How to Draw an Ice Cream Easy Step by Step with Ideas

As a summertime snack to feel cool, there is no alternative to ice cream. From kids to adults, people of all ages love it. Since it comes in different variations and colors, learning how to draw an ice cream can be a great idea. You’ll have more opportunities to get creative with it.

In this article, you’ll find the ways to draw ice cream easily. I’ve tried to explain all of the ice cream drawing ideas in as detail as I could. Hopefully, this step-by-step drawing tutorial will make your task easier. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start making the art that will never melt!

Draw an Ice Cream Easy

Supplies What I Use

Pencil – Pencil is the most important of all art supplies. Here, I’ve used 4B and 9B pencils. I’ve used it for sketching the drawing before outlining. 

Color – Watercolor paint is a very versatile color. I really love it personally, and that’s why I’ve used watercolor here. Besides paints, I’ve also used watercolor markers to cover up the fine details. 

Paper – How beautifully you can illustrate an artwork mostly depends on the quality of the paper. Due to watercolor paint, I’ve used 260 gsm watercolor paper. It really gives a smooth finish.

Compass – Actually, compasses are very useful for drawing circles. They really help a lot in making perfect circles.

Eraser – A quality eraser is a must-have item for erasing the pencil marks before coloring. I’ve used high-quality regular pencil erasers here.

How to Draw Ice Cream Easily (Step-by-Step)

Whether it’s a popsicle or a cone, drawing ice cream is really very easy. Due to its variations and colors, it makes the drawing a more fun thing to do. Now, move forward to the part you were waiting for!

1. Drawing a Popsicle

Eating a popsicle is fun, as well as drawing. It’s one of the easiest of all variations. With a typical square-like shape, popsicle has stolen the heart of people. However, I’ll also start with such a shape in popsicle drawing and then add details. So, let’s get started!

Drawing a Popsicle Easily

Step-1: Draw a vertical rectangle using your pencil. There is no such difficulty in it. Make the size you want to see your ice cream like. 

Step-2: Make all the edges of the rectangle round. You’ll see that the rectangle has started to take the shape of a popsicle. 

Now, draw a semi-circle on the top right corner. The reason for making this shape is that after completing the ice cream, the corner will look like someone has taken a bite from there. It’ll look similar to a half-moon shape. 

However, use a black marker or a fine-liner pen to bold the outline. And erase all the pencil marks. 

Step-3: It’s time to add some details to it. Firstly, make a closed curve line in the middle of the popsicle from left to right. Through this curve, it seems like the ice cream is melting down. 

Now, draw some small circles on the upper side of the curve. These circles will be the sprinkles. Finally, draw a holder on the lower part. 

Step-4: Without color, ice cream will look lifeless. So, add some beautiful colors to it. I’ve colored it in pastel watercolor shades and kept the sprinkles blank. I’ve put a brownish color on the holder to look realistic. 

But coloring always depends on the imagination of the artist. So, color it in the way you want to look it.

2. Draw an Easy Ice-Cream Cone

After the popsicle, cone ice cream has been the favorite of people. However, I like the cone most! Actually, drawing cones is also very easy. Just follow the steps below and draw it within a few minutes!

Draw an Easy Ice-Cream Cone

Step-1: First of all, use your pencil and draw the bottom part of the cone. It’ll be the holder, and you can easily draw it using a rectangle. 

On top of it, draw the curved cone rim. Don’t forget to draw the neck of the rim to look realistic. Then using curved lines, draw the first layer of ice cream. 

Step-2: Draw another two ice-cream layers on the top using the same curves as before. The layer will become smaller as it goes upward. 

Step-3: In this stage, add another two small layers on the top with a twisted head on the intense top. It’ll look like the ice cream has come out from the machine just now. 

However, add some details on the layers and the cone part. Finally, use a fine liner or a marker to outline the whole ice cream. Erase all the pencil marks, using a quality eraser to make it look clean. 

Step-4: Now, it’s time to color. I’ve used watercolors here, pink for the ice-cream layers, and skin shades for the cone holder part. You can always explore in your own way!

3. Draw Scoop Ice-cream

Scoop ice-creams are becoming popular nowadays. People like it due to its customization facility. However, drawing scoop ice cream is easier than it looks. If you can follow the steps below, you’ll be able to draw it in no time. 

