it to dry. After all, alcohol is a fast evaporating solvent, which is very handy when it comes to ink and markers.

Despite all of the benefits provided by this type of ink, you should be aware of a few things. For one, the alcohol ink is permanent, meaning that removing it afterward is hard, not to say impossible.

Also, if you’re not careful, the nontoxic permanent ink may bleed through the paper and mess up the surface. This issue happens regularly with alcohol-based markers, but as long as you do it correctly with the right precautions, you should be fine. After all, I found out to be a great product for coloring. 

Color Variation

Color Variation

One of the things you won’t miss after purchasing this set is color selection. Since it includes 24 colors, you should be able to follow through with most of your projects without the need to acquire another set.

Naturally, this dual tip sketch markers doesn’t include every color known to man, but they’re still good enough for many activities due to having multiple colors.

As you can see, the color range varies between light to slightly dark colors. Once on the paper, they look vibrant and gorgeous. The set even includes a blender to help you polish your art as much as needed until it looks as perfect as possible.

Drawing Quality

These sketch markers performed surprisingly well over the paper. They don’t need you to put an awkward amount of pressure on the tip to get the ink out, and once it’s there, the estimated drying time is pretty low. Shortly after drawing or writing, the ink will remain perfect.

Also, the results weren’t any different when it comes to blending. Whether you use regular or marker paper, this dual tip sketch marker moves smoothly over either one of them.

The only difference would be that the regular paper absorbs the ink faster, meaning that it’ll dry in less time than the marker paper. Due to its fast drying capacity, if you intend to use it on the first type of paper mentioned, you may want to be quick.

Another pleasant surprise is that the ink color actually matches the color on the caps. It may sound silly, but on more than one occasion, the colors advertised and the actual ink don’t match. In this case, that’s an issue that shouldn’t worry you.

Price Range

Artist’s Loft, as a brand, offers its customers the most reliable tools for everyday tasks at home, schools, or at the office. Due to the reputation of these markers, we can expect the complete set to be available at a medium-range price.

This set of markers isn’t expensive, but it also isn’t the most affordable. With a price range that varies between $15-40$, you’d have to spend a few extra bucks to get this product. 

Considering the number of makers, their quality and performance over the paper, the prices mentioned above are worth it. While using them, there won’t be any frustrating moments that may cause you any regret after purchasing this set of tools. Besides, you can use this marker as an alternative to copic.

Ultimately, it’s your decision to make. According to customer reviews and my experience, these markers are outstanding, and they’ve managed to meet most of the expectations successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Is the color quality of the markers any good?

Yes, the quality of the ink is pretty great. Now, the colors are mostly light, and they don’t get dark even after coloring over the ink multiple times. Keep that information in mind if you’re looking for darker tones instead.

Q: Are this artist loft marker refillable?

Unfortunately, the markers are not refillable. It’s one of the few disadvantages of these tools. Even then, they’re durable, so you could say that the long-lasting ink compensates for not being capable of refilling. However, if you are looking for refillable markers, then Copic markers are the best option. 

Q: Are the nibs of this marker replaceable?

No, the nibs are not replaceable. As mentioned in the previous answer, the markers are more of a one-time investment. Luckily, their durability makes them reliable for a long time.

Q: Do Artist Loft bleed through marker paper?

As it’d be the case with most alcohol markers, these also bleed through the paper. At least, that’s what happens when you use them over the regular paper. If you use marker paper or pads, the bleeding may not be as noticeable.

Final Thoughts

If a single Artist Loft sketch marker is good, imagine the benefits of having 24 of them! Now that you know what these tools can do, you have the final say on whether to purchase this incredible set or not.

Hopefully, this review has been helpful to you and the advantages provided outweigh the bad by far, to the point you won’t regret your purchase. So, if you are planning to add some more art supplies into your collection, Artist’s loft markers can be a great option. 

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