Amazing Benefits of Drawing with Markers: You Need to Know

With the outstanding materials used to create modern markers, the amount of tasks you can accomplish with them is limitless. Gone are the days in which you’d use them only for coloring over the paper, as currently, these markers can do calligraphy, canvas, graffiti, and much more.

There’s a lot of thought put into the creation of markers, from the tube design to the ink quality. During this article, we’ll learn more about their benefits, which would help us improve a variety of creative projects in mind.

Besides talking about the benefits, we’ll also mention some of the highest quality marker sets you could acquire.

Benefits of Drawing with Markers

Benefits of Using Markers for Drawing

  1. Great for Different Surfaces
  2. Great for Different Projects
  3. Consistent Strokes (Thick and Bold)
  4. Very Easy to Carry With
  5. Can Get Refillable Options
  6. Ideal for Kids Drawing (Safety)

As mentioned before, there are a lot of benefits you get while using markers for drawing. Why use the markers? How can you use them? During this section, we’ll talk more deeply about that.

Great for Different Surfaces

Great for Different Surfaces

While markers used to be effective only over the paper, they’re now far more capable than that. Due to their versatility, artists will be able to use them over a variety of surfaces, like the ones we’ll talk about next

  • Board

Since dry-erase markers are non-permanent, they come with erasable ink that efficiently adheres to boards without binding or getting absorbed. Because of that, you’d be able to remove the ink later on using an eraser, cloth, or paper towel.

Of course, if you want permanent results, then there are other types of markers capable of providing just that. When it comes to drawing on board, there are hundreds of options available with different colors, tips, and quality.

  • Paper

Drawing with markers over the paper provides many benefits due to their flexibility. As you search for your ideal set, you’ll find that there are many markers with a double-tip build, offering broad and fine tips that adapt to your projects.

Most importantly, the ink, at least in most cases, doesn’t bleed through the paper to create a mess. Naturally, not every marker has non-bleed ink, which is why you need to put extra effort while researching for pens to draw over the paper.

Alternatively, purchasing a specific type of paper for markers is another option.

  • Rock

Although not for everyone, the results of drawing over rocks always look pleasant to the eye. Other than having the perfect type of rock, artists that enjoy these projects also require the most capable markers. As we can assume, not every marker is capable of doing well over this surface.

Still, there are many markers that will.

For instance, extra-fine point markers are more than ideal for rocks. They draw smoothly, and the paint-like effect looks gorgeous. Plus, the fine tip makes it easy to add as many details as we need.

Additionally, markers that work well over rock would also do fine over wood and other surfaces.

  • Canvas

Painting can be a ton of fun, but it can also be frustrating because finding the ideal paint tools is not always easy. Fortunately, you could always go for a reliable set of markers for canvas.

The good thing about buying markers for canvas is that they often come in large sets, offering dozens of colors. Besides being the perfect tool for this type of surface, the number of markers offered allows you to let your creativity run free.

So, board, paper, rock, and canvas are only a few of the surfaces you could paint using markers.

Great for Different Projects

Different Drawing Projects

Markers are essential tools for artists specialized in a variety of projects. Next, we’ll talk about some of the art projects that benefit the most out of these pens.

  • Manga Drawing

With the rise in popularity of manga art, it’s understandable why many people enjoy the quality of storytelling through pages.

While it’s true that you could accomplish a high-quality manga style by virtual means, the markers will allow you to add all of the details needed to create compelling art.

For this particular kind of project, finding the right set of markers is a must. Only the most capable markers can draw the line between a mediocre and an outstanding sketch.

Illustrators must pay special attention to the type of tip, ink, and pigments involved. Fortunately, there are several options in the market capable of providing that.

  • Calligraphy Art

The beauty of calligraphy art is undeniable. Not everyone can do it, but those who do should always have a set of markers with them. For these projects, the ink and tip size are a few of the most important features to consider while searching for markers.

With broad, fine, and extra-fine tips available, markers provide the perfect-sized lines for the most beautiful calligraphy art. Here’s when the ink quality comes into play, as it’ll help make your art permanent for long-lasting results.

Markers are also good for calligraphy due to the constant flow of ink, which guarantees there won’t be any disparity in it.