Draw Scoop Ice-cream

Step-1: First of all, use your pencil and draw a slight curve line. Below this line, draw a semi-circle to make it look like a half-moon. It’ll be the bowl of ice cream.

Step-2: Above the upper line, draw another curved line to make the edge of the bowl. Now, use a compass and draw three circles to make the ice-cream scoops. 

Step-3: On top of the circles, draw a short curved line to make it look like four scoops of ice cream inside the bowl. 

On the right side, draw two slanted lines to make the spoon. It’ll look like the spoon head is inside the bowl, and only the holder part is outside.

Draw Scoop Ice-cream

Step-4: At this stage, draw two short and straight parallel lines under the bowl. Then draw a circle around it. You’ll see that the shape of the bowl holder has been made underneath. 

Now, grab a pen or a marker and outline the whole drawing in bold marks. And erase the rest of the pencil marks. Don’t forget to add some details to it.

Step-5: Now, it’s time to color the ice cream. I’ve used different colors to make it look beautiful and colorful. You can either follow the same color or do it in your own way.

4. Drawing Cone with Sprinkles

There are so many varieties of cone ice-creams. And among them, a cone with a scoop of ice cream is a very common item. Now I’m going to show you how you can draw it in no time. So, let’s begin!

Easy Ice-Cream Cone

Step-1: First of all, use a compass and a pencil to draw a perfect circle. It’ll be the ice-cream scoop. 

Now, draw a long V shape below the circle with an open V on its top. It’ll be the cone of the ice cream that we hold while eating. 

Step-2: Make the bottom of the circle a V-like shape compatible with the lower long V shape. It’ll look like the scoop is going inside the cone. Also, add some details inside the circles. 

From the middle of the cone, draw a slanted line that goes upward and joins with the middle point of the open V. Now, it’ll look like there is a wrap on the left side of the cone that we see in real life. 

Step-3: In this part, draw 10 crisscrossed slanted lines all over the cone holder part. Draw some sprinkles on top of the scoop. I’ve given the sprinkles a shape of chocolate chips, and you can draw in your way! 

However, use a black marker or a fine-liner pen to make a bold outline of the cone ice cream. Then erase the rest of the pencil marks smoothly. 

Step-4: For coloring, I’ve used watercolor here. I’ve colored the scoop in light pastel shades, the cone in skin shades, and the sprinkles in dark chocolate shades. 

You can use any of the colors you want!

5. Drawing an Easy Popsicle

Popsicles are the easiest version of ice cream. These are fun to eat and easy to draw. So, here I’m going to show you another popsicle drawing tutorial that you’ll love!

Drawing an Easy Popsicle

Step-1: First of all, draw an oval-type rectangle. Make the size as big as you want to make the ice cream. 

Draw another line on the top side of the rectangle that will start from the top left and end on the right bottom. It’ll help you make the popsicle look a little thicker from the right side.

It’s actually a game of perspective that works in a way that you are looking at the popsicle from the right side. 

Step-2: Make a zigzag type rounded curve line in the middle of the popsicle. Remember that there will be no sharp edges of the curve. 

It’ll be the melting point means that it’ll look like the popsicle is melting down after completing. 

Step-3: Add some details into it. I’ve added small rectangle shapes on the upper side of the zigzag line. It’ll be the sprinkles. 

On the lower side of the main body, draw the wooden holder of the popsicle. You can easily make it using curves. Finally, use a fine liner or a marker to outline and remove all the pencil marks using an eraser. 

Step-4: This step is all about coloring. And ice cream coloring is really very fun. I’ve colored it in a way that will look like a flavored blueberry popsicle. 

I’ve used a pinkish purple color for the upper part of the zigzag line and dark purple for the lower part. I’ve used skin color for the wooden holder part and kept the sprinkles blank. But you are always welcome to explore new colors!

Wrap Up

Ice-cream drawing is really a fun thing to do. And after going through all the step-by-step tutorials, you may have got how easy it can be. You can pick from any of the variations and start practicing. 

Whether you like ice cream in real life or not, you’ll definitely love to draw it. So, grab your supplies and start drawing!

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