How to Draw a Ball Easy for Beginners Step by Step

Ball drawing seems to be very simple due to its circular shape. But you need to follow specific rules and regulations if you are learning how to draw a ball. Only by following the rules you can draw a ball easily.

Balls connect with our childhood, which is why people are attracted to drawing them. That’s why I’ve come up with some easy ball drawing ideas. I’ve tried to keep the step-by-step drawing tutorial as simple as possible for your better understanding.

This content will be helpful whether you draw soccer, volleyball, baseball, or basketball. Just follow the steps below and draw the ball you wish!

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How to Draw a Ball Step-By-Step

After going through this step-by-step tutorial of ball drawing, any of them will be easier for you. So, grab your sketchbook, pencil, and color to get into the drawing!

How to Draw a Basketball

Basketball is a popular game around the world. It has been played with a round ball that needs to be put on a hoop hung on top. However, basketball drawing has never been hard. Here, you’ve to play with circles and curves. So, let’s dive into the step-by-step basketball drawing.

Step-1: Draw a plus sign at 90˚ angle using a pencil and a ruler. Now, draw a perfect circle in perpendicular diameter using a compass.

Finish this stage by drawing a narrow ellipse around the horizontal diameter.

Step-2: In this stage, you’ve to draw the stripes on the ball’s body. Use a curve line and draw a semi-circle on the right side that will intersect the left portion of the middle horizontal line.

In the same way, draw another less round curve parallel to the vertical horizon. It’ll be on the left side of the vertical line. Now, draw a small reverse curve on the left side of the previous curve.

Step-3: Make all the stripes double by drawing curve lines beside each of them in the same way you’ve done before. You’ll see that thick stripes have been made, which will be perfect for coloring.

Then use your eraser and clean the inside of the ball. Don’t forget to clean the intersecting areas inside the stripes and make it a proper basketball.

Finally: This step is optional. If you want, keep the ball in the previous sketched position or color it as I did.

How to Draw a Volleyball Easy

Draw a Volleyball

Volleyball is another popular game around the world. In the world of drawing, volleyball is also known as a fan ball as the drawing shape looks like a fan. However, let’s focus on the volleyball drawing tutorial directly.

Step-1: Drawing a circle is the primary step of volleyball drawing. So, use a compass and pencil and draw a perfect circle. 

Now, use a ruler, divide the circle into half with a horizontal straight line, and make a middle point. Draw two other diagonal lines intersecting the middle point and the horizontal line. 

Step-2: Use your eraser and erase half of the three lines. Here, you need to be careful and erase lines so that the circle divides into three equal parts. It’ll be the radius of the circle. 

Finish this stage by drawing three curves on the side of three radius. You can use a compass for drawing these curves. 

Step-3: Start this stage by erasing the three radius lines. You’ll see that a fan-like shape has been made inside the circle. 

Then use a compass and draw 2-3 curves inside each circle section. A complete volleyball shape will be drawn after that. 

Now, you have to color the ball or keep it in the sketching position.

How to Draw a Baseball Easy

As an artist you can also pass your leisure time by drawing a baseball. The way this ball is crafted is really appreciable. This crafting issue may seem difficult but I’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible so that you can draw a baseball easily. 

Step-1: Draw a plus sign using 90˚ angle with a pencil and a ruler. Now, use a compass and draw a circle in a way that the circle has four separate parts inside it. 

Step-2: In this stage, you’ve to draw some arcs inside the circle. First, draw an arc on the bottom of the middle horizontal line. The arc should be closer to the middle line and bigger in size.

Draw another symmetrical arc on the opposite side of the middle point in a reverse manner. 

After that draw another two arcs on the bottom and the topside of the circle and inside the previous bigger arc.

Step-3: It’s time to draw the sewing part. The design of sewing is pretty cool but not that difficult to draw if you follow some technique. 

Draw some small holes on the two bigger arcs both on the top and bottom side. In the same way draw some holes on the two small arcs both on the top and bottom side. 

Finish this stage by drawing some small diagonal lines on the two middle (medium size) arcs both on the top and bottom side of the circle. 

Step-4: In this stage, start from the bottom part of the circle. Join the holes of bigger and smaller arcs with small diagonal lines situated in the middle using curves. The curves should be thick enough to visible the crafted sewing. 

Step-5: Erase all the leftover pencil marks inside the circle and make it clean. Use a fine liner pen or marker and outline the whole area. Now, color the ball as per your imagination or keep it blank.

How to Draw a Soccer Ball

Draw a Soccer Ball

Soccer is one of the most popular games around the world. So, definitely, soccer ball drawing will be a thing of attraction. Though it seems to be deceptively easy, you must follow some techniques to draw a soccer ball perfectly. So, let’s move into the step-by-step tutorial.

Step-1: The first step is all about drawing a circle. So, use a compass and a pencil and draw a perfect circle.

Then use a ruler and draw five diagonal lines inside the circle to divide it into ten equal parts. You’ll see that a middle point has been made where all the lines intersect.

Step-2: Again, take your compass, keep it on the middle point of the circle and draw another circle a little bit smaller than the bigger one.

Now, erase half of every diagonal line, leaving one after every line in the middle.

Step-3: Draw a pentagon in the middle of the circle around the middle point. For doing so, you have to connect the diagonal lines.

Step-4: Now, draw five triangle-like shapes on the five ending points of the diagonal lines. But it must be inside the smaller circle.

Soccer Ball Drawing

Step-5: At this stage, make those triangles a pentagon by joining two diagonal lines with the outer bigger circle. Do the same with every triangle-like shape. You’ll see that five pentagons have been made on the outer side of the smaller circle.

Step-6: Now, connect the five pentagons side by side using slight curve lines. Finally, connect all the five pentagons with the central pentagon using small straight lines.

Step-7: Color it to look like a real soccer ball. I’ve used a black marker and filled all the pentagons. And yes, a perfect soccer ball is ready to play with!

How to Draw a Football Easy

Most people are familiar with the basic shape of a football. It’s somewhat like the oval shape. But the stripes and the stitched line are very important while drawing a football. So, let’s move into the step-by-step football drawing tutorial. Hope you’ll find it easier.

Step-1: In the very first stage, draw a plus sign at 90˚ angle using a pencil and a ruler. Use a compass and pencil and draw a perfect circle around the plus sign.

On the outside of the central circle, draw another two circles on the left and right sides. Make sure that the radius of the small circle will be 1/3 of the main circle’s radius.

Step-2: Using a gentle curve, draw an ellipse around the three circles. You’ll see that the basic shape of football has formed.

Step-3: Using an eraser, erase the two small circles inside the football. Now, draw a semi curve starting from left and ending right on the upper side of the middle horizontal line.

It’s time to draw the lace of the ball. So, draw eight small hoops side by side over the semi-curved line and inside the bigger circle.

Step-4: Rather than the hoops, erase all the other pencil marks inside the football using an eraser. Draw small holes on the top and bottom of each hoop.

Step-5: It’s time to draw the white stripes of the ball. For this, draw a slight curve line on the right corner of the ball. Draw another curve just beside it so that there remains a visible gap between the two.

In the same way, draw another two curves on the left side of the football. The size and gap should be the same as the right-side curves.

Finish this stage by drawing a thin stripe under the eight hoops. And then outline the football using pen or marker.

Step-6: I’ve colored the football in dark brown and kept the stripe and lace part blank white. If you want, you can skip the coloring part if you like sketching only.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this step-by-step easy ball drawing tutorials. These were some of the most popular balls, and I’ve tried my best to make the tutorial easier for you. You won’t face any problem from on and will be able to draw any ball from this list.

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