How to Clean Chalkboard Erasers: Easiest Methods

If you are a teacher or working in a school or college, you may have frequently used the board & it’s eraser. You also know the importance of the duster’s cleanliness.

Therefore, you must know how to clean chalkboard erasers because the board’s cleanliness is completely dependent on the eraser.

Once in my school life, I was given to clean the blackboard by our teacher. The eraser there was not clean. Thus, the chalk powder got on body, that day I understood the importance of cleaning the board eraser.

However, let’s read the article to know the basic methods of cleaning chalkboard eraser, shall we start?

Ways to Clean Chalkboard Erasers (4 Helpful Methods)

Well, you can apply different methods to clean a board eraser because the procedures vary due to the duster’s qualities or characteristics. You can follow the 4 amazing ways to clean the chalkboard eraser, those are:

  1. Using a brush
  2. Using vinegar solution
  3. Dish-washing liquid
  4. Using Eraser cleaner

You can follow any of the methods to clean chalkboard eraser or duster. However, let’s see the methods one by one.

Method 1: Using a Brush

Suppose you have used white or colored chalk on your board & later used a duster to clean that, but you must know that only wiping the board is not enough. However, let’s see the steps to clean chalkboard surface with a brush, that’s one of the easiest one:

Using a Brush to Clean Chalkboard Erasers

First of all, you have to keep the blackboard duster against a wall & tap the upper side of it with something strong, thus, maximum of the dust will go away.

Now, you must flip the eraser’s side & see where chalk dust is still left, therefore, you must choose a small brush to clean the extra powders.

You can divide the cleaning surface foam into some sections & slowly run the brush into them. Please don’t be rough on them because they may tear.

Please check the board eraser after cleaning if it’s completely okay to reuse or not. Don’t worry because it won’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

Anyway, if you don’t have something liquid on your board like chalk markers, you can use the brush; otherwise, you must switch to other methods because it’s tough to clean liquid stains from the brush.

Method 2: Using Vinegar

White vinegar has been proved as an effective cleaner, but if you have only dust & no stubborn stain on the duster, you can skip it. However, lets see the steps of cleaning the duster with a vinegar solution. I hope it will be useful.

using vinegar

First of all, you have to take a bucket or pot to have some warm water. Then you have to add some drops of vinegar in that, but be careful about the proportion.

Secondly, you can put the whole ‘eraser’ in the solution of bucket or if you want to avoid that & clean a specific spot. You can dip a cloth inside & clean the eraser with a damp cloth.

You can use your finger after putting the duster in the vinegar solution if it has any strong stains; otherwise, it won’t go away completely.

On the other hand, if you add baking soda with vinegar in the solution, you should wear gloves instead of cleaning bare hands.

Well, after you have cleaned the stains & dirt in the vinegar solution, you may take another cloth to clean the vinegar substance from the surface & dry it immediately.

Method 3: Dish-washing Liquid

Dishwasher liquid contains harder alkali & chemicals than vinegar. You can use this method if you haven’t cleaned the eraser for a long time, or you have too much stain of chalkboard pen or something with high density.

Dish washing Liquid

Let’s see how you can clean the eraser with a dishwasher solution:

First of all, you have to prepare the ‘dish-washing liquid’ or powder with water to create a solution. Or you may follow the same steps of doing the dishes at home.

You have to clean all surfaces, especially the erasing part carefully with soapy water or dishwasher liquid. And you should use clean cold water after that.

Lastly, you must leave the eraser to dry & your duster is ready again to clean your chalkboard.

Method 4: Kokuyo- Eraser Cleaner

Well, an eraser cleaner is the latest sensation which has been people’s favorite; let’s see how to use it and clean your dust eraser step by step:

Kokuyo Eraser Cleaner

It’s an electric gadget as a washing machine that has a separate section for putting the eraser. You have to add necessary water and other elements there at first.

Then you must put the eraser on the washing area; later you should turn on the machine and start washing the duster.

It’s better to determine everything before you start the machine, such as time and speed.

Lastly, you must know dry it in the machine or if your machine doesn’t have the feature, you can take it out for air drying.

However, you can use magic eraser to clean your duster easily. It’s the most time saving solution for you I think.

Frequently Asked Some Question (FAQ)


Q: Can I Clean White Board Erasers with These Methods?

Well, nobody usually writes with regular chalks on a white board, right? Therefore, the first method of this four may not be applicable.

But, yes! you can use other methods to clean the whiteboard erasers.

You can use some lemon oil with white vinegar and and apply the vinegar method. It may more effective to clean erasers as well the boards.

Q: How Do You Clean a Chalkboard Without an Eraser?

You can use dry cleaning cloths to erase the board, especially when you have written with a marker. If you don’t have a duster around you, you can use a piece of paper towel as well.

Another great idea: Use some lemon oil on a soft cloth and clean chalk from the chalkboard walls or chalkboard paint. If the dust is old, this chalkboard cleaning tips will help you a lot.

Don’t use your empty hand to clean chalk from board or walls.

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Final Thoughts

If you have read the article very carefully, you must have known how to clean chalkboard erasers and which method is good for you. However, you should read the steps well and apply them exactly to have perfect results to maintain cleanliness in your classroom.

Best of luck, and take it as a daily life lesson. If you maintain the cleanliness, you can carry a good personality as well.

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