  • Book Coloring

We’re going back to the basics book coloring. Now, here’s when the markers shine the most, as their colors will look vibrant once you finish. Also, the fine tips allow drawing within the lines while having the option to get broader nibs to cover more areas quickly.

Since book coloring is a task most kids enjoy, marker manufacturers also keep the little ones in mind while creating their products. That’s why the ink included is non-toxic as well as odorless, at least in most cases.

With that in mind, both adults and kids can use the markers for book coloring safely. Just like with paper, you can get a specific sketchbook for drawing with marker that hardly suffers from bleeding.

  • Canvas Painting

Markers are surprisingly good over canvas surfaces, with the high-quality ink being one of the reasons why. However, there are some precautions you must know before using markers for these types of projects.

Something not mentioned before is that either acrylic or oil-based markers are the most suitable for canvas painting. They’re highly opaque and thick enough to be applicable over heavy-duty surfaces such as canvas.

That’s pretty much why canvas painting requires thorough research of capable markers that won’t mess up your projects.

  • Graffiti Art

When we think about graffiti art, markers aren’t probably the first tools that come to mind. Nonetheless, the number of benefits provided by them for this specific project can be surprising.

For instance, permanent sketching markers are ideal for graffiti. They often have ink that dries fast, leaving no room for unpleasant smudges that’d be impossible to fix afterward.

Also, graffiti art markers come with compact methods to carry them around, be it a box or a carrying bag.

Consistent Strokes (Thick and Bold)

Frustrating issues artists often face while drawing is the lack of consistency during each stroke with a painting tool. This problem is devastating, especially when you’ve been working on a project for quite some time.

Fortunately, with the right set of markers, that’s an issue that shouldn’t have to worry you any longer.

For perfect consistency, the markers come with a well-designed tube and efficient nibs that fluently allow ink to come out. Thanks to their design, the pens respond as soon as you press the tip over the paper, guaranteeing perfect flow.

Dual-sided markers, often featuring fine tip for detailed drawing and a broader tip for thick, bold strokes, quickly become allies to every artist. Their quality is top-notch, offering the right methods to complete art projects without losing consistency from beginning to end.

Very Easy to Carry With

Artists never know when creativity may strike, which is why having the markers close is always important.

Depending on the manufacturer, the carrying method may vary- Some will include a pouch to keep the markers together and organized, while other companies could offer a compact box instead.

Either way, you’ll have several ways of keeping the markers nearby, whether you’re going from home to the office or the kids need them for school activities.

In this case, You can use an artist backpack to carry your markers or any other tools easily.

WHEN you’re not using them, either the bag or the box will keep the markers organized to avoid losing them.

Can Get Refillable Options

Allow me to preface this statement by saying that not all markers are refillable. However, you’ll find many options that will allow you to do that. Among the most prominent picks, we have the alcohol-based Copic markers.

Markers like Copic are non-toxic, and they offer the option to refill once the pigment runs out. Naturally, these pens are relatively more expensive than the rest, but considering you won’t have to replace them for a long time, they are worth the money.

A search online may throw results on how to refill what initially are non-refillable markers, but that’s something manufacturers don’t recommend.

Recently, ColorIt released a set of watercolor brush pens that are actually refillable, making this brand one of the first to do so. Once the ink runs out, you can purchase a refill separately and get back to work without having to ditch your favorite watercolor markers.

Despite all of that, alcohol-based markers remain the best options to refill.

Ideal for Kids Drawing

Being as creative and joyful as they are, kids are easy to entertain with just a few art utensils and paper. A good alternative to kids crayons for drawing are markers.

Other than letting them express their ideas, drawing provides a lot of benefits for the little ones. Some of those benefits are developing fine motor skills, encouraging visual analysis, improving hand-to-eye coordination, and many more.

Of course, markers could be a lot of trouble in the hands of a child if parents aren’t careful. That’s why non-toxic, washable, and refillable markers should be the go-to choice. 

Besides keeping the kid’s safety as a priority, washable markers for kids would be very convenient for the parents as well.

Finally! Markers Open the Door to Creativity

Drawing with markers is always fun, but knowing which is the right marker set isn’t always that easy.

Remember to consider the type of ink, the tips/nibs, and the number of pens included in each offer. If you do, you’ll be able to expand your creativity to create innovative and eye-catching artworks.

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