Drawing with Markers

5 Benefits of Drawing with Markers

Sometimes have their medium to work with. For some, it’s painting in oils. For others, it’s drawing in charcoal.

Art has so many benefits, from improving mental health to maintaining cognitive health. This is especially true for older populations.

Using markers in your creative expression has a surprising number of benefits as well. Read on to find out how drawing with markers can make a difference in your work and play

1. Consistent Strokes

When you’re working on a project in paint, it’s very difficult to get a consistent brush stroke. While that may work for some pieces, for others, you need a consistent look. Otherwise, the project won’t look quite right.

Drawing with markers gives you the consistency that you need for some projects. You know that if you apply a certain amount of pressure what the result will be. That can be repeated over and over again.

2. Great for Different Surfaces

One of the main reasons why markers are great to use is because you can use them on so many different types of surfaces. You can use them on fabrics, paper, chalkboards, and whiteboards.

For parents, you can use them in at-home experiments and in art projects. You can easily use them to get creative with your kids to work on any project.

3. Full Saturation of Paper

For some artists, getting a deeper, darker color on paper is important. You can do that with markers. Since more ink flows from markers, paper can absorb the ink, creating a rich dark color without that much effort.

Compare that with colored pencils, where you may have to color back and forth to achieve a similar effect.

4. Great for Any Occasion

It’s not just artists that can benefit from the consistency and usefulness of markers.

Restaurants can draw attention to passers-by with creative and engaging signboards. People love them and take photos of them and then post on social media. That’s even better than free advertising.

Companies that are trying to map out a problem can use dry erase paint and markers to make your plans come to life. This is a great application for strategic planning at any organization.

At home, you can use chalk markers for fun projects, drawing flowers to welcome spring or creating a menu or welcome home sign.

The only limit is your imagination.

5. It’s Fun to Experiment

Even if you’re used to working in one medium, such as colored pencils, you can try out markers to engage new senses and ways of working.

More often than not, that little shift in your routine can awaken your creative side even more and inspire you to work on new projects.

Besides, it’s fun to try different things and see what comes out of it.

Drawing with Markers Is For You

It doesn’t matter if you’re an office worker or a professional artist. You can certainly benefit from drawing with markers.

Markers offer a number of advantages and benefits from the wide range of applications and uses to the consistency of strokes.

If you’re ready to find out more about drawing with markers, learn what the best dry erase markers are for whiteboards here.

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